zondag 22 januari 2012

The Peacefull Dream

Today I dreamed the nicest dream in ages. Of course its in a totally different world again. Because this universe can't have nice things! Nope!

It starts out in a large city with building much like The Hague or London. I was walking towards on of these expensive early 20th century buildings and saw a tiny hole in the side of the building with a door in closing it. Everybody ignored it. in fact everybody ignored me when I walked up to it. I opened it and it was not locked. I found myself in a tiny doorway which grew in size as I walked deeper inside.

Suddenly I found myself in from of a black gate that looked like it was welded in the 1700's. I open it and walk through it and found myself on a dike. And I walked beside it for a while till I came across a pathway down much like we have on the dike of my grandparents place. As I passed it I saw many little patched of land with farmers working on their usual chores. First I saw a place where I thought I could hope over onto one of those patched of land but I did not go through with it since I noticed there was what seemed to be a Dutch Belted cow (it did not look quite what I thought it was) with no less then 4 calves who seemed to have been born the day before. So instead I walked down the path till I found a black wooden gate that closed off another patch of land and a path leading through to what seemed to be an rural intersection. And as soon as I tried to walk on that path a lady called to me.

She was a farmer on the opposite side of (or rather left too ) the patch of land with black door. She wondered if I was new around here, (and now I remember that I didn't know what language we where talking just that I understood what she said and could reply to her) We talked for a bit and she asked me inside for some tea. I noticed she had silver/white hair and purple eyes (not Moka lol) and that she was about my age and lived alone. The strange thing I noticed was that I could not identify if her home had any particular item that could tell me what age this might have been. She told me how fun it was to live here because its so quite. And I asked her if she knew what was on that dike. She told me that on the dike there a bicycle road that runs for kilometres and on the other side of the dike is allot more countryside and a tiny village. She asked me what I wanted to do next and I told her that I just got here and that I would love to explore the place some more. She told me with a smile that if it got late that I could sleep in one of her guest rooms. And I thanked her for that. I then took to the road again (and please note that during this whole dream I never mention the gate to anyone or even try to wonder how an whole world is under a building. Nor did I ever get any names of places or anything. It was like I was stoned or something).

Till I came to the intersection I mentioned before. On the side intersection there was this gypsy family temporally parked. I asked them where these two sides lead to. He told me that behind him there was an long river. (I saw it, was wider then the Rijn) the left road lead to the patch of land of the richest farmer of the area who is essentially the mayor or something in that line. And the road to the right essentially lead to something like an garage or garage and a town bigger then the one previously mentioned. Which is situated on the banks of the river. I told him thanks and went to the rich man's house. Which oddly enough looked allot like a Dutch house in which the better off people live. The man greeted me and told me the lady from before told him about me. He said that if I wanted to do something interesting I could go to the old garage/warehouse and get some stuff for him in exchange for a map and something to eat for the road. I agreed because heck I acted like a stoned dude any way. So I headed off to the old warehouse and when I got there I noticed it looked quite modern. With metal slide doors and all. When I came in it looked more Victorian then new. What I needed to get is some old magazines he has stashed there because everybody in the area essentially uses it as a shack to dump their stuff at.

When I searched for the magazines I noticed familiar stuff. Donald Ducks, A magazine which I followed till I was 15. I knew which date was on there Oct, 1998. So that's a date I knew but the cover was weirdly not the one I remember. So yeah that happened... I also saw some Dan Dare books, pulps and... Hentai... yes weird I know... But any way this same shack also had what I though was a basement but turned out to be an hallway kitchen and a door to another patch of land. It was the patch of land with the black door. I looked up the dike and could not for the live of me find the gate. But I quickly ignored that and brought back the magazines.

After I came back the same lady who had me in for tea before was at the rich man's home, I finally noticed this guy had an wide-screen plasma tv. Even though I don't exactly know the brand. Seemed Chinese. He never turned it on though. So I ate something and we talked some more. He gave me a map and the lady reminded me that I could stay at her place if it gets dark. I said okay and without even reading the map (which now that I think of it might as well have been blank) I took off to the river-side town past the gypsy and the barn. It felt like an good hour of walking but when I got there my mouth gaped open like common internet screamer. Because what lay before me reminded me was a round walled of town and inside where the small 16th century houses that I always see at Kasteel Loevenstein (the wasps there... wasps my god) but they lie in a circular pattern. The street tiles reminded me of the cobble stones Leiden still has at it central square. Speaking of a square another weird thing. NO CHURCH! yes for villages here in Holland its very weird not to have churches in the middle of the town. Because more times the churches are build first and the houses around them.

Any way no church any where! Just a harbour! Also no traffic! Pretty much no one on the streets except for some shopping people I met whilst walking around. (the shops btw looked positively Victorian) and another thing that reminded me that it isn't some other century that I walked in to. A Rastafari dude (He had the dreads, red/gold/green wrist bands on each arm, Lion necklace, and a rastacap) who like most people I know from Holland refused to put on a head set and instead put on a jukebox. I could hear his music which is one of the things I am absolutely positive about identifying. It was One Love by Bob Marley no mistake about it. (love that song). So that proved to me that I haven't moved back in time. (in the dream not after I woke up) I walked around some more till I came by the harbour of the town. I noticed a building which I still say is an old warehouse much like we have in the old harbour of Dordrecht. And I tried to find there was a shield of the town or at least a name.

But I had no such luck. Instead I found another small door! Did I went in like a dumb little Alice? Of course I did! But when entering I found myself at another gate and choose to go back and stay another few days. I stayed at the lady's house for a night We had breakfast she wished me a good day (btw now I notice she ''liked'' liked me lol) and told me to be back soon. As I walk over the dike to go the tow on the other side. I saw it. It looked old and it did not have a church either. There was a forest there too and also a field of sunflowers. But further from that its just lots of patches of land and small farm houses as far as the eye can see. The sky was this wonderful blue with cute sheep clouds like it was pollution free. I also saw an car, It was grey and small. It looked like something from the 50's and as far as I could see the only car in the whole wide area. So I traced my steps back to the left of the dike to try to find another way down when suddenly I found this same damn gate again. Something compelled me to go back. Even though I felt that the world I was in now was more fun then the world back on the other side. I walked through the gate back to the door and up the street. Everybody still ignored me till I was like on the other side of the city. Then a couple of kids who dressed up like they where going to hold an Oliver Twist play stole my wallet along with the map and ran off. I noticed lots of stuff in this city doesn't really add up on the stuff I see here too. It doesn't exactly feel like the world I am in now. The cars where different, the building where different, even the damn sky was different! Any way this was the point I woke up on.

Soooo Yeah                                                          
Right now I feel like Jack O'Neill after he was plugged in to one of those library machines the Ancients used. So instead of getting out of bed I instead choose to listen to music till my MP3's batteries where depleted lol As far as I can say the first world felt different yet familiar but not a place I'd like to hang out at. And the world I ended up in felt unfamiliar yet more pleasant, Peaceful even. I still have this feeling right now. I used it to memorize all this storyline lol. But this dream actually supports my theory that sometimes while we dream we end up visiting other worlds or something around that line. I would certainly would love to go back to that second world lol.

Any way. Think I  can make some sketches later but right now I have an stream to go to. Bye! :D

donderdag 19 januari 2012

Fansub Groups List

As a Toku nut I have a long list of Fansub groups that I got to in order to get my Toku stuff. Of course its going to be a long list which has little to offer just like an older blog of mine. And it will not have all those Anime fansubs that I know like the back of my head. I'll keep those for myself lol :) Though first off:

TokuRawRevolutions: This is a forum where you get your Raw stuff, it was set up by Momotaros but he gave up and now @Gustavaum runs the place. enjoy your HQ encodes and NEVER forget to thank for the uploaded episodes!

So First Off The Golden Oldies:
TV-Nihon: These guys are one of the oldest groups around. They have a steady release frequency for every newly aired episode of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. But they are a bit slow on their side projects. Then again as we'll see next its not an uncommon thing. Also I need to note: Their forums SUUUUCKS!!. Its not like you need to be there, but if you do be a wall flower! Because the mods are always itching to drop the banhammer on any poor sob who says the wrong thing without knowing it. Heck I only posted there like 30 times and I am already on strike 3! Still as much as I dislike that policy. They are always the window for new Toku fans.
Grown ups in Spandex: All hail these people! They finished Liveman one of the best Sentai ever!. Sadly they are one of those slow groups because personal lives and all. So they had barely time for the side projects they intended to do from its predecessor Elite Justice. And to kick them in the nuts a douche had hacked their site and crashed it. Luckily everything seems on track now. And I hope they start releasing Zyuranger and Jetman episodes soon.
 Order Of Zeronos: OF COURSE THEY ARE STILL AROUND! Wait you don't know who they are? This was a group that was founded during the run of Den-O. Hence Zeronos after the secondary Rider of the show. They where first to show that releasing an episode once at the end of the week was a bit slow. Being faster then TVN and all that. I actually came allot there during Kiva's run, but haven't recently. Still love the place though.
Hi No Tori: It might be another slow fansub group, But I still love them for finishing what is now my favourite Showa Rider show Kamen Rider Amazon! Aside from that they have all these good titles such as Gingaman, Kamen Rider X, Zubat, Shaider and B-Fighter!
Supor Nova Fansubs: AAAAAH! ZOMBIE!! Seriously this group has come back from the dead so many times that I lost count lol! Optimus hasn't even gotten close to that track record! Still this group keeps coming back which is why I add them just for the heck of it. Does Dairanger and Flashman.

Then the Loners:
 Century Kings: Talk about dedicated to Black! lol Pal has been working on this show for a long, long, long, looooooooooooong time now and has yet to finish the last 3 episodes. This is due to several personal things. But still he hanged in there and is finally about the break through the final few episodes. This guy deserves all the praise and respect that still need to come his way!
Dead Fish Fansubs: Aw man... Where do I start? Okay, This webpage was first started by Booji. Booji liked to insert random episodes to his release list instead of sticking to 1 series at a time. This is how most of us got to see many toku episodes other groups just ignore. His dream was to sub every first episode of Super Sentai. Sadly he changed this to releasing just a few random episodes of 4 series at a time. Changeman, Goranger, Robot Detective (now worked on by Hi No Tori) and Zubat. I dunno maybe this bored him but he quit after his 200th release. And now his download section is dead. RIP and respect :(
National Kid: Damn this is awesome guy subbed episodes from the 3rd Toei Hero for us! And he promised to look in to Moonlight Mask! I still can't recommend this enough! Thanks dude!

Now Other big groups:
Over-time!: This is one of the most epic groups around today. They only do the newest series of said year. And they do this REALLY fast. Always 1-3 after release. And 1-2 weeks for a movie. However this puts them at odds with TV-Nihon and their elitist *cough*sad *cough* snobs*cough* followers since they are a good alternative to the group. This is sad because its a good group that works hard.
 Kit Subs: This group is epic because instead of focusing on a Sentai series like say Dairanger or Ohranger, They focus on Showa Rider series. Mainly the first Kamen Rider series and New Kamen (Sky) Rider and Kamen Rider Super-1. This group has a steady release schedule and even shows how far along they are on the right of their blog. Many thanks to this group for the awesome releases so far and good luck with the massive task ahead of you!
Mid-Night Crew Subs: This is a good fansub group, though a bit hectic in the manner of Dead Fish Fansubs. First they'll focus on a few episodes of lets say Kamen Rider Stronger for a long time. But then they'll go work on scrubbing TV-Nihon's crappy older releases or Ultraman (which has an official release which is right next to me) or whatever. This is okay but this just means more waiting. Even with the steady release schedule much like Kit Subs. Any way you see it I am just nitpicking lol. This group was founded when yet another group fell to the curse of Kuuga having stopped on episode 12. Luckily they made quick work of it and are now release v2's.
Gao Soul Forever: This group works with green fingers! With that I mean they focus on the Tokusatsu with nature themes. Aside from VS Theatre they worked on Gaoranger, Ecogainder, and Sun Vulcan! The latter of which they are almost finished with. After this they'll hopefully focus on the new instalment Ecogainder 0X and we'll see from then. Awesome group!

Subbers of Foreign Toku And More:
Doremii Fansubs: This group works mostly on drama's from Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. They have a long and good track record on that. But the reason why they are on this list is because they subbed the whole of Armor Hero! The Chinese Tokusatsu. And I liked it. They have frequent releases of 4 episodes at a time. They plan to eventually work on the sequel called Armor Hero XT which promises to be a superior series to its predecessor. Aside from that I say check out their fansubbed drama's! Especially Gurren Onna! (even though its STILL on hold)
Hero Subs: This groups subs Armor Hero XT. But right now they have crappy encodes and are trying to get DVD for better encodes (got my dvd set for 1.30 lol) So if your so impatient I hope you like bad CCTV rips and info bars.
Hikari Senshi Fansubs: This group is the group who fansubs the French parody and homage to Sentai called Jushi Sentai France Five. I met SGT Kira the founder of the group whilst watching France Five videos on Youtube. Since then I followed his progress on his project and even though he had issues with getting staff members to work on his encodes he now has a pretty good group and has released many Japanese toku aside from France Five. This is definitely a group to follow. Zubat, GoGoV, Kakuranger, and are working on joint project with Midnight Crew Subs the anime Dan-Garn!

More Groups:
The Skaro Hunting Society: They sub Doctor Who! No, just joking of course. They mainly focus on REALLY old anime like Cyborg 009, Casshern and GeGeGe No Kitaro. But for Reviewertopians this is an interesting fansub group because they sub Go Nagai's two toku shows Azteckaiser and Battle Hawk! Both of which as you should know also have anime adaptations. But more importantly mix Wrestling with Toku! lol
Super Hero Time: When I was sad that the Spandex team gave up on subbing JAKQ and Battle Fever J, I was happy to hear this group was going to release episodes! And not only that but they also release Timeranger! .... Then it turned out the founder was almost never around and Timeranger was the main focus whilst Battle Fever took on dust... Meowth has the perfect example...
Bunny Hat Fansubs: This is a group that subs the Metal Hero Gavan! Great work even though they are slow releasers for my taste. If your pissed because you where ripped off by HK subs this is the place to go to!
Go-Anonger: An alternate group that subs Go-onger.  They have subs. Though they haven't released anything new since I last checked in December.
MissDream: Fansubs Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I have yet to watch these but I from what I heard they are pretty good. With superior encodes compared to TV-Nihon and normal type-settings
O My Fansubs!: This group only focuses on Ohranger, I don't really like Ohranger but since allot of other people do I point them to this place. Even though they have a slow release rate they are good.
Harorangers: Focuses mostly on drama's but they do work on Carranger and have recently started on Hurricaneger. Since I like Carranger and Hurricaneger I support them :)
Evolution!: I, originally like many others thought this new group was the same as the ones who subbed the Korean toku SFX EreXion but sadly this is not the case. Though what does make me happy is that this group works with Hikari Senshi to sub Turboranger!!! My birth year Sentai :D
Skewed Studios Fansubs and Scanlations: This group subbed Gaoranger, Hurricaneger, and Abaranger but also does allot more on drama's. I don't follow them much any more since they last released and Abaranger episode in 2010. But they do still seem to have other interesting things going for them.
SCS-Works: This group was founded to break the Kuuga curse. They started out with a steady release schedule but sadly this group came across personal problems and had probably given up seeing from their newest up-date still being the same after so long.
Elite Justice: I know I said its dead but then again their Veoh page is still up. Check out what this old sub group HAD to offer :)
H.O.N - Henshin Organization: A group started up to release Dairanger episodes but sadly they did not came that far. The founder is still at Grown Up In Spandex though.
Fushigi Chan Fansubs: Another dead fansub group. Its not bad this time because they finished what they set out to do. Subbing Ultraman Mebius... Or according to them Moebius... RIP and thanks! The page is gone but there are many torrents up :)

There where allot more but all the links where on my old laptop and this is all I can remember. Still if you follow the links you'll be able to learn allot about Tokusatsu. I do find this a bit messy but I tried. There are many epic series being subbed and it be a shame to miss out just because you think you should stick 1 fansub group.  Any way signing out :D

donderdag 12 januari 2012

Karas DVD Set Rant

Yes, Yes... I bought the dvd set after watching the 6 episode series on youtube, And didn't watch the dvd's till I felt like it... Which is now... years later... But any way I watched the set today even though I wanted to watch it when I was in Dordrecht (the dvd player was broke) And the first disc was al right, with Dutch and French Sub titles... But then I watched Disc two and found this:
Disc two does not have any Dutch subs!! WTF Tatsunoko!?! Why would you let Dybex do this half-assed? Dybex WTH are my subs!?! Even worse the audio on Disc 2 is stuck on commentary! So even if I wanted to watch it raw I can't enjoy it, because of the voice actors who are talking through all 3 episodes! I only support torrents if you 1: can't get the material on dvd or any other sort of other material in your language. Or 2:  Having only 1 half of the dvd set be of use to me (my french sucks) seems a justified reason for me to burn a disc. And I will! I bought this dvd set so I paid for the subs... Off to the torrents!

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

T.e.a.b On Marktplaats A Rant.

I recently made an offer on an Carrier Zord that was very close to me in Holland. This first offer was ignored on this T.e.a.b. Item from MarktPlaats. I thought I'd raise the price and made it a little higher and explain why I'd give this cheap price. But I accidentally pressed delete and all my offers where gone. So I placed another. My mom wanted me to have the Megazord too but in the end I decided to call it off because the seller has gone a full week without even 1 comment on my offer. Aaaand on the moment I decided to delete it he finally came by to ask me to stop deleting and making offers even though I only made 1 mistake. Then it hit me. This is another one of those people who think T.e.a.b. is something its not. Hence my rant begins!

Last time I checked T.e.a.b. means (Tegen Elk Aanvaardbaar Bod - For Any Acceptable Offer) Which means that the seller is willing to take any offer because he/she wants to get rid of said item in a hurry. So I do hate it when I make an offer and the person doesn't dismiss my offer via a pm but ignores it totally. Since Marktplaats is a site that does not have ANY clear indicator of time to let the one who offered win. So if a seller ignores the offer for a long time, he/she could pop-up at any time and agree to it. Even if its not the right time any more and your broke at the moment. This annoys me because its not an auction. Marktplaats has an Auction function separate from T.e.a.b.. The reason for this is the simple Actions auction for people who want more money from people who keep bidding. And I already explained T.e.a.b. So yeah I had some run-ins with jerks who act like they want to use the T.e.a.b. function but actually are Auctioneers. and those people are a-holes who use Marktplaats wrong. These ass dumps *cough* Carnivac *cough* should be banned from the site and shipped to Ebay since they actually give people empty hope of getting to buy something. because they don't know how to use the site.

T.e.a.b. = Garage/Yard sale - Actions = Actions. PLEASE GET THE POINT YOU A-HOLES!

There rant done lol Also I thought the seller was a user from Animevice and wanted to ban him. But the countryman from AV with a bit of the same name was already banned for uploading porn. The one time I want to abuse my mod powers xD