donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Insides On Display: A Furby Murder Story PT4

Originally Posted On 9-4-2010
Part 4 is probably the most boring. Because as I already said in part 3 I already took him apart with out showing the pictures of how I took it apart.

I do however show you the pliers I used to take the wires and parts out.
This is the ''foot'' of the furby, It holds the battery's and a few wires that connect to the Furby for energy, and it was also stuck by a metal pin that hold the Furby to the foot and makes it possible for it to move.
With the help of this spring which just dropped out of the Furby as soon as I removed a couple of screws.
These are the spikes that hold and move the ears again to pointy for the consumers that want these kinds of toys!!
This is the so call spine of the Furby its connected to one of the wheels I showed you guys in the previous blog and the spring a few pictures up.
This is the touch pad of the Furby it works just like a button nothing special about it really
And this is what kept the touch pad to the Furby it also worked as extension pad so that it becomes a round bulge that sticks out at the stomach, so when a kid tickles it the touch button will be extra touch sensitive.
These are other misc stuff I forgot where the all belong but this is it all that the Furby gave up. And thus the blog ends here stay around for the final blog :)
Editor's Note: I wonder where I left those pliers?

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