dinsdag 1 mei 2012

KO RV Robo / KO Turbo Megazord

So I finally got my big box of Toku stuff and I started thinking on which toku merch I should start. Sadly some stuff broke and some stuff where knock-offs. And I had to plan out a different line of blogs. So now instead of starting with the newest I am starting with the oldest in the line Super Sentai robots I recently acquired. Which is RV Robo from Tokusou Sentai Carranger or rather the Turbo Megazord from Power Rangers Turbo.
So first off this Megazord is one of the few which where carded rather then boxed. This was positive in the sense that it was not heavy, But negative in the fact that it did get some tiny bit of scuff marks. I'll talk about them later. But the important thing is that this thing did not take up much space. Even though a Ranger Key fits between its legs.

The first one is Red Lightning Zord (using American names because the Japanese kinda suck) It looks okay, since its one of the 2 zords that have the right colours. Its missing allot of silver around the wheels and the rooftop. But other then that its pretty accurate to the original versions by Toei.
Second is the Blue Zord, Aside from a few scuff around the painted spots and the hind wheels being yellow instead of silver its pretty accurate. Sadly on its way here one of its wheels got split and I can see to figure out how to fix it. It doesn't interfere in its ability to roll but in robot mode it let one of the arms hand a little to loosely. Aside from that the frame was missing some screws, so it was hard to put it up or down without breaking it. And the left bumper is sadly broken. Every time I transform it into RV Robo I need to get a fork to get the bumper up. Though it looks fine in car mode. I give it that.
Here's the Green Zord, this is where we get to the colour inaccuracies, Its red, and it looks awesome, But its supposed to be GREEN. The gap on the hood is a bit annoying. But a tons of times I have seen it on the official Turbo Megazord. So I guess its Bandai's fault. The silver part on the roof kept coming loose so I glued it shut. And aside from that I got nothing else to say. Its pretty decent.
The Yellow Zord is supposed to be pretty much the same as the Green Zord. But it does not share the same problem, the hood does not have the same gap and the silver part on the grill looks pretty well. Its pretty good.
The White Zord is supposed to be my favourite of the 5 but this knock-off is just disappointing. Its yellow instead of white, that is obvious. But aside from that its bumper does not combine the right way. So it has this huge seam in the middle, this is so bad that it looks like it imploding. Another seam is in the middle which makes the doors look like they are an afterthought. Speaking of the doors, there was supposed to be a black line on the lower parts of doors, but this being a KO they where lazy. I might paint it over eventually.
Forming it was a bit hard in the beginning. This was due to the fact that the factory never finished up assembling this thing. It had so much loose screws and uncut plastic that I decided to fix a few things before taking photo's. I already talked about the arm problems, But there where a few more things wrong with the arms themselves. For instance, their wheels where about to pop-off during the plugging to the red zord. Because I was putting pressure on the shoulder-pads (aka the doors). I had to fix this by filing down the tabs on the inside. So the doors can now form the shoulders and the wheels aren't breaking. These tabs weren't changed at all during the moulding of the white vehicle, and to be honest I should have seen it coming. Down to the waste and legs is the other annoyance I mentioned earlier. The left bumper of blue (right in actuality) is a bit broken. It would not be so much of a problem if the green vehicle's bumper part that the blue one combines with wasn't so loose. However this is sadly the case, making it look (to me at least) like its not finished forming and rather leaning on that leg part. The other does not have this problem at all. But the thing they do share is the stupid feet formations that for from the hoods and backs of the two vehicles. These annoying shitty feet part retract as soon as you breath on them, let alone pick it up. They are like hermit crabs. My last complaint about the front of this Megazord's body is the grill. When it needs to be tight, its to loose. Making it move out of place easily. And when it needs to be loose to be moved by hand its to damn tight. I formed the Megazord correctly. The grill part went down on its own. >_<
Aside from all those problems I do have to say that this is the most upright bootleg Sentai mecha I blogged about up till now (this is the second btw lol) it works great if you have it against a wall. You don't even have to see the ugly 80% black painted back of it. Its dull but rarely seen. :3
The accessories are PERFECT, It has the shield and the sword. Both are decent in quality, chromed and not in dull flimsy Bandai America plastic. I am pleased to my fullest :D .
Initially I wasn't pleased with this but looking at it now its more then decent for 5.38 minus shipping costs. And though I can't lift it without loosing its feet, at least it did not break on its way here, unlike a certain 2004 bootleg mecha I ordered.
 Video by TheIchipai ©Toei LTD
And that's it for this blog. I should have posted this earlier but I was waiting for my Legend Mobirates. Next blog I'll post something cute :)