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Pokémon Rancher Kelleth

Originally Posted on 4-4-2010
Rancher Kelleth 
He was born at the Good Life Ranch a ranch which is close to Olivine City. At a young age he had taken a liking to farm work. He would feed the Miltank and shaved the Mareep till night falls. And this took its toll on his homework which he even mailed through Pidgey-mail to his school when he got to caught up on work.

For some time now he has been taking care of a Mareep that kept being teased by the other Mareep in its herd because it has a pink coat rather then a yellow coat and this created a good friendship between the two. In the several years that passed Kelleth got better at school and the ranch flourished with its even larger assertion of by-products. That it became impossible for the family to keep the farm up on their own. Rather then emptying the inventory and keeping the farm small Kelleth's family decided to hire more people outside of the family to keep the farm in business. This however was much to Kel's dislike since instead of now having to much to do he now has to little to do. The only thing he's allowed to do now is gathering Sweet Honey that the share with the Combee hive in the area. Though disappointed about the lack of work he liked this job somewhat because the long hike to the hive kept him busy through the day.

Another year later he got bored because there wasn't much to do on the farm because of all the people working there. Now he mostly shows the kids of Olivia City around
the Ranch giving instructions about how to raise Pokemon and how the ranch works but this doesn't interest him a bit. He now dreams of traveling around with his own set of Pokemon and challenging the Pokemon Gym's. And especially Whitney a gym leader who he idolizes. So after weeks of whining to his parents, his father finally allowed him to choose a set of Pokemon to aid him on his travels. The pink Mareep naturally was the first pokemon he choose, Next he choose the Pidgey he knew for years who now has evolved into a big Pidgeot, quickly followed by a Spoink who he used to bring to the nearby area in search for rare mushrooms, and a black-flamed Rapidash that only seemed to like Kelleth so it was better off going with him rather then going wild and burning the staff members. Having mustered up enough Pokemon to defend himself he set off to the nearby forest to travel once more to the Combee Hive in order to catch a special Combee that he saw flying in circles for weeks. He reached the Hive where close by a river of honey he saw the weird red Combee flying in circles. 

He sends out Mareep and orders him to do a Thundershock, but before it hits the other Combee around the Red one combine into a wall and Deflect the Thundershock. Not giving up he orders Mareep to do a Quick attack followed by a Iron Tail, This time it was a direct hit and the Red Combee falls to the ground only to pick itself up and attacks with a Bug Bite, Mareep reacts by jumping up and doing a Iron Tail again. This time the Combee wins the first strike and Mareep falls unconscious to the ground. Kelleth calls Mareep back to his Luxury Ball and now summons Pidgeot out who finishes the battle quickly by doing a Wing Attack, the Combee falls to the ground and Kelleth gets a Net Ball out of his Pocket and throws it at the Red Combee who gets locked and caught. He picks up the Pokeball which is still shaking even though the Pokemon is caught. After the shaking stopped he turned his attention to the swirl of Combee that keep a watchful eye on Kelleth for some reason. And in the middle of the Combee`s he sees a Combee who seems to be glowing, this combee evolves in to a Vespiqueen and the other Combee disperse and fly off to work on the hive. Having seen this wondrous event Kelleth then returns to his home to restore his Mareep back to health.

While his Mareep heals, Kelleth decides to catch one of the many Miltank's who inhabit the Good Life Ranch, When he finally corners the Miltank he wants and begins to battle it by calling out his new Combee, but the Combee wasn't quite ready yet since he was still tired from the previous battle and it only took one Rollout to faint it. He then called out his Spoink who easily avoided  the Rollout by doing Bounce over and over. Spoink finally finishes the battle by doing a Psychic Attack to stop the Miltank and attacking it with a Grass Knot. Kelleth throws a Premier Ball at the Miltank who gets caught. Kelleth is now happy that he has six Pokemon and now he can leave as soon they are healed. End Part one

*Yawn* That took long to write and now that I look back it seems a bit boring.  Sooo everybody clear on the subject? Good! One more thing tough I put this in the Pokemon Forums because it isn't really an RPG its isn't interactive enough so its a fan-fic thread XD But it is about Pokemon though and you can you these for RPG`s later on :)
Editor's Note: Man this blog had lots of typo's and the story itself was choppy. But to be fair it was just a try-out example for a Fan-Fic thread. I fixed most of the typo's but that doesn't ensure me that there probablye still is some typo in there that I overlooked.

NSFW PG-13 picture compilation blog (SLOW LOAD)

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So I finally took the effort to delete like 23 full pages of images that I didn't need and that I hope stay away FOREVER. But now I realized something like 21 of 43 pages in my gallery are dedicated to the now locked Hot Asian Chick thread and the Plain Hot thread!! I mean DAMN I didn't even know that was going on!! About half of my gallery is a testament to my love for the ladies 0_o So yeah I'm a perv even worse, IMO its blog worthy. So I made sure that most of my pictures are in the gallery. And I deleted all of the nude pictures that I accidentally uploaded to the site but removed from my post because it wasn't allowed on the site and there are the occasional doubles and anime character pictures because I was to lazy to take care of those, But that doesn't change the fact that its still a NSFW blog.... so without a further due my gallery...


And lets not forget that I deleted quite a few since there where wiki pages to dump them in so I`ll add those too just to be sure :) 


Miki Hara
Yep that's about covers things up nicely I added  the gallery's of my other accounts to finish things for good. So what I've learned from this blog is to post less in the hot threads aaaaand to stop posting so much Asian idols. Really I should try to post more ladies from other parts of the world. :s

One more for to go enjoy :D
Editor's Note: So assuming your head hasn't overheated by the hotness and the amount of pictures or more likely feminist anger. I'd like to point out that I tried to add spoiler tags to the pictures of this blog that might have made it easier to load but that code doesn't really work when copied from Animevice. My apologies for that and to the feminists of course :P