vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

The Doctor Who dream

Man that was f'd up! I had 3 dreams today 2 of which are not worth sharing.

The dream started with 2 guys in an empty house. One of them points out fire marks on the walls and that's when we turn to a flashback. The narration said that they shouldn't have had that birthday party on the boat (yeah now its a boat not a house lol) We see the 2 men who are still kids here toying with fire and a man putting it out. Even though there was a fire no one was really scared and the party went on. The man who stopped the fire then walked out on deck where we see a man watching the water. It turned out to be the Doctor.... More specifically the 11th Doctor aged so much he looked like the first! He even had the same damn clothes on. The man walks up to him and says long time no see, The Doctor answers with you should not have held this party on a boat. Especially not today! The man tells him not to worry and asks him why he came here? The Doctor tells him he has a gift for the boys holding the watch of the 10nth Doctor. The man tells him that that's a horrible gift for 12 year olds. The Doctor tells him its not for them at this age but when they are old enough. The real gifts are already amongst the other gifts. The man takes the watch and put it away. The Doctor heads for what I presume is the TARDIS but as soon as he turns around the man laughs maniacally and throws him of the ship in the cold waters where the Doctor clams to some old shipwrecks. The ships floats away as we see the doctor barely surviving the cold water and seeing the Midgard (or insert giant water here) snake slowly heading for the boat.  Back on the ship we can hear the sound of the TARDIS with the breaks on.

Then my mom woke me up and I was almost to late xD. Can't really say much else about this dream.... Sounds like something Nash would pick out to review.