vrijdag 25 maart 2016

TM21: Messy Anniversary, Buy list.

So for the anniversary I started to see thing that I wanted this year. However after this month I do not want to spend more than €45 each month so I set out to schedule out a buy list
First off I bought this blister purely for the pin, I drew an full-art M Scizor EX and in two other packs just an half art ancient trade Entei.

These where an accident, luckily these costed €6. I haven't drawn these yet, they are still on their way to my grandparents.
I bought a Raichu because its one of the cards that where stolen when I was 10 alongside a Rainbow Energy Japanese 1st edition and a promo charizard. I also tried to get the mythical collection packs but they sold out as soon as we saw them. Thankfully the cards are only €3.90 at its highest 
Now with my recent buys, I pressed on to get at least something anniversary-wise, So I'm happy to get this Base Set Japanese Random deck. Sadly it was in stock again when I visited AmiAmi and now I'm pissed I wasted another €5 that could have gone to some place else.
The first game thing I tried to get this year is this Pokemon Green Download card. I probably cannot even download it, the New 3DS XL is region locked. But I did want it because I want a box for my Pokemon Green.
Next up is the frustration/rant part. So I wanted a booster box for the anniversary. And then I remember the boyfriend of my aunt told me that if I wanted I could trade my Christmas gift in for something else and on the Dutch site Marktplaats there where booster boxes up for 45 pp. which was perfect. Then I ordered and it turned out to be an old friend of my sister's she recognized me and wanted to give it to me for free. Being opportunistic and a bit ashamed to get freebies and at the same time not wanting to insult her asked if I could get 2 for one instead, Then I plunked down my grandparents address and asked for her banknumber aaaand I got no word from her since. I didn't even reply all that much after that. The two days after just asking for a reply and one final mail because I thought she deleted the previous one so she couldn't see the rest. But then she deleted the add. Even for an autistic guy like me its obvious that she is just acting weird. Either sell or don't. There can be no in-betweens or walking away. Supply the demand.
 So instead of that I'm buying my badges back. My nostalgia drives me to buy these. I can either keep telling myself to find them in this house or  just buy them new. At least its cheaper so I still got money left over for to pay the costs of the blister shown first in this blog

April is the month I'll be buying nothing on-line. All that cash is going to Koningsdag and the free market, where of-course I'll be searching for cards and other stuff. Then in May I still need to pay off a gameboy, and then I'll have 25 for an Japanese booster box. Pokemon: Cruel Traitor. I'm getting it because 1 I want a booster pack and 2 The Mega Gardevoir EX on the cover is the one I want because the Primal Clash box that I'm never getting now has a Mega Gardevoir EX and I was looking forward to pulling it. I'm getting one, one way or another.
Then using the money of June I also pre-ordered Concept Pack: Mirage & Legendary Dream Holo Collection. This is one of those special pack that comes out a day before my birthday and will be full of legendary and each pack will be either holo or full-art. So I'm looking forward too it
With the rest of the money I'll try to get new decals for the Red and Gold cartridges. I also found the instruction manuals recently. I'm still missing the Sappire & Ruby one for some reason.
With the money from July I'm getting the Johto TGC pack, I never owned them all, only the first 3 gyms, but I feel entitled to get them all this time.
For my birthday and a few months after I'm going to try to get these games and then I'll save for the end of the year.
 In Decenmber all that's left to buy is this Meloetta Pack and that's pretty much all there is to Generations for me.
And the final bang of the month are Sun and Moon, I already ordered moon, So I'll need to have cash left for that, But I do want to try and save for Sun too. I doubt that's going to work. Maybe if I'll get cash for Christmas.

And that's pretty much all I'll be buying. No Figuarts, no Figma or other games. Just these.

woensdag 16 maart 2016

TM21: 20 Years Of Not Knowing Where Everything Is.

From the start I've been loving Pokemon and have been fully embracing all its merchandising. However as the years move along and I star blogging and keeping more of an eye on my collection I'm more or less disappointed at some stuff I'm missing. So after 20 years here is what I lost and might plan to get again.

1: My Pokemon guide:
A year before I even touched the actual game I bought this guide and loved the silly tips in it. It even had a nice full page comparing the starters. After I got the game I used it more and eventually it lost its cover and I lost interest. Then when we moved I had to decide what to keep. I tried searching for it in every closet but I couldn't find it any where. That said I was in charge of my own room when moving so it couldn't have gotten past me.

2: My TGC Gen 2 Badge Booklet.
My TGC Badge booklet. Okay this is a silly one, One day I was at the TGC Pokemon club and I got my booklet full and I had to give it in. Fine, I got my next one which is the Johto league and I earned up to 3 badges from it. On the last day however. I somehow got my badge book switched. I now own one that used to be from some Moroccan kid I never met face to face. Even then I do not know where I left it. Its supposed to be in a pink file case I used to carry around. Its upstairs with my old comics. Maybe some day I'll decide to search the dude up, He's probably to old to care now xD

3: My Gen 2 Gym Leader Shirt.
On that strange last day of TGC I only got 3 badges from the Johto line. But even then as a goodbye I the instructor gave us all leftover TGC Gym Leader t-shirts. Mine was a small size when I needed a medium so I never got to wear it. I kept it in the packaging till we moved, and when we finally settled in I decided to keep it in the jacket closet with the rest of my clothes. Nobody but I used that thing. I had the key. And when we decided to use it for storing books instead of clothes I noticed it was gone. Weird huh? Its like my closet is some black hole.

4: My Decks.
I have had so many decks. At least all of the base set decks. And I threw away most of the actual boxes when we moved. However Zap! was still filled with cards when we moved and I took them with me in a separate box which I put in my closet. Problem is now that I want it I cannot find the darn cardboard. I also recently bought a new second-hand Base set at the Koningsdag, AAAAAND its nowhere to be found.

5: My TGC Badges.
I had 11 Dutch TGC badges plus the Boulder Badge double in German. I had them after we moved in a cigar box I got from a freemarket. Then I put them in a black jewellery box and when that thing came apart I decided to put them with the insides of the thing in a green sunglasses container. Till an classmate and fellow pokemon fanatic of mine wanted to see them in like 2006 and then I got them and noticed.... nope nowhere to be seen, I looked just about everywhere and I cannot seem to find them. I got the container but its empty. WEIRD.

6: My Pokemon Instruction Booklets.

My Pokemon Game Booklets. I kept them after we moved and I was dumb enough to throw my boxes away for whatever reason. But I still had these up till recently. I just forgot where I put them, It was only till I bought new packaging for the game-carts and I noticed they where apparently not in the drawer I left them in. Curiously I still have booklets for my Yu-Gi-Oh and DBZ Super Sonic Warriors games.

The Bright side: How I'm planning to celebrate:
While I have been misplacing certain important things back in the day the majority of what I got during childhood are still with me in one form or another. My cards, my games and even some newer books are luckily right where I left them. This year I plan to buy the Japanese Eshop version of Pokemon Green, the Japanese Base Set Deck, the Charizard EX Generations boxset, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Moon. After that MAYBE the badges I've so desperately searched. And who knows Maybe I left them in some dumb spot and have then forgot it the moment I lay them down.
Its not allot but darn does it hurt when you really want them, Its pretty annoying to be autistic like me and have these damn blind spots in my memory regarding what I own and where I keep the stuff I still own. All I know is when we're done cleaning out the attic I am going to buy a big clear boxes and skim out everything I own and do not have on display in those things, so I am not confused about where all those sort of things are. Happy 20th anniversary every one!