maandag 8 augustus 2011

Picture Blog Post: Say Goodbye To My Old Room

Originally posted on 28-3-2010
I already made a blog about framing my cards for my old room but now I'm gonna make another blog that's basically going to be ''a before picture'' for my room

Right now I only have like 40% of all my stuff out in my room this is because I don't have the right closets to orderly show my stuff .
I mean I'm storing my some of my DVD's in a box for god sakes I'm hoping that I can buy a nice storage closet at Ikea.
My game consoles are as of now confined to a dusty drawer with just a little space to spare, I'm hoping to find a new space for this mess.
My regular space to put my figures I have so much stuff, but so little space to put everything this isn't even half of what I own. 
My figures are a bit dusty but I'm to lazy to clean them 24/7 :P My proudest possession is that Megazord figure on the right it isn't a Megazord its Daizyujin since the Copyright starts at 1991 instead of the regular 1992 PR Toys
I hope that when i got a new closet I can put some more on the top shelf especially the rest of my 90's toys
I keep my trade paperbacks and special collections on my laundry basket XD
I stash my aftershave and deodorant on top of my manga and TGC packs, this is handy because I always oversleep.
Really I need more space for my manga these are just the ones I tend to read regularly and the ones I just dump over there when i first bought them. The rest is in my main closet which is blocked a ladder followed by this one, xP and that ain`t a He-man toy its a Transformer Pretender by the name of Cattila.
These are my DVD+R folders they are starting to fill up so much that they tend to fall out of the shelf regularly. And yes that Gundam figure is not a regular Bandai figure but a bootleg, I got it for cheap though just 10,-.
First off yes my fossil/gem collection is a royal mess and dusty but it works. After the wall over there gets another layer of paint I will hang my framed pokemon cards on that small streak of wall, I have lots of those corner spaces, so I have many spaces to hang my cards without it looking crowded. The table is gonna go and the dvd's stored in the new closet, and the big white wall gets to have one or two awesome Anime/Toku poster(s) in black frame ^_^

I'm not gonna show my window because its gonna stay the sane so no reason to post it. + its dirty, I need to wash it XD  That's it for the small tour of my room now I'm gonna think up what I'm gonna blog about next :)
Editor's Note: I have my cabinets now. And my semi-precious stone collection is now boxed up. I plan on getting another cabinet.

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