maandag 12 december 2011

Jushi Sentai France Five Update

I was happy that Hikari Senshi Fansubs has started subbing at least the first 3 of the 4 episodes of Jushi Sentai France Five but now It turns out the founder of the France Five project SGTKira has found out about the dvd versions of this series and is planning to restart the project with better encodes and the help of Zetta from MCS. This means they'll probably be doing episode 4 too. They even released an trailer:
But that is not all! It turns out that Alex Pilot the director of the France Five franchise since episode 2 has claimed that they'll be releasing episode 5 on the 5th of May 2012... 555... Funny... WE WAITED 8 FUCKING YEARS!!! And even worse all the filming was already done in 2005. The editing just took a long while to finish.... Or they where just sitting with their asses on their porches eating salami, cheese, and bread panne a panne while sipping whine... Sorry I am just pissed about the only needed to edit stuff part! 8 YEARS! Damn you!! I hope its fucking worth it! Any way here's the trailer for that if your interested:
And some more good news is that the crew seems to be talking about maybe making a blu-ray set or something around that format. I hope they do because I've been looking at the sucky encodes to long. Also I am now having the dumb idea of buying an extra ranger key of say... I dunno Go Red or something and maybe make a custom key for Red Fromage. But I'll probably screw up. I need a white marker for this and probably a Gundam one this time

And Another Thing
My room is still a mess. I need a new bed some boxes to store stuff away upstairs and there's still mould issues. But at least I found a way to display my Sentai Mecha/Megazords in my closet.
I just need to clean out some more shelves just in case. 
I've tried to put Gokaioh on the selves but its just to wide. I honestly think Bandai Japan is trying to make the collector's not want to collect Sentai mecha. This guy just takes to much space!
I made space on top because next year in Augustus I'll try to get and unofficial Turbo Robo and Turbo Rugger. I just hope they still are available by then! Also I think this is where I am going to put the Ranger Keys :)
Man I can't believe I actually need a separate space for the Dairanger mecha / MMPR3. Two Tigerzords, Two Red Dragonzords, and 1 Assault team and 1 Tor lol
Same a for Kakuranger, to many doubles lol. I honestly hope that I'll be able to fix up the Muteki Megazord with better paint and buy some reprolabels for it and maybe a new chest piece (saw a few on Ebay)
I honestly hope that the KO Deka Robo and KO Magiking will fit on this shelf because I don't really feel like emptying another one lol Also I plan to get the KO versions of Centaurus' of Magiranger. All 4 variations in 1 go. I honestly hope to finish this in one go.
Reason why I don't want to clean it. I honestly dunno where to put these xD I'll probably throw them out or something lol

Any way I have to get ready for work bye!