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My New KO Moka Akashiya Figure

My second online buy is an Ebay item. It was fairly cheap at a price of €19.89 with no shipping costs. Which is good because I don't have money for the official version which is from €90 to €127, And I'd rather spend that on more manga instead of 1 figure that isn't posable or diecast. (nor a Sentai mech).
The box is fairly nice for a KO its only it the lighter parts on the top of the box that you can see its printed out differently then you would expect from an official Japanese company like Good Smile. Also I got the Rosario but I keep it in the box because I fear I would lose it.
And the figure itself is also great for a copy. The dress is totally different colour compared to what's presented on the box. And that's something that bothered my mom who liked the colour on the official figure. But in truth I don't mind it that much since its not really a bad substitute red and the paint job is really good for a HK knock-off.
The mirror is good though I don't see the point of it. Even If I was someone who bought this for ''ecchi'' reasons its not much use to me because It so high up in my cabinet it might as well not exist. :P
The cross is also annoying. on the official I noticed its in a totally different place and in this version it likes to go up a little so the cross doesn't lean back. This makes a gap that you can clearly see above.
The hair...... Where to begin.... Okay, lets start with that hair line you see above. I noticed allot of faults in this knock-off and yet I still bought it. But that hairline didn't stand out that much. And now it annoys me a bit. It just looks to much like what it truly is, like two parts someone glues together. It actually looks fine on the official version. It pretty much invisible on that one. Also I <3 Inner Moka's long white/silver hair...... Can I have some more white paint please!?! TO MUCH DAMN PURPLE!!! it looks like Barney's wizz!! :P. I did use some paint on the figure, which you can sadly see in the photo above. The nails where pink and I didn't think it fitted with the colour scheme of the figure. So I painted it white like on the box. Sure it looks messy and my mom or aunt could have done it. But I did it anyway. I can always fix it with acetone when my mom decides its not that great.
Another problem is that the figure is also out of place due to the cross. So Moka's foot is actually over the mirror platform. Its really annoying because now I can't really place it right.
I now have it kinda crooked next to my manga collection. But of course its not really set right because I had just put it back after taking photo's. The manga really rest well against the cross. And despite all its cheap faults its what I bought it for the manga and I like it for that! (Btw at first I liked the anime, but every time I re-watch it and a new tonkabon is released I keep liking it less and less. The manga always trumps the anime.).
I now got enough money to buy stuff. I was planning on a Gokaiger haul but right now I only got enough for the Jetman set which is already on its way here. I'll blog about it when I have it :)
Editor's Note: I can't believe how fast the new volumes come out and chapters are scanlated. I really like where the story line is going and I'm looking forward to the next volume coming out in October even though I already read the chapters :) 

A Forced Blog

I'm trying to hold off the next chapter of Kelleth as much as possible. But I still feel the need to blog so I'll just post some unimportant stuff I got these past two months. Its nothing interesting or manga related :P

At a 2nd hand shop I found this Nokia 3300 and the lady there sold it to me for just €2 because they originally though it was a cheap Tetris console. So of course I shut my yap and bought it. It works sorta.... Its OK button is a bit laggy but if you keep on pressing it will eventually respond ^_^. I spend €10 at the AH for a new sim (its sim lock free too! handy.) and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Of course It didn't came with an adapter but I still had the adapter from my Sister's old Nokia 3310i and thus I got a second phone XD
Yeah this was an expensive buy but I got trough after all. I got the PSP 3004 for €50 which seems cheap especially for the fact that it came with two games without boxes (that being a God of War game and Soul Calibur) But with the extra games I still got on towards €100. Harvest Moon: €34.00, Lumines: Puzzle edition: €9.99, Loco Roco: €9.50, = € 53.49 + € 50 =103.49. The lady who sold me this thing promised me to look out for a second one so I won't have to share it with my mom. But my mom says its unnecessary so we're keeping that on hold which is looking back for the better. Its still hard to get used to the PS1 load times again and the 3d lol Also I'm using this thing as back up for my GBA games through means which I'll keep to myself. But my mom does like that she can play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the PSP now instead of the buggy GBA we have. Also YES THAT's SIMON BEATING UP THE ANTI-SPIRAL IN A BOXING MATCH as my PSP wallpaper! :D


I got two Transformers for €10 each.

First thing I got a Battle Blade Bumblebee actually the only one I actually wanted but never got the chance to find. And man this thing is awesome! I'm so happy that I got it. though 1 tiny pet peeve I got:
 Hasbro FAIL!
 Hasbro FAIL!
The other one is the movie Ironhide but I've seem to have misplaced it. But I'm pretty certain that I did not leave it at my grandparent's place.
Its not as cool as the Bumblebee and I keep getting the breast (lol) plates wrong so I kept it in its alt.mode seen in this picture.

And that's it for my pointless padding.... Off to being bored again >_>
Editor's Note: I found the damn thing btw. But I still keep it in vehicle mode....

Super Hero Otako BTBATB: Bat Manga

Well I was so happy to hear that Batman: The Brave And The Bold is going to continue even though I thought it was over that of-course I went over to the torrents and got the episodes I wanted to see through Pirated means because this show does not air in Holland. :P

I think the episode Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases! with Bat-Mite is one of the most fun ones yet. Especially the Bat Manga cartoon adaptation which is pretty much the only reason I'm putting down this blog lol. And that's because just like with the Teen Titan movie I am once again one of the few who sees the references to old material that every one who isn't in the same fandom as me don't really notice.

This time the first thing I saw was the opening which was very obvious to me in the first go:
Yeah pretty cheesy but watching this I immediately saw and sadly also heard what it was based on.
The imagery is based on one of the first Japanese super heroes anime ever to hit the US 8-man. But as mentioned before the Japanese version of the 8-man opening that is. Which has lots of guns and things crashing. And also a homage to the first Superman cartoon with the outrunning a train thing.  
    The title screens are really alike don't they?

 The title screens are really alike don't they?
But sadly because of that some things just add up in Bat manga version
   For someone with at least Flash-level speeds this is believable

For someone with at least Flash-level speeds this is believable

    But when Bruce does it, it just doesn't look that possible any more. Unless he was already in the car that is lol

But when Bruce does it, it just doesn't look that possible any more. Unless he was already in the car that is lol Sadly enough... The cheesy music is from the American version! Tobor the 8th Man 
Which has a newly added childishly censured opening mv. And it makes 8-Man look like Superman instead of a robotic Flash which is basically as the Nostalgia Critic puts it:
But that's not all I noticed though I am a little sad that there's not more put in to it. :) 
Sadly the only other thing I really noticed was that Lord Deathman is based on Ogon Bat:
 Lame name but he's still based on the good ol' Ogon Bat

 Lame name but he's still based on the good ol' Ogon Bat
Almost the same guy but he's mortal and has no other powers then Yoga training.

The Two Other Instalments

MAD: Batboy and Rubin
The MAD cartoon flick was boring and not funny IMO. I read it in the Dutch copy a long time ago. It was not funny then and it isn't now. Though It was a valiant try and I'm pretty sure I'm just in that small group of people who don't find it funny and that there's probably a whole group of people who do find it funny. 
 You guys suck!

 You guys suck!
New Scooby Doo Team-up
 A death trap! Hell yeah! Suck it Hana-Barbera!

 A death trap! Hell yeah! Suck it 60's Hana-Barbera!
This is the other flick I really liked. I watched both team-ups between the old series on the original Cartoon Network (R.I.P) and some things where always a miss with those two. Normally The Joker could and would have easily killed Scooby and Mystery INC like it was just another day. But in those two specials it came up really short as both the Penguin and him where just.... PUSSIES! And that's why I thank Bat-Imp for doing this:
 Thank you for this Bat-Imp! FINALLY some action! xD

 Thank you for this Bat-Imp! FINALLY some action! xD
And that's it for this blog xD
Editor's Note: I just saw the end of Brave And the Bold. I miss it already xD

Kelleth: Some More Story Line Part #1

I actually did not want to put an ending to the fan-fic that I reposted. But I think I left it a little bit to open. In a metaphorical sense what I gave you guys was just like the trailer and the 5 minute intro of a game. Which ain't that much. So I guess I'll put down some more plot which would have been added if it where a script for a Rune Factory game :P
This is based on: 

Brought to you by Natsume INC, and Rising Star Games (Rising Star.... YOU LAZY @-HOLES!! GET TO F#&K!NG WORK OR I'LL F#&K!NG WHIP YOU ALL TILL ITS DONE!!) please try out their games ^^

Also keep in mind that certain parts of this story are hastily pasted together. Meaning that it does not take place in 1 day, but rather several weeks maybe even months. So stuff does happen which are not being mentioned in this blog for the sake of keeping it short. Think of it as cut-scenes.

First for the people who where to lazy to read the previous blog

Kelleth a Sechs Super Soldier and his parents escape and he disappears. Some time later he ends up at the north East end of Norad country. He sees a farm, fall asleep and gets slapped by a cute half-elf who he later saves from berserking orcs. The half-elf named Desseliah gives him a farm and asks him to meet the town. He think ''why the hell not?'' and runs after her.

And Now To Tie The Ends Of The Plot Part 1

Spring Dungeon (Forest)
 Red Ant
Red Ant
Desseliah and Kelleth meet the town people and finally meet Desseliah's great uncle (Kabor) from her human father's side. He used to run the now neglected farm but finding monster ranching more fun and the settings of the farm wrong for a ranch. He bought some new plot of land and started a business there in stead. He asks Kelleth who he is and where he comes from but seeing how its been previously said that the Sechs empire has been invading Norad, Kelleth just claims he doesn't remember fearing that they would chase him out of town. The grandfather is happy that some new help arrives because the plants have not been growing at all in that part of Norad. Its been said that its because the seasonal Summer dungeon is running out of its borders lately. He request you ask the blacksmith (T'Nog, a dwarf) to help him out on a quest to see what's wrong. Kel goes back to the black smith who tells him that he must first train allot to get to the Summer dungeon. His training is basically made out of farming and fishing to get the village more food. After that he needed to fulfil an exam that consisted out of going to the Spring dungeon and beating the biggest monster around. (which is basically the first boss game-wise)

Game time and events will pass so meeting people and events have happened but are not mentioned directly in this blog

Summer Dungeon (Desert)
 Goblin Pirate
Goblin Pirate
After that a season has passed. T'Nog now finds Kelleth worthy of surviving the monsters in the Summer dungeon and together they run run off to check out what exactly is wrong. Passing and closing a few gates and the monsters that appear from it,T'Nog mentions that the monsters seem twice as strong then usual. But it isn't really a problem just yet. They finally reach the middle of the dungeon. Where they find another Sechs power plant which runs machines that keep gates open. It was abandoned for some reason but its still functional. The power plant doesn't seem to be working like it used to and is probably what caused the Summer dungeon to expand. Suddenly they hear a loud roar and a sudden earth shift upwards suddenly block the way out. From out the shadows mutated forms in Sechs uniforms appear squealing from pain and anger. T'Nog tell Kelleth to turn of the machine while he defeats the mutants. Kelleth runs towards the machine and out of the earth another wall of earth separates him from the blacksmith. He suddenly feels a whole range of negative emotions burning him as his tattoo's become pitch black again. The machine has gone array and formed a humanoid shape which proceeds to attack Kelleth. (Boss Battle)
Back To Town
Meanwhile no one seems to notice the Sky whale from Rune Factory Frontier right above their heads

The machine was beat and the Sechs goons turned to normal. A light escapes from the machine and thrusts itself in to Kelleth who then fall unconscious. T'Nog who is strong because of his job as a blacksmith, not only carries Kelleth in one arm but also drags the 4 chained up Sechs soldiers to the town. Once back the captured soldiers (bound to be picked up by the Norad army) tell the towns people that all they remember was that the energy source of the machine was kept secret by the higher ups and the only thing they where supposed to do is keep the thing maintained and save. And that there are several more of those machines spread out over the 4 different dungeons. Desseliah being an half-elf is worried about the Spring Dungeon (forest) and runs of to find the machine. Not even thinking about her own safety or the fact that the machine might run amok too. Kelleth awakes to a crowd of people (mostly marriage candidates as it follows the traditions of the original games) at his bed side. Kabor tells him that he has been out for a while, and since he destroyed the rouge machine they hope he will help them destroy the others and make the land prosper again. Before Kabor can go on with his eternal rambling some one runs in saying that Desseliah was heading towards the Spring dungeon just a few hours easier and has not returned yet. Kabor tells T'Nog to go check on it, But T'Noch still seems injured from the battle with mutants. Kelleth immediately volunteers to go in to the dungeon. And against the concerns of his friends he heads of as quick as he can with new stronger weapons given to him by T'Nog and food the villagers gave him for the trip.

Spring Dungeon (Forest Again)  
 Monster Mushroom
Monster Mushroom
He enters the forest and instantly noticed that its far from the training grounds he was used to. He fights his way trough even more powerful monsters then the one he had encountered in the desert. He kept running back home to heal, forge better weapons and get more powerful. (Which in game time would be at least a few days) Till he was strong enough to beat his way through the army of monsters. He finally reached the flowerbed in the middle of the forest. There he sees Desseliah unconscious but alive lying half way on an Shrine dedicated to the elf kind and the forest. ''She must have fought till she was exhausted and fell asleep here'' ''So strong...'' He puts his jacket over her and lays down some food and medicine for her after he made sure the gate was destroyed. He whispers ''I'll be back as soon as I take care of this'' as he looks on to the road ahead which seems to be the origin of allot of noise. He runs towards it to find an huge ugly Chimera-like creature which seemed to have been the machine which has fused itself with not only the soldiers that guarded it but also several very powerful monsters in the area including the monster he was supposed to test himself at the beginning of his adventure. The only way he seems to want to beat this abomination is to hit the non organic parts till those fall apart. (Boss Battle) After destroying the mechanical parts a light yet again phases towards him and fuses with him. Instead of fainting like he did last he is able to stay up. He sees the monsters separating like nothing ever happened teleporting back to the Forest of Beginnings. And the humans fall unconscious on the floor. Desseliah walks towards him with his jacket still around her and without even wiping her mouth from the food she chowed down. ''I-Is it over?'' Kelleth replies '''The forest is cleared and back to normal again!'' as he ties down the villains and wakes them up. With a big grin on his face he says: ''I'm going home to tell the others that you are all-right and to hand these guys to the authority!'' He looks at her ''Are you coming too?'' Blushing she just nots ''Yes'' and joins him as they all walk to the town.
End of Part 1
Editor's Post: And that's it for the fan-fic Tags today ^^

Reposted And Edited Question Of The Day Blog: Kelleth

I wanted to repost this for a while now, But most of the times I was either to lazy or just wanted to blog about something else. It was part of the original ''Question of the day'' feature which is now long gone. And due to bugs I am unable to edit the original. I'm still happy with the story overall which is basically the same as the beginnings of the 3 official handheld and 2 PS2/PS3 Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon games. For all your questions and info hunger go to this site: Ushi No Tane  But either way I tried to make it a story within its own right whilst still tying it in with the original game. Which IMHO still has the best storyline of the trilogy. The grammar needed some desperate attention and I thought I'd add a little bit more padding :P 

Any Way Here's The Edited Repost

Yep this guy I don`t even have a rpg profile up for him at all and I'm not planning to make one at all, Well... except for this though lol.

The Story
Kelleth is a young man (16 to be exact) of great wealth who grew up in a big city located in the Sechs country of the Rune Factory franchise. All was well with his live and he was honoured on getting trained by the greatest master in order to join the Sechs Country's new experimental legion powered by both the skills of battle and the power of their technology, the Rune magic, and the power of a fraction of the Grimoire's essence for super human power. But after the battle with Raguna and the rest of Norad it all went array. The new emperor who inherited Ethelberd's throne held a grudge against Kelleth's father for a long time and he decides that this is his chance to cut those lose ends. He lets his troops attack Kelleth's home and raid the whole mansion clean. But Kelleth's family where long gone by the time the order was sent. And as they proceed to escape to the Norad country in a aircraft Kelleth suddenly falls ill and the tattoo giving to him that holds the essence of the Grimoire starts to leak and cover his body. That is until he suddenly disappears leaving only a few shreds of black light flying away in the wind. His parents believing that the essence killed Kelleth flew on to safety still crying about their lost child.

A few months later in the North east of the Norad country Kelleth appears to walk out of a dimensional portal apparently unscathed and he seems to remember everything that has happened. But he still doesn't know how the hell he got there and where his parents are. So as he walks around in search of food he comes by an old torn down farm.. He checks out the shed only to find a couple of old worn out tools and a few seeds. He then tries to enter the farm house to get help, but all he finds is a beat up old bed in a musty atmosphere. Sad about the fact that he still can't find anything to eat, he lets himself fall down on the bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and Kelleth is woken up by a loud crash and a quick slap to the face by an angry girl who proceeds to kick him out of the house. she says that she doesn't want any hobo's on her Great Uncle's land. And as he tries to run away he quickly realises that the farm is surrounded by several berserker orcs, who instantly begin their attack. Alerted by this he rushes back to the shed grabbing the girl by the arm and throwing her inside the shed to protect her. He tries to fend them of with a fire spell but it didn't work as his powers seem to have been lowered significantly for some reason. He looks at his tattoos which now seem to have a scar tissue colour to them instead of the jet black he used to have. The girl screams: what the hell are you trying to do? as she throws an old hoe to him which hits him in the head. After a few rubbing on his head he uses it to fend of the monsters. 

After finally winning the harsh first battle the girl comes forth from the farm house. She say that she is an half-elf named Deselliah and since Kelleth saved her he can now stay on her Great Uncle's land for at least awhile. She proceeds to say that he can also use the seeds and farm tools to make a living for himself so he has something eat. She gives it an hour to explain how the dungeons work and to instruct him how to farm. She finally leaves after saying how much she hopes he will meet the people in the town. Deciding that he could not do much to find his parents in the middle of nowhere and on an empty stomach. He decides it be best to give it a chance for now. And the first thing he does is to catch up her to the town hoping to meet the town folk and have a bite to eat. And so enters the usual Rune Factory: A Harvest moon Fantasy story line of farming, mining, fishing, killing and breeding monsters and all of that, whilst still trying to get that one girl.

  • Raguna is the hero of the first game
  • All the characters and places besides of Kelleth and Desseliah are owned by Natsume
  • The Grimoire is a dragon and the most powerful monster of that world its pretty much godlike.
  • The north east region that I described ain't official it doesn't exist in any of the games owned by Natsume.
  • Monsters don't get killed they just get send back to the First Forest a magical place that is considered to be the origin of all life.
I'm happy with the changes and the grammar is a bit better now. :)  - Kelleth
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Dream Homes (As in homes I dreamt about)

Screw the dream thread! no one's going to post in there so I might as well make a blog out of this :P  I have had numerous dreams about having houses that I could never own in any life time whatsoever and I can't seem to shut up about those so my Mom suggested blogging about it. And since my old blog account is deleted by yours truly I'm going to blog here instead. Deal with my nutty rambling about dreams long past! :P
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed

The Mill
When I was young I used to dream about living in a beautiful converted and modernized mill. I remember having an old English/Dutch style kitchen on the first floor. My bed was on the second floor and the top floor was haunted so I felt that I should never go there. This is not such a weird dream because I can remember visiting my dad's old home in Dordrecht which was next to THE mill and was haunted for sure. And having a noisy bar just a floor below us did not help much either. So one would expect to dream about sleeping just next door even if its a dust old mill

The Water/Tower
This seems to be a constant thing in my early days, dreaming about towers and English style kitchens. The only thing that differs this dream from the Mill one in my memory was that it was located at the sea in a tiny fishing village. Which now reminds me a bit of the 
panorama mesdag painting of oud-Scheveningen. Also I remember that this time the kitchen was strictly high-tea English instead of old fashioned.
Warhol House
This was..... weird and unpleasant. The first thing I remember was that it was messy and not messy like it is now. The ''messy'' I now have is organized mess something which is easily cleaned but doesn't have to be done right away. No this was pure unadulterated trash. Tables filled with scraps of food I don't even like eating. Cardboards of milk on the couch and on the floor, clothes every where.. Basically college crap! Other then that I did not like what I saw, It was a stupid looking stand alone house built like a 1960's mountain penthouse with a Mondrian colour scheme. It looked ugly and boring, and that basically how I felt about it in that dream.

 Like this
 Like this
This is kinda cheating since its in the same dream as the one above, basically after I left that pile of crap I went to my Mom's place to get some left over stuff. But instead of her living here, she lived in a BIG Herenhuis which was mostly empty from what I remember. But it basically had huge Georgian style rooms backed up with a loooooong Victorian hall (I find using British eras easier then Dutch). My old (not real) room on the second floor was filled with old stuff and my mom only lived downstairs. What was weird was that I seemed to walk around a few times past one room which was closed and quiet towards a room which I identified as my mother's old room. It was empty except for one tv which is weirdly enough real and upstairs lol. Any way finding nothing there I walked back to my old room only to hear the unplugged tv go on in the empty room. So I walk back and suddenly see that the door which was once closed is now open. A happy woman in a 1920's white birdy dress with Martini glasses walk out of the room which has a load  of old fashioned music and various voices belching from it. She looked and smiled at me while walking pass me and I thought nothing further of it even though I knew we lived alone. So I continued to the room to check up on what happened and saw that the tv had moved and was now next to the door out side of the room. I opened the door and saw an grey entity writing on the walls with chalk singing something. Then I woke up. This happened pretty recently like a year or so which is why  I remember it so clearly.   

Georgian Home
This one I only dreamed once, I was a boy and it was not that late by modern standards. I shared my room with 2 other children and we where preparing to go to bed. I had to use the pot but suddenly an elder lady came in with keys in her hand and a candle in her other. She urged us to sleep. I said nothing about needing to go No #1 and she locked the door behind her. I then woke up. My Mom told me its a past live dream but I still have trouble believing that.
The Undersea School and the Skyscraper Penthouse

Once I dreamt that I was in a school underwater. The classes where done and we where supposed to take an elevator up to get home. To get to my home I had to insert a key and a combination. Suddenly I was shot up to skyscraper levels and I was home. It was like a huge rounded penthouse with ocean view. I had a small but cool tv set with digital transmission. It clearly felt like a pier and I did not feel like I had a room mate and felt lucky that I did not have one. Suddenly the elevator opened and a group of classmates visit and have a drink with me at my mini bar of sorts. Weird to have a bar at a learning institution but it was there. Aaaaand all I remember after that is waking up.

Busy Sky Boat
 Yes I dreamt about a city in the sky built like a boat. My bunk was small but stylish and at least I have my own bathroom. But I can't really remember much else about it because I had to work in a factory of sorts and I was done working but my food was depleted so I needed to get food somewhere. So I ran around the whole stupid structure to get to a 24 hour store. I passed numerous shops with people who know me and all let me pass even though they where all planning to close.
So after passing a really creepy open spot where you can clearly see the ocean just below I finally reached the shop! And then I woke up!! -_-  
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
Well this is certainly a really weird dream that kept coming back to me like 3 times in the past. I'm basically lying on a red bed with red sheaths and a red pillow. The home was basically an egg-like pod with a huge window and what I described above. I could not help but feel helpless in the pod as it was making turns around the fast emptiness. No way to steer or protect myself something like that.  

Boat House
I have had some dreams about living in a boat house on a Dutch canal always with two floors and to little space to walk outside but with loads of space inside to sleep in and to live in. a boat house always stays stationary its never used for actual travel but it can be capsized by dumb supporters which is basically why I never really dream about it any more.

Moon House
Yes its pretty typical but not for me, I only dreamed about it once! And it was pretty detailed which is the weird thing. I was all alone, I remember walking around and it was pretty much Otaku heaven for me. I had a large bed with green sheaths and cushions in a big room with wooden walls and a cool carpet on the floor. In the next room had a library for my Manga, Pulp and Comics with loads of free space for more. on the other side I had tons of Super Robot figures, Megazords and manga figures in a closed off closet made from either plastic or glass. In the middle I had a staircase of the same material which housed not only my most prize possessions but also led to an observatory with a telescope and a design table. On the first floor I had a gym and with a glass extension also a garden with various plants which was link to the main water supply. Between those two rooms is the big kitchen which is looked like those used in Master chef. In front it has my living room and on the side of that living room there where some sort of teleporting room which was filled with nerd memorabilia like a Green Lantern's Ring and a Jaffa staff and was linked to the earth, so my only way out. Now in way in front I had the main deal of the whole building a restaurant much like Booster Gold had in Kingdom Come BUT BETTER!! It was a 1950's style restaurant had 2 floors for costumers both in the front with large open space between my home and what can only be described as a huge glass dome for an optimal viewing experience of Earth and its satellites. In the back of the restaurant I had a separate space for families and noisy children. The restaurant could also be used as a cinema which I know because I was actually testing that option. The house was protected by a shield of sorts and the teleportation room could link to everywhere on Earth but mainly to the room I am using now which was empty in my dream. 

So I mainly found out of this because It seemed I was doing one last check up on everything in that place like I was opening the restaurant to a huge audience. And I'm happy I now typed it down so I won't ever forget it again lol

And that's about every dream house I remember and I'm glad I'm done ^^
Editor's Note: I should really do more dream blogs, that's why I'll put up an tag :)

Transformers PT 2: Autobots And Decepticons And Whatever!

Part two will consist of what is left of my actual Transformer collection and my totally awesome new additions. Same thing as before I did not take the trouble to dust these of nor did I care if they stand upright or not. (But I did eventually came back for a spell check)

These where mostly bought from the flea market at the Kreade. They are in pretty good condition as most damage they received where done to them before I bought them. These are the modes I like to keep them in, so they don't fall over all the time.
My G1 Bumblebee is what he is today because I originally had two, one had perfectly preserved wheels and the other still had its sticker. So I took the sticker of my current Bumblebee making the other one look near mind condition (without packaging) and then I sold it for a good €20,-. And what's left I'm keeping since its pretty much useless from a collector's view. Mantaray is probably my favorite of the bunch its easy to transform and it also look really great in boat mode. Its also the only one I bought totally new but being a retarded little kid I took it out of its package as soon as I got my hand on it and thus quickly lost its gun/propeller. I have little to say about the two Decepticons on the right, I bought Seawing because I thought I could buy the rest of the Seacons sooner or later but nothing came of of it. The crow whose name I forgot used to spit sparks with the help of a wheel, however the mechanism does not seem to work any more. Which ain't that bad since it still seems to me that it looks like a child hazard. I know nothing about the minicon, I don't even remember how I got it so its better just to ignore it. I knew the blue truck's name but I forgot as soon as i tried to write it down lol all I remember about it is that its pretty much complete ^^
These are all newly bought (2nd hand) and all of them are cheap as hell, non of these cost me more then € 2,- . Like the previous picture I keep most of them in vehicle mode instead of robot mode and I like the alternate modes. 
The other though is another story all together, especially the lesser Hound which I initially found cool because it seemed quite posable but that seemed false as it could not stand without putting its two legs together which makes it blocky and annoying. I bought the new Mc Donald's Bumblebee with Hound its probably going to be my only Animated transformer figure since I just hate the new designs for it. THE CHINS SUCK!!. G1 Hasbro Rodimus Prime is still up for sale though when I'm at the place I'm trying to sell it, the guy who buys it isn't around. So sometime in the future I need to go to The Hague when its not a Thursday. I previously had the same Rodimus, but to me it sucked so much that I threw it away some time ago. The blue jeep is unremarkable I seriously wonder why I originally bought it. It can't even stand straight! :P  The only one I keep in Robot mode is that Optimus Prime which is super posable in that form and is just awesome with every pose I can put it. :)
Speaking of Optimus i still have a G1 version i got for free from some old lady at the Koninginnen markt of 2002.
Its pretty beating up and misses all its accessories. By all means it should have been grey by now. But I just love that he is missing the exact same arm he was missing that one time the Decepticons took his arm and placed it on their base as an automatic cannon and just to spite the injured Prime. Its an old figure and even though its die-cast it has seen better days so I put I back in the box as soon as I was done with it ^^
I bough some revenge of the Fallen figures too! There's Scout class Hubcup who is just all round awesome. Its super posable and just small enough to fit on my main cabinet. Next is Ravage who I just bough because it was cheap (€ 2,99-) but I don't transform it that much because the feline mode is just more awesome ^^ And lastly is Backfire who just to be fair has a stupid robot mode IMO!
I love Hubcup's vehicle mode of a 1940's power car  which is small and pretty detailed. I wonder how good it would have looked if it wasn't scout class but a little bit higher could they have made it more complex and awesome looking?
This is the real reason why bought Backfire its almost a match for my Chibi Kamen Rider figures and even though the new paint job (how many versions are there again?) isn't a 100% match to the Cyclone its pretty close. I'm now thinking of buying a second for Nigo so that they both have a Cyclone to ride on XD
Lastly ROTF: Leader Class Optimus Prime!! talk about a tower of awesome! I love the details on this thing. (even as Vangelus pointed out in his review having small Autobot symbol right under its breast (giggle) plates.) First thing I did was removing its battery's since I knew from both Vangelus' and CollectionDX' reviews how annoying the voice can be while trying to transform it. Second thing is that since this is the first Optimus Prime I bought that was still in its original packaging, I decided that I should keep the box and the straps that kept this hunk of plastic in place. The transformation took me about 12 minutes the first time. The second time I noticed some wear at the panel of its left arm so I decided to not transform this figure ever again fearing I would break it sooner or later. I've also been trying to find a ROTF: Leader Class Jetfire to give Prime its super mode but I have had little to no luck of finding it here in Holland.   

And I guess that's all the transformers I still own. Its a humble collection but its mine lol 
Part 1: Gobots and Misc
I forgot Catilla.... Seriously I forgot Catilla!!

Transformers pt1: Gobots and Misc

I'm finally starting this blog. :P I initially wanted to make this blog as a response to another user who asked if anyone else collected Transformers on this site. I dunno who it initially was nor can I find the thread/blog any more but I'm still doing it for the hell of it :P First of I did not dust any of these toys of in fact I haven't touched most of these since we last moved. I basically just grabbed them out of the box and took photo's. I didn't even bother to place them upright. I also took a little bit longer with this even though i already had the photo's for quite some time. This is due to the fact that I kept seeing some cool Transformers I wanted to buy and maybe blog about ^^

I only got 4 official Gobots only one of which I actually know the name of and that would be Leader 2 the red sports car. And surprisingly  I got 3 diecast ones which I learned where a bit expensive. To bad one of them (the space shuttle) is broken. It lost its arm and is unable to transform because he keep falling over. ^^ Now I kept them pretty much on category the misc on the right and the Gobots on the left. Now I can easily guess what you guys and girls are thinking *that big foot ain't a gobot* well your right and wrong. See when i bought that Gobot I didn't even knew it was one, I thought it was a 2nd rate Transformer rip-off. But about a year ago i found a website that claimed that somehow this one counts as a Gobot. Even though the disclaimer is Chinese :)
On the other side there's the misc rip-off's and Mc Donald's Transformers. I <3's those McD's they are simple and still cool looking. I bought them at the Kreade which was my local Community Centre where a flea market was held every last Saturday of the month. This was where I got most of my Transforms Gobots and even Ninja Turtle figures ^^. Next is the Cheetor rip-off failure which I found pretty cool back when I bought it at a tourist store at Scheveningen when I was young. But as you can see its made from pretty cheap plastic and its robot mode sucks bricks XD. And finally there's my most nostalgic one the blue train which was part of a trio of robots best described as a Combiner group which where sold at a popular store back in the 90's the Konmar (RIP). To this day I still feel bad at not buying the rest and I searched the whole frigging net, but I could not find any thing about which brand its from> Its neither a Transformer nor a Gobot. And the Japanese brands also came out at a 0% match. Sooooo I guess its unique to Holland. =3
Next is this old Chinese transformer which seems an obvious rip-off to Japan's pre-Transformers series. A rip-off which i don't mind since the heavy diecast makes it pure awesome :D The guy who sold it to me didn't know which brand it was since it was retailed to him without the packaging. Luckily through the power of Google I was able to find the home page and even the guide which was found at the back of the cardboard which I didn't get. It turns out it had 4 forms two of which really needs pushing children pushing their imagination lol
And now something I bought recently, as in like last week. See we where hopping along cheap stores last week and I found these cheap bike transformers. (just €1.49 pp!!) I was put of at first due to the cover of the packaging where it shows that the Transformers have really kiddie faces around the torso made by the combination of the lights and spoiler shape. But this turned out to be false, The faces actually look cool, cooler then Gobots in fact ^^. I <3 the bike modes they just look awesome in the last picture and this is which i placed them on my cabinet. I did make a picture of the alt modes (It was hard to make them stand on their own btw) But i accidentally deleted the picture whilst trying to upload these and I can't get it back lol
These have been my favorites for some time. These are blank Powermaster Seekers rip-off's. First I had the Starscream clone which I found totally awesome and cheap as hell. Sadly I'm missing both the Powermaster and its guns. This is sad because it also works well as a Macross mecha XD. Later I found another robot which turned out to combine in to an cooler bigger jet. But personally I kinda dislike that one since its robot mode is made of a really cheap light plastic and it can not stand normally. Regardless I still put up to it ^^. And last week as with the bikes I found a cheaper newer and smaller version of my previous Starscream rip-off. But it seems to be made from even cheaper and lighter plastic then the second one. They didn't even bother to make the seat window see-trough. This one too has guns and a Powermaster. But unlike my old one the Power Master is useless and the guns can't combine. Which is kind of sad but I can live with it for now ^^

Hmmmm That's all the fake Transformers and Gobots I still got. I'm really feeling sad that I threw away and sold my other robots when I needed too. There where some real awesome ones in there. Next time I'll blog about what ACTUAL Transformers I still have and recently bought. Keep in mind that I'm going to be über lazy like last XD
Part 2 Autobots and Decepticons and Whatever
Editor's Note: I'm glad now I found Kotoys.com, It isn't just the best place to buy on the net KO Transformers... IT IS THE ONLY PLACE Seriously watch out. there's a lowlife scam man trying to sell non-existent toys. Be save keep to KoaToys