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Skinned Alive: A Furby Murder story PT2

Originally Posted on 5-4-2010
So after I last wrote my blog I locked Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in the closet with my heavy dvd table and manga cabinet in front of the closet. And I placed the key in the in another closet in the living room, just to get some better sleep... which I didn't get because there was this fly who made a constant Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sound and that combined with my cat who is in the ''period'' makes for one creepy sleepless night! Lucky me I had my MP3 with Jamiroquai Nostromo and Fatboy Slim to keep me company XD

 So lets continue to skin the Furby. At first I thought that I only needed to unscrew two little screws underneath each ears

But noooo there was some extra glue to keep everything in place. Unfortunately I don't have pictures since I was to busy ripping the skin of the damn Furby XD

And this is what Furby looks like when its skinned and it doesn't look that happy about it at all.

Yep my chances of getting a good night sleep has been turned to null and void this doesn't exactly make it any less scary and it doesn't look child friendly AT ALL!!  Look at the horns where the ears used to be! those are spikes! sharp edges isn't good for any child young enough to still like Furby's!!

Now this is the speaker the place where the evil is said to haunt most, if I'm going take him apart this is the first thing I'll cut loose XD 
As I remember rightly the disk with the five holes is to make the Furby react to touch. The screw above needs to be loosened if I want to open the Furby up, but lets leave that for part 3!
And last but not least this is the empty skin of the Furby

It took quite a pull to take it loose, also I needed to cut several pieces of string inside the ears to get near the glued part. After I finally took it loose I decided to scare my cats I got a scar from that, and it still hurts XD

I'm happy because my mom was busy painting my room and now I have this big white wall where I can easily take photo's without a colourful background which I find distracting. Soooo I'm done with part 2 of this blog series. Next time I'm going try to open him up and give you some inside views. Till then bye!! :)
Editor's Note: Yeah I skinned it! you got a problem with that? Good :P

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