zondag 2 september 2012

Reprolables: Guardian Beasts Zyu Mammoth & Pteranodon

Blog 99 of my Toku Tea Room. This time Its the Mastodon Zord and Pterodactyl Zord
The Mammoth was the most fun to sticker, because I always loved the design of not only the stickers but the the Mammoth itself. All of the stickers where easy to put on with the face/shield. But for some reason the right eye keeps coming loose. Luckily along with that one sticker on the Sabertooth this are the only ones on the entire megazord.
And out of all the Reprolabled Kyoru demi-gods this is again my fav. Love the M's and I love how the Yellow line almost gives the illusion of a continued line. Its just epic
 Moving on to the Ptera. The girl who owned it kept it in a box for 18 years but the stickers survived remarkable well. As such this thing was one of the two easiest to clean. Even though it kinda pained me to watch them go.
LOVE the Silver teeth on this thing. But sadly that's where the problem of this sticker set. Those teeth are a millimeter to big to on the left side of the front its perfect. But on the right side its way to spread out. Revealing a red line from the mold that really annoyed me. So I tried to correct it and now I got a fold in one of the lower teeth... sigh. 
Lastly just to compare. The Pterodactyl on the left is the one I picked up at a flea market about 17 years ago, when I was maniacally trying to find the Dino and Thunderzords. Its incompatible with the Megazord because the pegs are broken. But I do have to say that the red on this thing just looks better. Somehow it just looks more lively. I couldn't bare putting this thing back so instead I decided to put it on display. Also So I got a place to put the cannons lol

And with that I end this little blog. Next time I'll finish my final 100th blog with the Tyrannosaurus Megazord and DaiZyuJin. Bye