dinsdag 20 september 2011

Fan-Fic Laziness: Void & Shinigami

First of all I made two similiar characters first. One was Shinigami_Rider who was an ever evolving freak of nature from a bug like race. Who made him to explore space since they died as soon as they hit their out atmosphere. Sooner or later this bug like creature was meant to evolve in to a cross between a Lovecraftian horror and a Kamen Rider.... Who could mimic the powers of other Riders (even though they are fictional in that universe too) with the help of shadows and his own being as well as having god-like powers at the same time. The other was Void who was meant to be your average Toku Hero with powers similar to lets say... Green Lantern? No, even better yet his son Obsidian! And also Marvel's The Spot. He could transform with the help of a black brace and it gives him what seems to be a leather suit. His powers are to be able to mould objects from the blackness of his suit. And travel through shadows like the Spot did with his black holes. And has further powers similar to Danny Phantom like becoming intangible/shape shifting . But instead of his powers being powered by shadows his powers are actually powered by the light that lines them out. I have thought about continuing both but the Void story did kind of bore me and the Shinigami_Rider still need all those grammar fixes...... And I don't feel like fixing up something soooo long.

Any way Shinigami_Rider will get some new material someday. But Void will get a whole new storyline And maybe fix on his powers. I dunno... I always felt like I made him to powerful yet to weak....