donderdag 3 december 2015


Arachnitech is another version of Spider-man that just popped out into existence while hoping Vampybitme would cosplay as Silk... plz Linda plz.

Its the 80's, a family in North Korea, A man and his wife and two children a son and his sister. The father worked as one of the best and most revered scientists in the regime, his technology was astounding and enviable, working on nano-technology and electromagnetic technology on a shoe-string budget.

In secret he was planning to revolt and escape the country to South Korea because during the revolution his whole family was killed by the reds. He was working on magnets that could suspend in mid-air, fly and that could form a barrier rope from pretty much nothing to avoid standing out to much. But his General took notice towards his work and found it an easy to keep people out and in the North. So the Father decided no was the time to escape, He already smuggle most of his work to America and destroyed everything in his office.

The family gathered and boarded a hidden boat on the east coast. They sailed for hours and almost where caught by patrols several times. When they almost saw the southern coast they heard a helicopter, it was an Southern/UN squad coming to pick them up, Hope was near but Suddenly the boat stuck water. From the water rose a big scaly hand and a monstrous face, Claiming his allegiance to the North and that he came to kill them. The father hurried the kids up and escape ladder and just before he could turn he found his wife and friends torn to bloody shreds. He was next. The Helicopter hurried to  greater heights and the father held on to the ladder. The monster however was quick and ripped the Father's legs off, the soldiers lifted the dying man up and sped towards the mainland to safety.

On an UN base away deep in land the father lay dying, he called his son [un-named] and said to him that he should pay attention to all the data he has worked on to benefit humanity and take care of his little sister. He then passed. After a funeral of all salvaged bodies and a mourning the children where adopted by a young female southern sergeant who married a Chinese-American F.B.I agent and they moved to a base near New York.There the kids the where taught to think for themselves and they studied  and they still had to study most of the time. 18 Years passed and the boy now a young man left his now engaged sister and the states to work as an Aero-engineer with the Korea Aerospace Industries. He was granted full pass under the guise as an Chinese man by the South Korean government under agreement that he works on his father's work on the side.

He however has other plans, He was worked out a way to make a suit that he can use to find and kill the monster that killed his parents and friends. He combined his tech with his fathers nano-tech and magnetic tech. The suit is he made can be stored in a watch using nano-tech particles. The much more advanced magnetic devices cover his suit and belt in several places.

The magnetic devices can float and fly controlled by the online computer in his watch. The shields produced by the magnets can make either shields like webbing or strings of energy web that can be used to web-sling and grapple villains and even items that can weigh tons. They can even be used to fly, but its slow.

The suit itself can carry up to 20 tons, it increases agility and stamina. Can stop most small calibur bullets and has build-in life-support systems for underwater and low-oxygen conditions. Due to its Nano-tech nature it can be change to suit the needs of the wearer much like a symbiote, It can temporarily become invisible and disappear suiting where the user wants without fully de-activating the suit (like when the wearer needs to eat, drink or have fresh air). The look is based on South Korea's colours Red, Blue, white and black. Its streamlined with an exposed belt, braces and shoulder armour parts that can hold up to 80 magnetic devices in total. The gloves can stick to walls and hold poison to paralize an enemy.

After the U.N found out about his existence and feats they gave him a choice. Fully work for them or be imprisoned or worse. So he now works as a sidekick of an Korean government funded female Super-soldier named Taegeuk. They do not often get along but they have to.

He mostly goes after small fry but he occasionally comes by northerners. Including his Father's old rival who specializes in bio-mechanical engineering and created many super-soldier freaks who often go rogue.

Again this came in about 5 minutes and isn't really fleshed out that way.