zondag 7 augustus 2011

My Birthday Gifts

My birthday was busy and fun, (almost) everyone was there except my aunt whose is still busy running a marathon I think lol. I had many gift but most of them aren't Anime related (the Marvels Paperback, socks, belts, some money and a €40,- gift certificate from ACME! just what I wanted woot!). But I didn't really went my way to make pics of them XD Any ways I'm really happy with two great figures I received from my Father and two Sisters that of MazinKaiser and Shin Getter Robo, both are high grade and simple awesome so here are some pics for you guys to drool over :)
Shin Getter Robo

This was taken from the top of my grandparent's stairwell so I didn't make that many photo's and none with shots of the feet there is no need to see our laundry lol

New note: Man I need to get used to the photo features of Blogspot again. I wish this site had a gallery feature like Animevice has.

Back Again

So here I am again at blogspot. I quit this place before so long ago for reasons that are a bit blurry now.  So I went on to Whiskey Media's Comicvine and Animevice to hangout and blog. I even became a moderator on Animevice. But that isn't enough for me any more. And maybe I'll quit there all together specially if Whiskey Media keeps up the ''Anime is for jerks'' meme, and with that I mean both the users and staff members. Recently the Animevice users feel that the site is becoming a joke and a black sheep for the Whiskey Media site and that kind of alienation is not something I like. So I'll be double posting. every blog post I post there will be posted here too. And I think I'll start with the old ones first.