zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

DX Gasshinjo Daisazer Chinese ver.

Out off all the Toku boxes that I got out of China this thing was the most well preserved. It was neatly packed in bubble wrap and set to the side where the box go the least damage
 So this thing look great!! I am so happy this got through okay. The individual ChouSeiShin are mostly bricks but they look good enough
Dolcruz is the most bricky off all. 4 by 2 with nothing to move but its cannon arms and bug legs
Garuda however got its wing which can fold in and out and its two feet to give it an impression of lift-off.
But the best is probably Gunceasar. Which can move its four paws, 2 cannons, tail and jaws. Sadly due to most of his weight being in the back it constantly tips over, if the front legs aren't place right.
My favourite is still Leviathan, Its simply the only one that looked okay to me. Even though its main function is to change in to the right arm and tail. It got lots of options here. given a Tamashii stand its tail has 2 joints to move up an down. And you can even extent the tail for more motion. love this thing.
And here's the main attraction.
This Guntras is allot smaller then the Japanese DX version. But it does share every bit of pose-ability of that versions. Sadly these are mostly inhibited by joints that are either being hella tight or paint around the joints being to thick. nonetheless its still a pretty good version of this ChouSeiShin.
The 5 Star Gods transform in to the awesome Daisazer!
Man this thing has lots of issues. Starting at the feet was the annoying feet of Gunthras which needed to be put down to create the feet of Daisazer. It was like they where welded in place. Then up to the Dolcruz parts. The cannons kept falling off. I had to steal some nail polish to keep them in place. The Leviathan parts where fine. But Gunceasar's arm formation kept falling out of its place. I had to fix some screws even so crappy. At the rest are fine till we get to the head. First of you'll need to out the neck of Daisazer, But good luck with that. At first it was stuck, then it kept falling back in to its head position. When I opened it up it was revealed that nothing is actually keeping it up. Only luck and friction. Speaking of friction. The membrane that is formed from Garuda's front part is also kept with friction. Good luck with keeping it in place... When I finally finished this transformation, I was so happy to complete it and the result was worth the trouble
Because despite being a bootleg this Daisazer is pretty true to the original DX version. It got a good balance to it, I never felt like it was going to tip over or just fall apart (aside from Gunceaser) If there on more problem I have to mention aside from its poses being hindered is the cannons. Frankly they are to short and don't bent to the front that well. you barely notice them from the front.
Regardless of all these faults I am happy that I bought this thing. And it only being €25 shipped didn't hurt either :D
I got so much to choose from now that I got all my Chinese stuff and my Japanese stuff is underway. I really don't know where to start xD