vrijdag 11 mei 2012

About That Box

When posting the Legend Mobirates + Ranger keys blog I forgot about the box I keep my Heisei Ranger Keys in lol
I found it by chance at an antique shop. It was just 5 euro's and it fits 28 keys in total. I even have space left for future Red Keys
I Could have used my old treasure chest with Gold, Silver and Copper. But To be fair. My dad bought it in Spain at a gift shop for like a few peseta. In fact that is what its holding! Leftover money that has no real purpose any more! Also Guldens. I Got like 35 Gulden left in there :3
But then again it is smaller and because my new one is flat I have a place to put my Bandpresto Shin Ichigo belt :D
Okay enough talking about the boxes. But not about the Ranger keys just yet. Since the final of France Five was close I decided to make a Red Fromage Key. Sadly It failed and I decided to make my Void key first. Luckily I got like 5 other Go Red Gashapon Keys coming in. I'll be posting my failures soon enough :)
Lastly in one of my old boxes I found my old goddess statues and promptly put them on display immediately. Athena is still the most beautiful :)

That's about it. Hope to start the other blog soon. I just need the item to make photo's off and I am finished.

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Dream Blog: The Super Toy Store

I had this dream this night So I can still remember everything like I should.

My family and I where walking in a huge city And I am pretty sure it was in Holland. My mom said that at least its not as lame as Rotterdam. Then we went around the corner and I said ''o here it is'' in Dutch of course. Seems we where going to this city to see the opening of a toy store of sorts. In front it looked like a Akihabra store but inside it was just WAAAAY bigger.  My mom said that they will get coffee back at Bakker Bart (which is why I knew that it was in Holland) And that I could check the store out myself.

I walked in to the store and it reminded my of the V&D first. But looking closely you could see a whole lot of rare toys and collectables. I could see a section with old Furbies stacked on top of each other (must burn it) And a whole section for Barbies of all generations. A Lego section, a section for kid books, stuff like that. Any way I went up the escalators to the highest floor where you could see this just a gold mine of Japanese collectables, Takara Tomy, Bandai ect. I of course immediately walked to the Bandai Section for the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider merchandise. But not before walking past another escalator which let to a Power Rangers section. Seems in my dream Bandai America did want to re-release some Power Ranger toys, But for a price. they had a Ninjor new in box for 40. And a Ultrazord Powerpack for 300!! (all Dinozords) Also some sort of silver figurines that looked to be gashapons at some point. I took the escalator back down and walked to the Sentai section. In this dream I knew these where all re-releases sold at market price so I could effort at least one toy. And What did I find? The special Bioman collection pack for just 150? Yes but also the Super Galaxy Mega pack for just 60!! And I bought it in my dream... Wish it wasn't a dream though...

Sign plz
Any way then I walked to a special section where celebrities are giving out autographs to fans. I got a few from transformers voice actors. Though then again looking back it was weirdly quiet for an event where Peter Cullen shows up. I was not alone there it was pretty busy, but no nerds stood in line. And way representing Sentai was Tsuyoshi Hayashi aka Deka Blue. Who strangely enough also did not have much fans swarming around his booth. We had a little chat and this being my dream he could speak English (note: In real life he kinda sucks at it) We talked about SPD and how Sky is not as good as Hoji. He told be he's representing both SPD and Dekaranger and that he doesn't really dislike Sky. And then the weird part happens. I told him I was sad Ayumi was not there and that I would love to have her autograph. (something I would hunt for in real life) And then he gave me her phone number... Saying she's desperate. And I refused... Saying that I respect her privacy... He took it back and I walked to the escalators to look down. and saw that the store had like 8 floors of toys. And then I woke up with one of our cats having that time of the year again... -_-

I seriously want to go back to my dream and hit myself and Tsuyoshi. Aside from Tsuyoshi being a traitor in my dream and me being weak. This dream was almost perfect xD Okay guess I'll do something else now :3

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Best Saturday Ever.

This may be late but I did post this on Saturday. I just reverted it back to draft because I thought it was half-assed and it was :3

21-4-2012 WAS AWESOME!!!
 A few weeks before this I was actually sad that in America the kids got to see Toonami on tv again whilst I last saw it in 2002 when Casema decided Cartoon Network was to good for the children of Holland. (that still pisses me off) But this Saturday made everything al right again!! For now anyway.

Akibaranger - Episode 3, Ouch! Drunken Hero Adventure!!

I watched it raw but I did not need subs to know that this one hell of a funny episode. It starts out with Nobuo being an drunk ass. He delusions that an enemy was kidnapping the cute pamphlet girls of the street of Akibahara. He and his team-mates go in to their delusional state and begin to fight the villain who's evil scheme is to put hot dresses on them... Dunno how that is bad... In fact the girls should be happy since... Free clothes! Any way due to being drunk Nobuo summons Bouken Red in his Good Luck Form from Task 27. This was funny. And so awesome the professor decided they should do all the delusions drunk from now on. Luckily Mitsuki isn't that dumb and at the end of the episode and some Yaoi scenes we finally get to see an new ''FINAL FORM RAIDO'' And that was awesome! loved this episode :)

Avatar: Legend of Korra - Episode 3, The Revelation
I've been like this new series, Bo-Lin certainly bring in the humour void left by Sokka. Also I love how still Korra still totally fails at the air-bending thing. She's totally slow compared to Aang lol, the Equalists are cool. And Amon is totally trying to be the Doctor Doom. I am still trying to guess how he can mind bend to take the away the bending of other people. But I already guessed he's lying about his history, I doubt Aang ever told anyone about that technique.

Young Justice - Episode 26, Auld Acquaintance

Man this episode was well written, I kinda already guessed Red Arrow was the mole. Though I can't believe that Arthur did not notice the change Roy made over such a short time. The Starro-tech however makes me go ''wut?'' I can't believe they never met Starro. I do like how they made the cure so easily. And how they used guerilla tactics to insert the Cure-tech cure. It was an awesome episode, Though seeing this season go made me sad. Now everything has changed. Its awesome to Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl on the team but I am sad to see the rest go. Rocket was on the team for only a few episodes :/

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Royal Wedding

This was the most epic thing that aired on this Saturday. I watched it live. Along with like 50.000+ other bronies on a stream. I initially did not like how they shoehorned Shining Armor and Cadence in to Twilight's childhood. But once I saw the flashbacks I couldn't complain any more it was so nicely done and cute too :) The rest of the episode was same old same old. But I did love how they portrayed how sad Cadence was in this beautiful insert song ''This Day Is Aria''

I loved how everybody (including me) called it on the villain being Discord the moment we saw the green magic. And I was totally not disappointed by the actual reveal of the villain of this 2 episode final. They could have made them a bit more hive mind because they where more bug-like then ponies. But looking again this would have made them boring. Princess Chrysallis is awesome. Also I would have loved to see Luna sleep through the whole thing. xD
The next day, I was actually tired after the wedding even though its fictional and I sat my lazy ass down devouring chips. Dunno how that works 0_0 Any way I hope my regular shows will keep me busy during the slow and painful break. And for you Americans there congrats with the dvd. I might be able to get one on Ebay :)

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Episode 09, Usada Recovery Strategy!
Usada is an insufferable a-hole!! Seriously I know he's basically one of the 3 things enetron threw his money at but if it where up to me I'd throw him in the trash as soon as possible... In fact I'd turn in him in to a trash can! Not worth the damn trouble!! Other then that a decent episode :)

Kamen Rider Fourze: Episode 32, Super Cos-Mic Sword
And now for the other EPIC thing today. Man this was an awesome episode. If I recall this is only the second time a Rider had ''died'' before getting an upgrade. And that was Kuuga :D Good to see Ryuji actually showing guild and wanting to be Kengo's friend. everybody knew it was coming but somehow it did not feel redundant. Because he actually tries to fight off the drones to save his friends :D
Subbed By Overtime
Toriko: Episode 53, Tense! Toriko's Knife Vs Melk's Kitchen Knifes!
I love the Melk saga but at this point I was tired and it was like 1 already. I couldn't find Fuji TV on KeyholeTV and I only saw like half of the episode where Toriko challenged Melk II to a duel of sharpness. And then he headed for the Heavy Hole. Luckily I already know this saga and love it lol.

This day could have been even better if Cinfullywicked's Year of CLAMP on Livestream where they stream Cardcaptor Sakura was on Saturday instead of Friday. But then again I forgot if it was actually going through Friday... Any way that would have made the day even more awesome :D

dinsdag 1 mei 2012

KO RV Robo / KO Turbo Megazord

So I finally got my big box of Toku stuff and I started thinking on which toku merch I should start. Sadly some stuff broke and some stuff where knock-offs. And I had to plan out a different line of blogs. So now instead of starting with the newest I am starting with the oldest in the line Super Sentai robots I recently acquired. Which is RV Robo from Tokusou Sentai Carranger or rather the Turbo Megazord from Power Rangers Turbo.
So first off this Megazord is one of the few which where carded rather then boxed. This was positive in the sense that it was not heavy, But negative in the fact that it did get some tiny bit of scuff marks. I'll talk about them later. But the important thing is that this thing did not take up much space. Even though a Ranger Key fits between its legs.

The first one is Red Lightning Zord (using American names because the Japanese kinda suck) It looks okay, since its one of the 2 zords that have the right colours. Its missing allot of silver around the wheels and the rooftop. But other then that its pretty accurate to the original versions by Toei.
Second is the Blue Zord, Aside from a few scuff around the painted spots and the hind wheels being yellow instead of silver its pretty accurate. Sadly on its way here one of its wheels got split and I can see to figure out how to fix it. It doesn't interfere in its ability to roll but in robot mode it let one of the arms hand a little to loosely. Aside from that the frame was missing some screws, so it was hard to put it up or down without breaking it. And the left bumper is sadly broken. Every time I transform it into RV Robo I need to get a fork to get the bumper up. Though it looks fine in car mode. I give it that.
Here's the Green Zord, this is where we get to the colour inaccuracies, Its red, and it looks awesome, But its supposed to be GREEN. The gap on the hood is a bit annoying. But a tons of times I have seen it on the official Turbo Megazord. So I guess its Bandai's fault. The silver part on the roof kept coming loose so I glued it shut. And aside from that I got nothing else to say. Its pretty decent.
The Yellow Zord is supposed to be pretty much the same as the Green Zord. But it does not share the same problem, the hood does not have the same gap and the silver part on the grill looks pretty well. Its pretty good.
The White Zord is supposed to be my favourite of the 5 but this knock-off is just disappointing. Its yellow instead of white, that is obvious. But aside from that its bumper does not combine the right way. So it has this huge seam in the middle, this is so bad that it looks like it imploding. Another seam is in the middle which makes the doors look like they are an afterthought. Speaking of the doors, there was supposed to be a black line on the lower parts of doors, but this being a KO they where lazy. I might paint it over eventually.
Forming it was a bit hard in the beginning. This was due to the fact that the factory never finished up assembling this thing. It had so much loose screws and uncut plastic that I decided to fix a few things before taking photo's. I already talked about the arm problems, But there where a few more things wrong with the arms themselves. For instance, their wheels where about to pop-off during the plugging to the red zord. Because I was putting pressure on the shoulder-pads (aka the doors). I had to fix this by filing down the tabs on the inside. So the doors can now form the shoulders and the wheels aren't breaking. These tabs weren't changed at all during the moulding of the white vehicle, and to be honest I should have seen it coming. Down to the waste and legs is the other annoyance I mentioned earlier. The left bumper of blue (right in actuality) is a bit broken. It would not be so much of a problem if the green vehicle's bumper part that the blue one combines with wasn't so loose. However this is sadly the case, making it look (to me at least) like its not finished forming and rather leaning on that leg part. The other does not have this problem at all. But the thing they do share is the stupid feet formations that for from the hoods and backs of the two vehicles. These annoying shitty feet part retract as soon as you breath on them, let alone pick it up. They are like hermit crabs. My last complaint about the front of this Megazord's body is the grill. When it needs to be tight, its to loose. Making it move out of place easily. And when it needs to be loose to be moved by hand its to damn tight. I formed the Megazord correctly. The grill part went down on its own. >_<
Aside from all those problems I do have to say that this is the most upright bootleg Sentai mecha I blogged about up till now (this is the second btw lol) it works great if you have it against a wall. You don't even have to see the ugly 80% black painted back of it. Its dull but rarely seen. :3
The accessories are PERFECT, It has the shield and the sword. Both are decent in quality, chromed and not in dull flimsy Bandai America plastic. I am pleased to my fullest :D .
Initially I wasn't pleased with this but looking at it now its more then decent for 5.38 minus shipping costs. And though I can't lift it without loosing its feet, at least it did not break on its way here, unlike a certain 2004 bootleg mecha I ordered.
 Video by TheIchipai ©Toei LTD
And that's it for this blog. I should have posted this earlier but I was waiting for my Legend Mobirates. Next blog I'll post something cute :)