woensdag 23 november 2011

Mod Stuff... And Other Stuff...

Just to get this off my chest:
As a moderator I know when one person comes by to complain about another user to look at the activities of both users. And the one who started is not going to be the only user in trouble but he/she's going to get the most punishment out of these situations. ESPECIALLY if the douche who started it all comes complaining first. I say that because this same douche who has been plaguing the site I mod at yesterday was the one who came to me first complaining about not being treated right in the battle forums. Both guys where essentially wrong. But in this (and most cases after that, aside from the ones he continued with the same users as before in other threads) he was the one who started this shit. And yesterday he has gone daikaiju on the site because he thinks he was the one who was wronged being banned after 3+ warnings. But in fact this is probably just him showing his real colours, no longer trying to hide behind the lies that the users he was annoying where the ones who started. He was basically trying to get everyone banned who disagreed with him on the battle forums. Probably seeing it as a form of winning the debate by being aggressive and sneaky instead of actually trying to be right. To bad for him he forgot that mods always should look at the whole situation and not just 3 posts only showing the reactions of the harassed users >_>

Edit: Also I forgot the fact that he was banned from Comicvine for the same reason and that he started out switching accounts on the site because he claimed that his first account could break the 5 post limit. It was almost like the site itself did want him there lol

There that felt better. Any way Doremii allows me to use some of their fansubbed footage on my upcoming blog. I am very happy with this even though I only get to use it on this blog and not on @Reviewtopia since they only do embeds (screw it, I am NOT uploading ANYTHING on Youtube) And thus I am stuck with raws.

And more good and bad news: I'll get my KO Galaxy Mega or rather Astro Megazord Friday and my other Toku stuff the day after. And if we get our Christmas money next Monday I'll be able to get the other Toku stuff here with in 3 weeks. And if we are careful with that we'll be able to go to the Midwinter fest in Archeon! :D The sad thing is that I just noticed the KO Astro Megazord won't be able to Gattai with the Delta Megazord even if I got hold of one by some miracle.

And that's about it. I feel a bit better now ^_^