donderdag 12 juli 2012

Bunch of Bootleg Armor Hero Stuff.

Another thing I have been holding off. Because the problem here is that I kept buying Bootlegs. Even when I thought I didn't
These are the problem. All I ask for is 1 damn wrist changer that's actually from Auldey and with a box that hasn't been used as a football. I got 3 and all of them are fake. The first two make annoying sounds like there's a space war going on. And the newest one doesn't even work!!
These thankfully are not bootlegs. These are the Armour Hero medals from the actual show. These are actually pretty awesome. Because the ones sold with the official wrist changers are of crappy plastic. So these heavy diecast ones are more then welcome, Even though they are still not show accurate
Speaking of show accuracy. This is what I did with one of them. I tried to customize one into my own by painting it. With some positive results... Kinda.  The red doesn't feel quite right with me. I should have made it darker.
But I am happy with the paint job overall. The black is awesome on top is awesome and I even made the battery door black to emulate it being a screen like on the show. I should have done something with the buttons too. But then again I can easily screw it up
Speaking of screw ups here's the biggest one I made when talking about Armor Hero XT. I wanted the belt so badly. And the seller made me think it was an official one. I am still pissed about this. But I am now going to ignore that fail.
 This is the belt part. Its a type 2 belt opening on 1 side. I screwed the other one off because I wanted the buckle. The cards are disappointing they are all flat on the back. Which means it wont matter which you use.
As for the Henshin Device itself here it is. It was unpainted. And with this being a bootleg I decided make it a show accurate belt. I even took it apart to paint the spring decals gold. As for sound... Of course it doesn't work like it should!! first it makes a t-rex sound, Then a plane sound and then a laser sound. So yeah FAIL. I already bought another one which I hope is an official one. It better be!
And lastly my Armor Hero DVD sets. These are bootlegs too. The official sets don't cost 2.37 pp lol I originally thought that the sets where: Armor Hero season 1 episodes 1 - 50 + the movie. And Amor Hero XT season 1 episodes 1 -26. But I got it all wrong. The first season dvd set has episodes 1 and 2 on it (boring) and not the movie dispite what the cover claims. And the Armor Hero XT one has... 1 to 63!! both season 1 and 2 of XT + the Emperor Hero movie! I am not glad with the original dvd set but Damn the XT one is awesome. And I like this show. It feels more Kamen Rider-like. :)

Pokémon Cards Update.

I havent done this in a while. I was getting bored with doing a blog for every new card edition. So I waited for about a year or two. So now I got enough lol.
I got a new venusaur. And a foil Snivy.
I now got 2 Shuckle's a Leafeon. Roserade and Bellossom are new too
 I haven't got much new fire types in these pages. Only Tepig and Emboar
Reshiram and Ho-oh are new though. Got two Shiny Gyarados cards, a new Fereligatr card.
Luvdisc is new. Deoxys & Xatu are new here. Nothing much else here.

Got new Regigigas is new here so is the normal Garchomp
  Amphoros is new, So are Zekrom and Pachirisu
Not much new here. just Lucario
New here: Nidoqueen, Magnezone, Galadadi... Pretty much everything really. I especially like the special cards from the Black & White set. Got them on the first go
Other Cards                             

 Got no new Yu-Gi-Oh cards lol But I got a new place to put my rares/favourites
 These Pony cards are new though. I got no gold Applejack card. Because I got mine from Taobao before the set was release. The fake Pokemon cards are mostly new though. They came with this collection folder.
  And to finish off
 These cardboard cards are awesome. I never collected these. Glad I bought them.

 That's about it. No real content just cards lol. Next I'll post a real blog bye :)