maandag 30 april 2012

DX Legend Mobirates + Ranger Keys

After waiting to long with the original Mobirates and then waiting to long to pay for this Mobirate I finally got one right here.
The box is kinda ''meh'' I don't really like the Legend Ranger Key boxes especially this one with the dull blue and the blur of red formed by all the Red Sentai on the front. I like the original green box more. It was simple but effective. I do like the several different Red Sentai profiles on the top and bottom though. That looks great! Opening the box we get exactly what we expect. The ''Mobilate'' is a big bulky phone which only gets bulkier when closed.
I am not going in to the outward details here, I am more focused on the sounds. I do wish they had kept the old sounds that the original had. I miss the Mecha codes and the other extra stuff. And IMO the encyclopaedia isn't all that special. I'd rather had them making more mecha codes, or adding sounds that you'd normally hear on the Gokai Cellular (technically they did but only for Dragon Ranger, Go-onwinx, and the Goraigers in the encyclopaedia mode) I can see why they took those away but this doesn't really make it worth the money any more. At least compared to the original :)

The Ranger Keys                                             

So lets start with 75 to 81, These keys are all perfect IMO. A little bit of scuff marks on Akaranger and Vul Eagle. This did not happen on the way here. They are rejects of the Bandai production line in China. Apperently the dude who sold them to me works for Bandai, and also steal from them. Sad for Bandai... Good for me :D My favourite here is Battle Japan, This is due to the colour scheme. I just like how well the red and white work for it. :)
Now on to 82 to 86. The first thing I noticed when I got my SP set is that Goggle Red has a huge scratch on the black part between his legs. This is probably why the Japanese Otaku who owned it dumped the set at one of Mandarake's stores. I find it really weird how all the keys in this set look half-assed and yet they did they did get off their asses to make Red One's chest all detailed. They did not even bother to colour the lines Change Dragon's helmet! Aaargh!
86 to 91 look good for the most part. I'd say Red Falcon looks the best of these. It captures the mask perfectly and the suit looks the best. My Red Sentai, Red Turbo however... Just... God its so ugly!! Why did they make the visor on helmet so tiny?!? And why did they not let the white line go down to the all the way on his chest?!? The Gashapon version looks way better!!
And we've entered the PR era. In 92 to 96 we get the first mix of all the three of keys I got. We got the the ones which where stolen and sold to me from China with Tyranno Ranger, Ryu Ranger and Red Racer. Then we got the Gashapon with Ninja Red and Oh Red from the SP set. Tyranno Ranger was the first key that tipped me off about them being rejects stolen from the factory. The paint job on the chest is okay, but his visor is totally out of synch, It doesn't bother me, But at least it makes it stand out. Ninja Red was the last one I needed, and I found him while making another purchase (and failing with it) The seller send it and it was here in record time. He even gave me a Gashapon Go-on Black figure with it and a Mini Poster of Ultraman Saga. Man this dude is awesome :D
We finally enter my favourite Sentai era, 97 to 01! So much awesome here! Both in Sentai AND Power Rangers. <3 <3 Okay now to the thing that really tipped me off about the keys, I got out of China being stolen rejects. Go Red's neck is like an inch to long!! I did not even need to compare it to the Gashapon version I bought later, because from the back it was clearly longer then any of the other keys! It was so obvious! xD. Not much else to say here. Time red has annoying spot of black paint on his visor and I really which they at least put the squares on Mega Red's chest...
Onward to the DISNEY RUINS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SENTAI EXCEPT FOR GO-ONGER era. I got 2 Gashapons for this era, Abare Red and Bouken Red, They are fine, its just that for some reason EVERY key I ordered from this dude called Takeshi has this weird problem around the leg part. Most of the keys leg parts close neatly against the key part when in Ranger mode. These do not, They have this weird bent like they where super heated or something. I am surprised they can even stand. Any way out of this era my fav has to be Magi Red's key. It has the best paint and the least scuff marks out of all the ''stolen keys'' Like Deka Red has on his black arm. That one really annoys me. I should go paint that later.
I like to call this the ''Camille Is Not A Good Replacement For Mele, And Saban What The Hell Are You Going To Do After Samurai!?!'' era :) Yeah... About the stickers. Funny thing is the seller had more then one of the same keys. So I bought extra to give to fellow Toku fans and friends. I knew he typed that some did not have stickers because of the translator. But that was for the set I first bought. And seeing how all the keys I bought had stickers I thought he already sold those. So after ordering again I had 2 versions of each key. 1 with stick and 1 without. I gave Dannyboy, Gekired, OtakuRedRanger and Tokudeka the ones that had stickers instead of keeping those. It seemed the decent thing to do. Also this way I kept the ''Special'' Gokai Red key which was included in the EX set but was swiped from the production line by the seller :D
And now we get to the final era. the ''Its Morphin Time!'' Era. Consisting of only Red Buster for now. Which has if I do say so myself the best details out of all the keys I own. The even painted the damn ear hole things on the side of his sunglasses. He's cool. But I still don't like the series that much. Its kinda meh for me. And finally we get to the Spirit of the Red Rangers himself Aka Red!! I dunno what to say really he's perfect. They really did a good paint job on all his details and the red sparkly lines all over his suit. And lastly and especially least my failed attempt at a Void key. An hero I want to include in to my Shinigami-Rider Fan-Fic later then sooner. Its head is okay but I failed to make certain detail. I failed at making the oval eyes so he looks more like an unfinished symbiote Spider-man from the 3rd movie. I am happy with those lines though. One of them is hard to see but they are in the right place, roughly... If you look at the suit there you have the strap on his chest which is supposed to represent one of his drive slots which uses to activate his attacks for. And that's sadly the only one visible. He also has one on his belt which I clearly can't as you can see from all the red there. And one on each gauntlet. Which can't be shown because like a wrist changer its on the sides of the arm. I did my best but I also fail miserably. Especially on the chest. That circle there is supposed to be a still hole of nothingness. Yet it looks like I accidentally scratched a lay of paint off and was to lazy to fix it. Even worse I placed it to close to the strap so it also ruins that a bit lol. Any way I'll be printing stickers for the key soon. Hope it works out.
So that's my current Ranger Key collection. As I said I attained most of by buying it off some dude on Taobao. Who turned out to have stolen all of them at different stages Bandai factory's production line. Just to sad he could not grab up an Abare Red and Bouken Red for me, Then I wouldn't have to buy the Gashapon versions off Ebay. And the other part was luckily the SP set from Mandarake which almost sealed the deal. I just needed Red Buster which I bought from HLJ at the same time. The Ride & Go version was a smart move. So I did not need to buy the CD exclusive key or even worse wait out my chances for the Go-Busters Ranger Key set 01. I like how it went. I got all of them for a reasonable price and I did not need to buy any extra keys with them. I think I only paid like 40 in total with shipping for all of the keys except for the Legend Mobirates which I got from AmiAmi at the last moment.
Speaking of the Mobirates it fits in nicely with the rest of my toku role-play stuff. I barely have any space for anything new. But I guess I can box some stuff. As for what I got now I'll blog about them sooner or later. I am just distracted with all the goodies I still have to blog about next. :)
                             [MAD] Super Sentai Getter by MaskedDad2012 ©Toei LTD
Now because you survived my boring talk about some plastic keys, have some Super Hero Getter to forget all about that horrid talk! xD Till next time bye :)

maandag 16 april 2012

Devilly Dream

Devilly is a very special character to me. Months before I wrote her story down on paper to learn better English. I dreamt about a cute short girl with and adorable smile. I finished the stuff, but looking back it sucks. So when I transferred her to Comicvine and then to Animevice I changed her story just a bit. But its already been like 2 years since I last touched the page. I keep trying but the writing block kept coming up

And yesterday being nauseous and having a plugged ear, made the foolish mistake of staying up to late.
So I went to bed and I had a dream. This dream was pretty normal because I knew of the ghost who sits on beds. I was expecting her to taunt me again because I was complaining on how it always feels like the bed is being pushed down (no time to explain this just go with it) Any way, Instead of her I saw the girl again. who I knew a Tsukino aka Devilly. The character I neglected for a long time now... And she look angry. She popped up her nails and showed her fangs. And she pierced me with her nails trough the throat. And yet I was al right. For some reason I had a shot gun next to my bed and I shot her multiple times. Even though I knew that would not work because she has Wolverine wishing he had her healing factor. So I ran and I ran but as soon as I when to the street she picked me up from the sky and dropped me on the roof. I stabbed her in the arm but she ripped it off and it grew back. And then she ripped my arm off. And then a leg. Till she made a bone spike and stabbed me with it. One does not fuck around when fighting Devilly. She's seriously scary once she's fighting  0_0

Then I woke up,  It was 12:24. And of course my ear and head still hurts. I took a shower, made some good food and sat down before going on the laptop. I immediately posted about this on twitter. Because this dream was weird. Especially how Devilly was acting, totally not how I dreamed about her nor how I wrote her. It was more like I was in a vampire movie a better one than those about the sparkly pieces of shit. I was acting wrong too. I wrote about her powers... Non of that would help... not even if I chopped her head off... In fact letting her bleed gives her another more painful way to kill me... I would try to do things differently. Like try to capture her and her poor escaping tactics. Which would help more in my dream seeing how she was acting pretty mindless.

I think I am going to add her to this blog but only when I did a few more toy blogs because I frankly have waited to long already. And now I regret writing this down cuz now I can't forget about it xD