vrijdag 6 januari 2012

T.e.a.b On Marktplaats A Rant.

I recently made an offer on an Carrier Zord that was very close to me in Holland. This first offer was ignored on this T.e.a.b. Item from MarktPlaats. I thought I'd raise the price and made it a little higher and explain why I'd give this cheap price. But I accidentally pressed delete and all my offers where gone. So I placed another. My mom wanted me to have the Megazord too but in the end I decided to call it off because the seller has gone a full week without even 1 comment on my offer. Aaaand on the moment I decided to delete it he finally came by to ask me to stop deleting and making offers even though I only made 1 mistake. Then it hit me. This is another one of those people who think T.e.a.b. is something its not. Hence my rant begins!

Last time I checked T.e.a.b. means (Tegen Elk Aanvaardbaar Bod - For Any Acceptable Offer) Which means that the seller is willing to take any offer because he/she wants to get rid of said item in a hurry. So I do hate it when I make an offer and the person doesn't dismiss my offer via a pm but ignores it totally. Since Marktplaats is a site that does not have ANY clear indicator of time to let the one who offered win. So if a seller ignores the offer for a long time, he/she could pop-up at any time and agree to it. Even if its not the right time any more and your broke at the moment. This annoys me because its not an auction. Marktplaats has an Auction function separate from T.e.a.b.. The reason for this is the simple Actions auction for people who want more money from people who keep bidding. And I already explained T.e.a.b. So yeah I had some run-ins with jerks who act like they want to use the T.e.a.b. function but actually are Auctioneers. and those people are a-holes who use Marktplaats wrong. These ass dumps *cough* Carnivac *cough* should be banned from the site and shipped to Ebay since they actually give people empty hope of getting to buy something. because they don't know how to use the site.

T.e.a.b. = Garage/Yard sale - Actions = Actions. PLEASE GET THE POINT YOU A-HOLES!

There rant done lol Also I thought the seller was a user from Animevice and wanted to ban him. But the countryman from AV with a bit of the same name was already banned for uploading porn. The one time I want to abuse my mod powers xD