donderdag 14 juni 2012

Dream blog: The Bungalow

This dream felt like a day out.

It started with me entering a kitchen, It was an old Dutch bungalow. It felt like we lived there for a few weeks already and that we where in Brabant which is to the north east from here. We where sharing the bungalow with 4 Japanese students 1 guy, 3 girls.

I was in the kitchen helping set the table while 2 of the 3 girls where cooking, my mom was smoking in the garden with the dude. They where kinda bored. And suddenly the girl who was helping me kissed me, and we hugged. That was nice. Then the doorbell rang and the owner of the bungalow was there with some politicians. The politicians demanded we leave the premise for a while because they needed to hold a premise. We agreed since we where hurrying any ways, There was this late night convention going on in some huge complex with a theatre and stuff. And we where hurrying up so we could leave. So the girl who apparently liked me ran upstairs and closed all the doors, and we left. Think the food was still there but who cares, its a dream.

We waited for the bus which came once a half hour (still better then Delft) and we arrived soon. As I mentioned earlier this complex was big for a place in the middle of nowhere. We had 2 of the several floors. 1 was for paranormal and mineral stuff and 2 was for a toy convention, not unlike botcon or something. The girl who liked me hogged my arm and dragged me to the toy stuff. I found a Masterpiece Soundwave (does that even exist?) for a bargain. We hang out some more and snuggled. Strangely I do not remember dreaming that there where any toku toys there... My mom got a huge smokekwarts though. And just when we headed out to see a movie (I forgot what movie) we meet up with Horatiolikestoy form some reason. (dunno why she'd be at a con in Holland. seems like a waste of money) And she suddenly began to bargain on my Masterpiece Soundwave. Even though all I did was show it to her. I told her I was not planning on selling it and yet she continued.

Then I woke up and  I was out of my bed lol. I liked this dream... Almost wish this dream was real. That girl was adorable. Kinda think of it this is only the second time I dreamt about a Japanese girl that wasn't my ex-girlfriend... man now I am sad. Give me more of those dreams plz! xD

Edit: Wait this exists!?!
Cue the Eerie Indiana music!!