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NOOOOOO I Still Need That To Functi....: A Furby Murder Story PT5

Originally Posted on 22-4-2010
So I finally come to the last part of my blog series A Furby Murder Story. I took him apart like weeks ago but  saved the pictures so I could finish this once and for all :) 

This is what is left of HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM after out last blog the foot is gone and so are most parts is showed you in my last blog.
If we turn it over we see its brain, a small motherboard that regulates the movements and acts of the Furby. One this that became apparent to me but might not be that visible to you is that there is a piece of tape holding down a wire for some reason. I don't know why they didn't do something like putting on a shorter wire or think of some other way to hold it down. This is just cheap as hell. Removing the motherboard is most definitely fatal if you remove this from the Furby.
And thus I did HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM has passed away it is dead the evil is gone. Lets take a look at the brain

Again huge pieces of glue tumours and wires, it was really easy to remove it I just had to plug out a few wires and cut down some more of those. What is weird is the presence of a small lcd light it doesn't seem to have a purpose in the design, my guess is that its used on the pre-production line to check if the solar receptor is working al right

So on to our final step! the removal of its face! It actually took me quite a while to take it out even though I did it before, so I'm proud it finally got it loose in the end.
The face is hold down by several pins that allow movement this can be removed by sticking a pen trough the side of the place that hold the pin. then a piece will stick out and you can remove it. But not if your a nail biter like me, So it took me a while to finally get everything out. The face exists out of its eyelashes, its actual eyes, two yellow parts that form its beak, a pink part for it tongue, the solar receptor and its faceplate which kept everything together.
This is what is left nothing more then a shell, I can't take it apart any more it doesn't seem to be capable of being even more open. So this concludes my blog series its been fun taking apart this horrible monstrosity called Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it did deserve anything less.
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NOOOOOO I Still Need That To Funtio....: A Furby Murder Story PT5

Right after like the 4th blog I started to think this might be a nice blog series for our sister site Tested. But then again I'm not that technical as the people over there are used to. Hell I'm lucky I even made it this far without giving up because its a daunting task for a lazy guy like me. I hope you guys enjoyed this insight of the Furby and I also hope this helped you guys get rid of that little bit of fear that`s still comes up whenever you see them. Its been a pleasure - Kelleth. :)
Editor's Note: I have thrown away HMMMMMMM quite a while ago. Since.. well... ITS JUNK! Glad to be rid of it xD

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