dinsdag 3 juli 2012

My Bdaman

A long time ago I got Rekuso and Bakuso for free. But they where incomplete. Thankfully I found another Rekuso this year. And I decided to combine the three.
I tried to make a Bakurekuso. But differently. because was missing the actual parts needed for that from
Its also missing the parts missing in the back to keep it stable. But seeing as how its just a display piece I don't really mind it THAT much lol
Its also missing the arm gaurds. Which would have made it look awesome.

And as I said the tunnel is missing, But I did use the spring parts from Rekuso to make it stand out more.
 This is Bakurekuso.
 And hanging out with my other figures

That's about it. I do hope to buy a complete one someday. Maybe from the newer shows. Those look awesome :)