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NOOOOOO I Still Need That To Functi....: A Furby Murder Story PT5

Originally Posted on 22-4-2010
So I finally come to the last part of my blog series A Furby Murder Story. I took him apart like weeks ago but  saved the pictures so I could finish this once and for all :) 

This is what is left of HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM after out last blog the foot is gone and so are most parts is showed you in my last blog.
If we turn it over we see its brain, a small motherboard that regulates the movements and acts of the Furby. One this that became apparent to me but might not be that visible to you is that there is a piece of tape holding down a wire for some reason. I don't know why they didn't do something like putting on a shorter wire or think of some other way to hold it down. This is just cheap as hell. Removing the motherboard is most definitely fatal if you remove this from the Furby.
And thus I did HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM has passed away it is dead the evil is gone. Lets take a look at the brain

Again huge pieces of glue tumours and wires, it was really easy to remove it I just had to plug out a few wires and cut down some more of those. What is weird is the presence of a small lcd light it doesn't seem to have a purpose in the design, my guess is that its used on the pre-production line to check if the solar receptor is working al right

So on to our final step! the removal of its face! It actually took me quite a while to take it out even though I did it before, so I'm proud it finally got it loose in the end.
The face is hold down by several pins that allow movement this can be removed by sticking a pen trough the side of the place that hold the pin. then a piece will stick out and you can remove it. But not if your a nail biter like me, So it took me a while to finally get everything out. The face exists out of its eyelashes, its actual eyes, two yellow parts that form its beak, a pink part for it tongue, the solar receptor and its faceplate which kept everything together.
This is what is left nothing more then a shell, I can't take it apart any more it doesn't seem to be capable of being even more open. So this concludes my blog series its been fun taking apart this horrible monstrosity called Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it did deserve anything less.
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NOOOOOO I Still Need That To Funtio....: A Furby Murder Story PT5

Right after like the 4th blog I started to think this might be a nice blog series for our sister site Tested. But then again I'm not that technical as the people over there are used to. Hell I'm lucky I even made it this far without giving up because its a daunting task for a lazy guy like me. I hope you guys enjoyed this insight of the Furby and I also hope this helped you guys get rid of that little bit of fear that`s still comes up whenever you see them. Its been a pleasure - Kelleth. :)
Editor's Note: I have thrown away HMMMMMMM quite a while ago. Since.. well... ITS JUNK! Glad to be rid of it xD

Insides On Display: A Furby Murder Story PT4

Originally Posted On 9-4-2010
Part 4 is probably the most boring. Because as I already said in part 3 I already took him apart with out showing the pictures of how I took it apart.

I do however show you the pliers I used to take the wires and parts out.
This is the ''foot'' of the furby, It holds the battery's and a few wires that connect to the Furby for energy, and it was also stuck by a metal pin that hold the Furby to the foot and makes it possible for it to move.
With the help of this spring which just dropped out of the Furby as soon as I removed a couple of screws.
These are the spikes that hold and move the ears again to pointy for the consumers that want these kinds of toys!!
This is the so call spine of the Furby its connected to one of the wheels I showed you guys in the previous blog and the spring a few pictures up.
This is the touch pad of the Furby it works just like a button nothing special about it really
And this is what kept the touch pad to the Furby it also worked as extension pad so that it becomes a round bulge that sticks out at the stomach, so when a kid tickles it the touch button will be extra touch sensitive.
These are other misc stuff I forgot where the all belong but this is it all that the Furby gave up. And thus the blog ends here stay around for the final blog :)
Editor's Note: I wonder where I left those pliers?

Being Slit Open Whilst Still Alive: A Furby Murder story PT3

Originally Posted on 7-4-2010
I took the day off from slowly killing Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm because I still don't feel well and the lack of sleep is kinda annoying,. And this was the full break here I didn't even go on the net that much I only went online to download Dr, Who and the Daleks in order to see what all the fuss is about. And it turns out its mostly a crappy remake of The Daleks serial which I already have on dvd so what was the point of the movie again?.  O and I killed that damn fly that kept making that stupid hmmmmmmmmmmm noise >_>

So lets start!! Today I removed the hull of the Furby named Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

And here he is! Partially cut open like every demonic pest deserves!!!

From the back

From the side

And close-up

Ignoring the obvious place you'd look after seeing a machine opening, I pointed my attention to the place where all evil is said to root the voice box and of course as promised I quickly removed it XD

Now looking at the obvious spot! I mean just LOOK AT ALL THAT GLUE!!! what the hell? you'd expect a Japanese toy company to make QUALITY toys!! At least that's what I thought growing up since most crappy toys I got where from America or Taiwan and the awesome ones where from Japan and Italy...but this is low!!
And just view of the lower side you can see I can easily remove those connectors but to tell you the truth I'm not going to do that in another blog it will be off-screen.

So no I have removed the other side of its hull and it clearly looks more terrifying!! You can clearly see the glue again hanging of the side of Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like a festering cancer that has grown on the evil energy produced by the Furby itself. And yes its still alive just look at those evil eyes it wants nothing else but your slow death and the torturing of your soul!!!

From the side you can see more glue!!! What a pleasant surprise >_> These are the chips and wires are what I believe to control its speech as well as the reactions it gives to touch and noise. Making this its brain!
And a close up shows... more cancer glue!! How pleasant!! >_<

And this is the back which reveals the wheels it uses to talk and blink, some more connectors that I don't know what the hell they are for. And of course some more cancer glue!!
And last but not least the Furby's receptor. Now I forgot how exactly it used this, but my guess is that it had to do with clapping in front of it or something. It also used this to communicate with other Furby's, To me this still looks a lot like a Solar Receptor for Solar Battery's which could explain the rumours of Furby's talking and moving without battery's. But I'm just guessing now. Also I don't know what the hell those two lights where used for. Actually I've never heard any reference to Furby's with lights before. weird....

Sooooo. that's it for blog 3!! Tune in next blog for the slow painful torture of this menace!!! Also check out my new background that took a full 15 minutes to make xD
Till next time bye :)
Editor's Note: God, I'm glad I don't have to worry about that stupid glue any more xP

Skinned Alive: A Furby Murder story PT2

Originally Posted on 5-4-2010
So after I last wrote my blog I locked Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in the closet with my heavy dvd table and manga cabinet in front of the closet. And I placed the key in the in another closet in the living room, just to get some better sleep... which I didn't get because there was this fly who made a constant Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sound and that combined with my cat who is in the ''period'' makes for one creepy sleepless night! Lucky me I had my MP3 with Jamiroquai Nostromo and Fatboy Slim to keep me company XD

 So lets continue to skin the Furby. At first I thought that I only needed to unscrew two little screws underneath each ears

But noooo there was some extra glue to keep everything in place. Unfortunately I don't have pictures since I was to busy ripping the skin of the damn Furby XD

And this is what Furby looks like when its skinned and it doesn't look that happy about it at all.

Yep my chances of getting a good night sleep has been turned to null and void this doesn't exactly make it any less scary and it doesn't look child friendly AT ALL!!  Look at the horns where the ears used to be! those are spikes! sharp edges isn't good for any child young enough to still like Furby's!!

Now this is the speaker the place where the evil is said to haunt most, if I'm going take him apart this is the first thing I'll cut loose XD 
As I remember rightly the disk with the five holes is to make the Furby react to touch. The screw above needs to be loosened if I want to open the Furby up, but lets leave that for part 3!
And last but not least this is the empty skin of the Furby

It took quite a pull to take it loose, also I needed to cut several pieces of string inside the ears to get near the glued part. After I finally took it loose I decided to scare my cats I got a scar from that, and it still hurts XD

I'm happy because my mom was busy painting my room and now I have this big white wall where I can easily take photo's without a colourful background which I find distracting. Soooo I'm done with part 2 of this blog series. Next time I'm going try to open him up and give you some inside views. Till then bye!! :)
Editor's Note: Yeah I skinned it! you got a problem with that? Good :P

Payback: A Furby Murder story PT1

Originally Posted on 4-4-2010
So I delved this low again, because of the Furby. This 100,- hunk of microchips and evil still freaks me out to this day. These creepy inbred descendants of Gizmo and Ferbus with a bit of Yoda are now considered by all of my generation to be PURE EVIL! (enter thunder scene here). Every person from the late 90's had this creepy feeling about them right?. I mean I NEVER had anything even resembling this kind of creepiness with other products from Japan with the same purpose as the Furby's. I didn't even had it with the MCDonalds Furby's because they are just teddy's but these still bear the creepiness like no other. Its our own type of Raggedy Ann.

First of say hi to Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We call him that because when we first bought him to try to scare the crap out of the cats the only thing he did or said was his name. O yes and the eyes aren't broken he is STONED!!

Notice the real creepiest fact about the Furby is its eyes', if a robot creature making creepy sounds with regular eyes wasn't scary enough.. This thing has Spiral eyes and not the cool ones or cute ones no these eyes are made to have an effect much like certain posters do to make you dizzy made only worse by having TWO of these damn things looking straight at you.. ugh.... The actual rumours where just as creepy these are the ones that some Furby's still make sounds and noises even though a battery hasn't touched its EMPTY hull in a decade (creepy and demonic)

Okay lets start first of i took out the security clip the hold the ''Fur'' on the Furby
Enter child safety hazard no#2 if it wasn't enough to have a demonic toy in your home and around your children. Let it be that the security clip is one of those clips that they use at constructions sites. it has this tip that points outward its sharp and it clearly looks like a choking hazard IMO.

Now we`ll pull up the ''Fur'' to cover up its EVIL face
There that's a little better damn this thing has hypnotic eyes cover them up so they can't open again and now its not that scary any more.(but there's always the after thought, he's sleeping in the locked closet tonight) lol It kinda looks like one of those Actinia's (Anemones)  right now but this is as far as I go tonight, its late and I still have like 90 Furby nightmares to have! So see you guys later XD
Editor's Note: I decided to repost all 5 blogs in one go instead of doing them all at the normal date.