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Being Slit Open Whilst Still Alive: A Furby Murder story PT3

Originally Posted on 7-4-2010
I took the day off from slowly killing Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm because I still don't feel well and the lack of sleep is kinda annoying,. And this was the full break here I didn't even go on the net that much I only went online to download Dr, Who and the Daleks in order to see what all the fuss is about. And it turns out its mostly a crappy remake of The Daleks serial which I already have on dvd so what was the point of the movie again?.  O and I killed that damn fly that kept making that stupid hmmmmmmmmmmm noise >_>

So lets start!! Today I removed the hull of the Furby named Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

And here he is! Partially cut open like every demonic pest deserves!!!

From the back

From the side

And close-up

Ignoring the obvious place you'd look after seeing a machine opening, I pointed my attention to the place where all evil is said to root the voice box and of course as promised I quickly removed it XD

Now looking at the obvious spot! I mean just LOOK AT ALL THAT GLUE!!! what the hell? you'd expect a Japanese toy company to make QUALITY toys!! At least that's what I thought growing up since most crappy toys I got where from America or Taiwan and the awesome ones where from Japan and Italy...but this is low!!
And just view of the lower side you can see I can easily remove those connectors but to tell you the truth I'm not going to do that in another blog it will be off-screen.

So no I have removed the other side of its hull and it clearly looks more terrifying!! You can clearly see the glue again hanging of the side of Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like a festering cancer that has grown on the evil energy produced by the Furby itself. And yes its still alive just look at those evil eyes it wants nothing else but your slow death and the torturing of your soul!!!

From the side you can see more glue!!! What a pleasant surprise >_> These are the chips and wires are what I believe to control its speech as well as the reactions it gives to touch and noise. Making this its brain!
And a close up shows... more cancer glue!! How pleasant!! >_<

And this is the back which reveals the wheels it uses to talk and blink, some more connectors that I don't know what the hell they are for. And of course some more cancer glue!!
And last but not least the Furby's receptor. Now I forgot how exactly it used this, but my guess is that it had to do with clapping in front of it or something. It also used this to communicate with other Furby's, To me this still looks a lot like a Solar Receptor for Solar Battery's which could explain the rumours of Furby's talking and moving without battery's. But I'm just guessing now. Also I don't know what the hell those two lights where used for. Actually I've never heard any reference to Furby's with lights before. weird....

Sooooo. that's it for blog 3!! Tune in next blog for the slow painful torture of this menace!!! Also check out my new background that took a full 15 minutes to make xD
Till next time bye :)
Editor's Note: God, I'm glad I don't have to worry about that stupid glue any more xP

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