donderdag 22 september 2011

A Dream That Makes More Sense Then Usual!?! The World Is Going To END!! xD

Tonight I had 2 dreams 1 nonsensical which I already forgot by now and one weirdly awesome I can still remember and want to write down.

The Dream.
I dreamt about some old dude in a big new age house filled with art. It was night and he was quietly and quickly walking upstairs to a platform (under which art was stored.). It felt like I was watching an episode of an old detective series on Nederland 1.  Any way it seemed he was walking to a hall which has lots of handles which open an close doors. It seems he was trying to hold an art thief inside the building. And he succeeded, But he knew the villain was coming his way so he decided to ambush him (with handcuffs). I actually was seeing this dream in third person for some reason like I was watching the show. So I actually saw the villain, Who was a white guy in orange jumpers, glasses and with spiky hair blond hair and blue highlights. Yeah... I'd be able to take him... Any way the old guy actually got hold of him pretty easily by knocking him out with a big book. He cuffed the criminal to himself. And he dragged him towards some puff cushions and they said down. The old dude called the cops. Only for some weird reason he contacted the SPD hotline... He said he apprehended a criminal and he needs an immediate arrest team. The lady on the line said that they only have one agent available, Tekkan Aira... Yeah... Degraded from SPD's Tokkyou division to just arresting common Earth crooks... STILL BEATS BEING A DAMN BALL OF LIGHT!!. The old guy said that would do and asks the lady on the line if the SPD library might need more books, As he has an wide collection he likes to get right off. He held up his book and I saw that it was written by Marika Reimon (it was my dream after all I guess xD) And then the criminal would have something to read on his way to prison. The SPD hotline lady thanks the man and says Tetsu is on his way. She hangs up and the man turns to the criminal. Saying ''O apparently I was talking about no one'' The criminal was gone, that side of the handcuffs being empty. And all the art in the building was gone and it seemed to have been done during the phone call.

Sadly I woke up before being able to see Tetsu in action again. And even worse it was already past 12. Luckily I don't have to work today