vrijdag 11 mei 2012

About That Box

When posting the Legend Mobirates + Ranger keys blog I forgot about the box I keep my Heisei Ranger Keys in lol
I found it by chance at an antique shop. It was just 5 euro's and it fits 28 keys in total. I even have space left for future Red Keys
I Could have used my old treasure chest with Gold, Silver and Copper. But To be fair. My dad bought it in Spain at a gift shop for like a few peseta. In fact that is what its holding! Leftover money that has no real purpose any more! Also Guldens. I Got like 35 Gulden left in there :3
But then again it is smaller and because my new one is flat I have a place to put my Bandpresto Shin Ichigo belt :D
Okay enough talking about the boxes. But not about the Ranger keys just yet. Since the final of France Five was close I decided to make a Red Fromage Key. Sadly It failed and I decided to make my Void key first. Luckily I got like 5 other Go Red Gashapon Keys coming in. I'll be posting my failures soon enough :)
Lastly in one of my old boxes I found my old goddess statues and promptly put them on display immediately. Athena is still the most beautiful :)

That's about it. Hope to start the other blog soon. I just need the item to make photo's off and I am finished.