maandag 2 juli 2012

Dream Blog: Ants

This one I just immediately need to type down or I won't get a second chance.

The dream started on class room, the teacher is kinda cute and small and pacing around while the kids are trying to work on a test. Suddenly all of them feel a painful bite. The teacher turns around and asks them if they will do as she says. Turns out she is actually an ant queen who is controlling the teacher through her brain. She has soldier biting and somehow controlling the kids. She says that she'll kill them all through poison if they don't comply and give totally away their free will. Most of the kids do comply and get shrunken down. Except 2 a white kid and a brown looking Silurian?

They succeeded in running out of class and on to the street. The boy tells the Silurian that he already killed his. The Silurian girl complies with telling him she already agreed to give up her free will and that the ant queen knew about him before hand. Suddenly the TARDIS shows up and distracts the girl long enough to charge inside the TARDIS. He scream doctor! doctor! Hurry move this thing!. Oddly enough Its the 10nth Doctor in the 11th's Doctor suit who complies: Shut up will you? I am trying to figure out how to fix mess this with out killing myself! The kid runs up to the tired looking David Tennant and grabs the key hanging from the console to close the door. And says: After that time you saved me, I've been traveling myself! I've been living on the moon! And then the Silurian girl somehow manages to undo the key by some how turning it the other way from the outside. The kid screams Doctor! Start the TARDIS! Suddenly the Doctor screams with a different voice: I got it!. Then the kid turns around and sees the 9th Doctor in the 11nth Doctor's suit hitting pretty much everything on the console with the sound of the hand breaks going nuts.

Then I woke up. First thing I did was throw up my arms and go wtf? Seriously if some one up there in heaven is writing dreams for me. I want to know what drugs he's using and where he got it. Then again who needs drugs when you got dreams like this! Just imagine in how much trouble the Doctor would be if he'd slowly regenerate back to his first incarnation. That body was dying much more then any after it!

Any way that was my dream. Glad I typed it down lol