vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Ultra-Poseable Spider-man

I wanted to make a decent blog of him. I still got a few photo's of him in semi-decent poses... But then Superior Spider-man happened. Now Parker is permanently stuck in:
So with that said I think its time for me to address that I'm quitting with Marvel & DC forever. Sure I can still watch the shows but the recent changes in both multiverses makes me cringe. Killing Fury and replacing him with an Afro-American child he'd just happen to have somewhere? So we now have two Furies? And now this shit with Spidey? Damn they screw around allot. And DC is no different, I hate the new 52, and they dumped all the non-Super Hero characters that I loved.. Think I'll go hop to IDW and Dynamite Entertainment instead. Turtles and pulp! I can dig it!
Just a Shadow away from trolling Batman lol!
Sorry for this boring first blog of the year. I am still figuring out what to do next. And the lighting leaves a bit to be desired lately. I'll update sooner or later. Bye!