donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Payback: A Furby Murder story PT1

Originally Posted on 4-4-2010
So I delved this low again, because of the Furby. This 100,- hunk of microchips and evil still freaks me out to this day. These creepy inbred descendants of Gizmo and Ferbus with a bit of Yoda are now considered by all of my generation to be PURE EVIL! (enter thunder scene here). Every person from the late 90's had this creepy feeling about them right?. I mean I NEVER had anything even resembling this kind of creepiness with other products from Japan with the same purpose as the Furby's. I didn't even had it with the MCDonalds Furby's because they are just teddy's but these still bear the creepiness like no other. Its our own type of Raggedy Ann.

First of say hi to Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We call him that because when we first bought him to try to scare the crap out of the cats the only thing he did or said was his name. O yes and the eyes aren't broken he is STONED!!

Notice the real creepiest fact about the Furby is its eyes', if a robot creature making creepy sounds with regular eyes wasn't scary enough.. This thing has Spiral eyes and not the cool ones or cute ones no these eyes are made to have an effect much like certain posters do to make you dizzy made only worse by having TWO of these damn things looking straight at you.. ugh.... The actual rumours where just as creepy these are the ones that some Furby's still make sounds and noises even though a battery hasn't touched its EMPTY hull in a decade (creepy and demonic)

Okay lets start first of i took out the security clip the hold the ''Fur'' on the Furby
Enter child safety hazard no#2 if it wasn't enough to have a demonic toy in your home and around your children. Let it be that the security clip is one of those clips that they use at constructions sites. it has this tip that points outward its sharp and it clearly looks like a choking hazard IMO.

Now we`ll pull up the ''Fur'' to cover up its EVIL face
There that's a little better damn this thing has hypnotic eyes cover them up so they can't open again and now its not that scary any more.(but there's always the after thought, he's sleeping in the locked closet tonight) lol It kinda looks like one of those Actinia's (Anemones)  right now but this is as far as I go tonight, its late and I still have like 90 Furby nightmares to have! So see you guys later XD
Editor's Note: I decided to repost all 5 blogs in one go instead of doing them all at the normal date.

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