maandag 29 april 2013

Dreamblog: Floods and Monsters

I had two dreams today. One was weird as in I don't know what? and the other was just WHY!?!

The Flood:
Okay so I am at my grandparent's place. Its a nice sunny day over there and its not to hot. My family is in the garden drinking tea. I head upstairs with my camera make a photo of stuff. like I usually do when I get bored. We brought my cat Mitzy with us for some reason. and I pet her as I walk up to the window to make photo's, I open the window and try to find something interesting. First I see another cat who's just as fat as Mitzy just with another coat pattern. Its on the roof and hisses and me. This is normal. Cats run on our roofs all the time and they are territorial. Then I see seagulls. A whole lot of them. They seems to be flying in a coordinated in a swarm like they are being hunted. They made a lot of racked and almost made me think that we're at Scheveningen. Then I look down and the street and up and until the parking spot of the neighbours house till even behind the dyke there was this very low motionless layer of water that was so clear one could see the details of the normal ground underneath. Think the tram scene from Spirited Away. And it seemed to slowly rise till it stopped at two feet. No one took notice to this however. It was like it wasn't even there for them. I even saw some fish swimming trough the bushes. It was quite surreal. Then the seagulls fly way close to my window, and I see a special one. It did look like a seagull but it was more like an albatross in both size and beak. It seemed like it was leading the flock. It flew so close that I could see it was all red and had teeth in its beak. I tried to make a few shots but then I woke up.

It was 6ish and after deciding if I wanted to get up and start the day I decided to set the alarm and do it later. I quickly fell asleep and of course slept through my alarm waking up at 1:40 PM  =P

The Idiots and the Egg Monster:
My next dream seemed to be taking place underground. It seemed to be riddled with human items and architecture. And there was a small group of people armed with weapons running around. Suddenly there where these gruesome monsters trying to attack them. They looked to be made from different animals but all had human skin. The humans fight them off and eventually run away to another tunnel. There they find this weird egg-like monster with only legs and feet. Its real small and seemed harmless, But then it backed up, what seemed to the top of its head opened up like the crest of a Togepi revealing it was pretty much all mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and 6 graboid-like tentacles which also had allot of teeth and seemed to excrete stomach-acid, Like those where its stomach or something. Aside from that again from the outside it seemed to have human skin and from the outside its gum-skin seemed to be so red that it might as well be an infection. It hissed at them and spits some acid as them clearly signalling that its either scared of them calling its mommy or ready to launch at their heads to eat their brains. What do they do? They bring it to their hide-out and keep it as their pet!! The person I seemed to either be or look through his eyes is baffled by this stupidity, Its obviously hostile and might possibly be young enough to lure its humongous mom to it. Of course the idiots try to point out how cute it looks even though its an eyeless egg monster from hell. And the person who I shall call Pete to keep it easy tell them that the creature seemed to have calmed down and seemed to be just standing there like its observing them. He says that he'll sleep over it and tells them to call it a night. grabbing a bunch of weapons just in case. Of course they don't have a cage to keep it at bay, because that would be the smart thing to do. Nope they leave it in the same room they introduced it in. And as soon as the lights turn of its like a ninja running around with tentacles all over the place. Leaving clear marks of acid on the ground. One of the idiots wakes up, and of course checks it out without calling for back-up, doesn't even get a weapon. So he comes in a room and looks around. He doesn't wear boots in bed so he immediately burns his feet on the acid, and then he looks up and the egg monster is on the ceiling.  He screams like a bitch as the monster strangles him with its tentacles and lets himself drop teeth first on the man's head. This only seems to wake up Pete who comes in to see the monster spit out the guy's head and placing its tentacles in the guy's gory body to eat it inside out. Of course Pete shoots the thing till its nothing but a red/pink smear on the wall. And the others finally fucking wake up to see the death of this abomination. To which Pete replies that they need to clean-out before more things find their hide-out.

So yeah two dreams. Guess the second one was punishment for laziness lol. I don't think I'll not sleep extra when I get the chance though. Also tomorrow is the last true Koninginnedag here in Holland. We get a new king! YAY!! I am getting up early for that! The rest of the day will be spend in Delft on the Free-market. My main target will be Toku-stuff and Gameboy games. Also I'll need to clean my room before I can start doing photo shoots again... That's about all I got. BYE!

donderdag 4 april 2013

S.H.Figuarts Akiba Red

Sorry for being absent so long, I was sick and frankly there was no day when the lighting didn't suck. Any way back to blogging, Lets do Nobuo first!. Because everyone else already did! But then again we're close to a second season so lets ignore the add-on that I personally find to look fugly
I love this box design, its got this old-school vibe that I can't help but love. I might even get Blue and Yellow later this year as they go for decent prices on Mandarake. Lets just hope the V2.0 versions don't pop-up I don't like the hair-style of those to much.
He's a bit low on the bulk I liked from the show but he makes up for it by how good the suit-design works for the S.H.Figuarts line. The soft plastic on the shoulders feel really good when posing and the translucent part that makes up the chest piece makes it more interesting to look at it up-close. I also love how they designed the arm joints to look like its still a continuation of the suit unlike some other S.H.Figuarts I know...
And here you'll see that I suck at posing figures. But when doing so it again comes to my attention that his knees are thin as heck. Tamashii Nations didn't think this though to well, And worse is that they didn't fix it in the updated version... WHY NOT!?!
Non the less Nobuo comes with a lot of posing hands. 2 scarves for either windy situations or non windy situations and a Moe Moe Z-Cune, Which is sadly only in its gun mode. They fixed this with the updated figure. But IMO it should have been in this set...
I do still suck at posing but I can at least do a good gun pose, Okay a decent one. Point is I do love the poses it can pull of. And he holds the MMZ pretty well.
One of the reasons I bought Nobuo aside from the suit being awesome is that I can team him up with the other Super-duper-Sentai Otaku Ikari Gai.
I was actually hoping that Gai would show up for Season 2. These 2 rivals just NEED to meet for real.
Sadly we'll get Dairangers instead of Gokaigers but then again we'll get a Kibaranger figure with that, So that's a plus. Guess I'll just keep the dreams up with my figures.
They just work so well together. And I got just about enough Sentai stuff for them to appreciate :)
Or just blatantly worship them... Kay...
Aside from the missing the doll mode for the Moe Moe Z-Cune, the weirdly thin knee thing and it being so damn skinny compared to the actual suit actor I do love this figure and I can't really think of much to complain about. So that's why I took so long to finish this damn thing. Well not counting the fact that I was really busy, then sick and then waiting for season two. But I digress:
This figure is the best thing to come along for some one who's a big fan of this show and also for the collector who just wants to show that she/he has a unique Red Ranger that Saban will never touch. The other two Akiba's are just as good and so are the 3 upcoming season 2 figures. Which has Blue and Yellow just having a few small changes to their helmets and stuff. And Akiba Red being all Hug Pillow up-grady. I am going to try and pick up the pace again. And I am so looking forward for for season 2! But I am still not getting the new versions xD Bye :)

maandag 28 januari 2013

My Shiny Pokémon

 I'd like to say that I get as much shiny pokémon as the rest of you ladies guys. Buuuuuut I'd be lying. I caught ALLOT these past 12 years. Let me count the ways


Everyone has the Gyarados. Its the one pokémon everybody has really... But I did have a partner to him. It was my first actual Shiny pokemon. I caught a Golbat at lv30, He was green. I called him Sparkle and I trained him till he was lv 100, by then he was a crobat. And now I look in the games and cannot seem to find him. Not in my team, not in any of the boxes, and it turned out I still have a Jynx at the daycare. RIP Sparkle :(
Later in gold I kept training in one spot this being the route to Kanto. There's allot of Raticate there. And because I kept being there for long amounts of time I managed to catch 2 Shiny Raticate one is female the other male. I tried to breed it but had no luck finding a shiny egg so I gave up

Yes, I do have 3 Separate shiny Ursaring!I spend lots of times on the route to mt Silver and I kept running in to these till I had 3!! DAMN I AM LUCKY!! I also found a Shiny Tangela but I didn't have any pokéballs with me, So I lucked out.

Lastly in MT.Silver I found a Ryhorn, He was brown, I knew he would be silver so I called him SILVOR!!. I was 11 give me a break lol

Yes I got a Gyarados in Sapphire too. Yes transferred it to Leaf Green and then to Pearl. The special thing about it was HOW I found him... I waaaas searching for a DAMN FEEBAS!!! How damn lucky does on have to be to get a shiny? No let me rephrase that... HOW UNLUCKY DOES ONE HAVE TO BE TO NOT GET A DAMN FEEBAS!! And btw, yep I used a master ball. I got 3 at the time. How I got them is coming up after this.
 Next up was a shiny Shuppet which I caught on my way to get one of those orbs. Love that place. But this thing was a bitch to train. I got 3 green Golbat's in Sapphire. 1 I traded with a friend for some mast balls. 1 I traded with another friend and school mate because she wanted a shiny. And this other is Sparkel II... At least I could find him :(

Leaf Green_________________________

Aside from my traded buddies I only got 1shiny pokémon on this game. And I found it on Sevii Islands when I tried to find and Unkown B. Nothing much to say though. I dumped him in the box and never looked back.

I got a shiny Mareep as a gift from an internet friend at the time. I saw it was AR'd so I won't be posting that.
So I only caught 1 shiny in the whole damn game. Take a guess.... FUCKING BIDOOF!! FUUUUUUUUUU! *migraine*

Lastly on white, I caught a shiny Vanilite while searching for one of them polar bear pokémon. I called him Braampje (blue berry) And made him the core of my team. Still needs training though
And lastly I got my newest pokémon caught just today when I went on a fishing frenzy. I didn't expect one to pop-up honestly. I am considering evolving it to a politoad. But I might go for the classic Poliwrath. We'll see.

Note that I did not count the event pokémon I got on Soul Silver and Heart Gold. Which happens to be the 3 legendary dogs. Also I still got a Shining Celebi on card and a shiny Relicanth on card too. That about covers it bye!

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Ultra-Poseable Spider-man

I wanted to make a decent blog of him. I still got a few photo's of him in semi-decent poses... But then Superior Spider-man happened. Now Parker is permanently stuck in:
So with that said I think its time for me to address that I'm quitting with Marvel & DC forever. Sure I can still watch the shows but the recent changes in both multiverses makes me cringe. Killing Fury and replacing him with an Afro-American child he'd just happen to have somewhere? So we now have two Furies? And now this shit with Spidey? Damn they screw around allot. And DC is no different, I hate the new 52, and they dumped all the non-Super Hero characters that I loved.. Think I'll go hop to IDW and Dynamite Entertainment instead. Turtles and pulp! I can dig it!
Just a Shadow away from trolling Batman lol!
Sorry for this boring first blog of the year. I am still figuring out what to do next. And the lighting leaves a bit to be desired lately. I'll update sooner or later. Bye!

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Bootleg Shinkenoh

Hello! Shinkenger might have ended in 2010, but Samurai only just ended. And to celebrate the end of this okay scene-by-scene adaptation I am going to end my year with my very own Shinkenoh! :D
First off, some sheer brilliance by the bootleggers here. This is not the Joint-Gattai Shinkenoh. Nope! As you can see from the size of the Ranger key down there. It is actually a HUGE copy of the box which they actually put effort in to to make it look different from the official Japanese packaging. And I love it! On the back you can see the Kabuto, Tora, Kajiki and Iga Origami's. They where available on Bhiner, and cheaply at 1.48pp. But sadly I couldn't add them to the collection. I might find them again, or just go for the DX ones because this is such a good knock-off it won't really matter.
The instructions is just a huge cardboard sheet you can find in the box. Its nice they put it in. and again its a 100% copy of the original. :D
Moving on the zords themselves and starting with the lion. Its an almost 100% match with the original DX version from Japan. The knobs on front and the middle of the fire kanji where unpainted, so I decided to do that myself. And it looks great. Also I had to fix some of the black paint next to the emblem and it looks for the better. The chrome is pretty good. at least when I first bought it. It kinda feels rough now. lol
The dragon had lots of problems. Straight out of the box I noticed they placed it on the wrong leg knob and it was stuck. So I had to take a screwdriver and take it apart before I could properly display him. When I did however it was just awesome. So glad I did not pay like 50 for the Samurai version lol. But that's just going to fast on my judgement. No, it had and still has paint problems. The water Kanji symbol has been tainted by some silver paint. and I have yet to find the correct paint to fix this problem. I did however by now fix the black parts up. Speaking of black I also had to paint all of the lower head black as they did not do so. And if I must say so myself I did a pretty decent job.
Now we're getting special in terms of comparison with the Japanese and Samurai versions! Because even though it does not look like it, this bear has diecast on each leg, not chrome but diecast! Non of the other five have that, Sure its missing the emblem on the front leg but its not that much of a problem IMO. And as you can see the legs on the right where unpainted. I had to do this myself. But sadly due to the type of paint and the plastic rubbing against each other its began to chip. I'll just leave it be. It doesn't need to be perfect. I should probably do something about that mouth though.
And then we get this...Chrome turtle! Silver Kami! This is so cool, I always found that the girls got the short end of the stick with the colors in both Shinkenger and PR: Samurai. So yeah improvement, If only they made the chrome a bit thicker. It could be just reflecting to much, but it seems that there's dark patches on some places. And that makes me doubt that its going to last long. But this is just nitpicking, I am still happy with this change :)
GOLD MONKEY!! Sure it got the boot with the Samurai release but apparently this bootleg company really liked the two female Shinkengers (like I still do) So I guess yellow was not good enough. Also its face is actually painted so it doesn't look dull! It still looks evil though lol!
And surprise surprise! They can all do the emblem mode. Which is only natural since they where bootlegged around 2010, and Samurai didn't exist by then. So these all work how they should. The plastic is sturdy enough so I won't be afraid of breakage any time soon. Though some do have problems. Dragon's helmet compartment is just a tad bit to small so Its really scary to storage the thing. I just don't want to scrape that chrome!. The monkey is a bit hard to transform back. Probably due to the chrome being to thick. Or me being incredibly careful not to scrape gold chrome lol. And lastly is that the head of the lion is a bit smaller but yet bigger. Smaller in the way that its a bitch to take it out and bigger as in its a bitch to pop back. The hole that it is placed in, is so annoying that I actually screw the toy open a bit to loosen up the head in order to get it in/out.
Combining it is just perfect! Provided one actually places the limbs in the correct places :P Its good as long as one actually knows the faults of the mech. Like the folding thing of the Dragon being a little bit annoying to work with, never press on the lion's head... Other then that I cannot fault this thing for much. Though I never really liked how it kinda slouched forward. But this is a fault of the original toy. It being a copy means it has to follow the same designs. At least for this toy.
It also comes its normal accessories. Well aside from the ranger key, but I did get it from the same haul lol. Its got the disk that acts as a shield, the katana and a fake Dice-oh card. Proving it was made in 2010. But its from very thick cardboard so keep it away from those morphers.The sword is just awesome. Unlike the original its chromed and much like that one they decided to keep them kanji on there. They could have cheapened out on it like they did with so many other KO Megazords I know. But no, we got this awesome thing. Thanks dudes!
The sword and shield slide comfortably in place like they should and it can wield them. so this is 100% awesome!
I like this thing. Its not as good as the original but better and cheaper then the Samurai version. I am glad that I found this middle ground. And I do hope to one day own a Samurai Ha-oh, So I might just get the rest of the Origami's be it bootlegs or Chinese versions or used ones from Mandarake. And to end the bootleg topic. this second time of buying from Bhiner was a financial disaster and everyone of them will be, All I can hope is that I plan the next ones good enough to get the stuff I really, really, really want with minimal damage to my years budget. One of these things is more of these KO robots. I saw a Gosei Great from the same company on there and I would like to give it a try. If only 2013 wasn't the tidal wave year of awesome shit! :D
Video by TheIchipai ©Toei LTD
Man lots of shit happened this year too, Both horrible and good. any way this is my last toy blog of the year. (and the world didn't end!) Now all I want to do is lay back and enjoy the HOLIDAY CLUSTERFUCK! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year folks!

End Of The World?

NOPE!, But remember how I always claim that I might as well consider my dreams as trips to alternate universes? Well I had another one today.

In this dream I had a cute girlfriend and even though she wasn't allowed to see me, she decided to hang out with me at my grandparents place because, screw all that noise. Any way the tv room was still in my Grandpa's room for some reason and we where watching tv. We watched CNN (why? I dunno maybe BBC ain't airing) And it showed that scientists where opening some tombs on the South-pole, The ones that opened the door apparently died of pressure that was released from the inside of the door. Then suddenly light came from inside the tomb and the stupid scientists entered. After an hour of which we mostly spend snuggling and wrestling on the bed we see that CNN got a report that they lost the scientists and how there are weird bird-like noises that are so loud that its almost deafening coming from the insides of the ruins. And surely enough there's weird mixes of Troodons/Raptors coming from the ruins. Attacking people.... Eating them.... Greaaaaat... I can't even get a break in alternate realities can I? Any way I woke up and I assume that the Dinosaurs who are so technologically advanced pretty much wiped us out and ate us all. Because of course. There's no Doctor to stop them, And they didn't seem Silurian enough to NOT see us as food. So yeah we're boned in that universe. Glad to be not there even though I am single...
Happy holidays to one and all!!
Rebecca hailing from Álfheimr?                                                                            23-12-2012
Okay guess I wasn't quite done yet, But I refuse to make another blog so I'm just editing this one instead.

My dream starts with my walking in to a tower filled city, the towers where clear white and looked liked rectangle trees with dark brown rooftops, there was water coming out of the towers in forms of waterfalls. The streets where paved which to find the best earthly comparison huge 1000 year gold tiles like the ones they use in the forbidden city's throne room. And at each end of the street that doesn't lead to a tower it leaves to a lake formed from the waterfalls. Those lakes in turn slowly drain down below and you could clearly see that it was built on the side of a huge mountain. I dunno why I was there but I entered one of the towers.  The doors where strangely modern slide doors, The floors where covered with dull grey confetti covered rugs. And right next to the door there was this blond elf lady with glasses sitting behind rack of brochures. And I still don't know why but I started to complain to her. She took it as bored as possible and sighed it away. Then I told her about a young red-headed elf I met before calling her Rebecca an daughter of a hunter and how she never seemed to have an childhood like Rebecca had. She became angry at me and pointed me out of the door. Then I woke up and the first thing I though was that Rebecca wasn't her name. Her name was Laylya. Dunno why I said the wrong thing in my dream but I guess that's her real name. Wish I could go through the tree of life and travel every where except maybe that city I just dreamed of xD

I might update again when I had another dream worth writing down. :)

zaterdag 8 december 2012

Ultrabeast Qinlin Warrior & Dragon Force Red

So instead of buying S.H.Figuarts of Akiba Yellow & Blue, I decided to get something from Bhiner instead. I got 7 figures out of this, so I decided to do 2 at a time for 4 of them. Lets get started!

Ultrabeast Force                                
At first I thought it was a sequel to the abysmal GodBeast Megazord. But its luckily not, It actually gives me more Voltron flashbacks then anything else. And I don't mean the awesome original one. I mean the 3d crapfest that aired when I was young. But this is one of those rare Chinese shows where I can see clips off and see that's its not a complete shit pile. I could enjoy this show if subs where provided. The designs are decent, Maybe that's because they stole a few hints from the Gransazer's designs for the suits and henshin devices. But I can forgive that. The villain looks good. Then again he's just there to die. So I can't really say much about him. But the heroes aren't that horrible. My favourite so far is the FenYin Warrior. She's so feisty xD But sadly they did not make figures of all the heroes. Just the main 3 and the Rio knock-off of the show. And the Yellow one got a vehicle release. So no Yin Warrior for me.... Any way instead I went for the Red theme. So here's the red warrior:
Or rather the box which is the 2nd best surviving one in the haul. Its also the one which gives me the feeling that it at least has some quality to it.
The figure itself looks awesome. As I mentioned before it borrows allot from Gransazer. Especially the weird helmet with all the spikes and stuff lol. Sadly one thing it has in common with all the the figures from China. It missing ALLOT of paint. I seriously want to get started with Gundam markers so this can look like it should.
It doesn't come with weapons sadly. As they apparently stick to martial-arts in the show. It does look like and okay selection.... Then again they all boil down to about 8 to 9 martial-arts poses that can be mirrored as you have 2 of each.
Articulation-wise its so damn awesome. Because its from Auldey it follows the same articulation designs as the fake Jochaku henshin figure I just posted. Only its head isn't stuck due to the armor. so that's a +.
Its also because the diecast armor-piece isn't in the way, the chest piece can be turned better, to a point of it being bit to loose. It not a bad thing but it does get annoying when wanting to let him stand straight. Going down he has another way of turning by having a swivel that connects his stomach to its thighs. Sadly for some reasons its some kind of ratchet allow only like 5 positions one 2 of which make it look natural...
Going down even more, I just noticed it got those cool S.H.Figuarts hips that can be used to broaden the leg poses. If only the feet where more articulate. They are on ball joints but the sideways movements are almost non-existent. Though it can do a high kick and keep its balance so its not that bad
Overall a decent figure and better then most non-Japanese figures that can be found here. Its articulations is close to that of S.H.Figuarts and improves on the Diecast Armor Hero Figure. If only it had some weapons. then it would have been a 10/10. And again I cannot stress this enough. I want a figure of her!

Dragon Force                                       
Dragon Force looks good too. But this is one of those trailers where you don't know ANYTHING about what the hell they are supposed to be fighting. As far as the extended trailer could tell is that they are more spies then anything else. I think this show has to much going for it. So they are not only skilled spies. But also a Hikonin Sentai, who can summon vehicles at will, and do a ''Man and Machine, 'Power Extreme'' Routine which those vehicles. And worse yet. They can use those core-thingies they use to transform with to Transform in to full-on Cybertonians who can combine in to an even bigger bot. And I wasn't kidding about the Cybertronians part. The Red bot you can see here doesn't look familiar at first. But with the toy you can turn the antennas up and its Optimus Prime. I am dead serious, They ripped off Optimus lol. Going with the theme of Red's I decided to get the Red leader of this team too:
This box got the blunt of all the damage. I had to fix it with allot of tape. And even then I cannot fix that dent lol
If you look at the box art you can see WHY this need paint. All the impact of this figure is dimmed down by having to much red. And it would look so damn awesome with that little bit of silver its missing
This thing got screwed in the articulation part. He has no should joints, at least his only go up and down. Neither does it have a stomach joint. So from the top he's pretty much as stiff as a twig. But his legs though look to be on par as the last figure. He has outward going leg joints which are a a bit stiff if you want him to kick or sit. His knee joints though. Man they are awesome and annoying as the same time. They are on ball joints on both sides. So you can do some awesome poses but sometimes you can displace its knee when one doesn't notice it. Like I did in the first photo lol. His feet are just brilliant. Unpainted and brilliant.
 He comes with a gun and a weapon that looks nothing like it does on the box and that he cannot hold for some reason. The red thing can go. Worthless.
The gun is just as worthless as some smart ass-hole forgot to make a trigger finger on the hand. So he cannot hold it like he should. Making it you guessed it: pointless to add...
Last I want to note is that he is the smallest Red I got to date! He's even smaller then Sazer Tarious! xD
Man she can kick ass!
 And that's about it. I think I'll do a Rider next :)