woensdag 26 september 2012

Sazer Tarious and the Fire Tribe

I set out to get at least one poseable action figure from each great toku franchise. As such I looked to the ChouSeiShin Trilogy to see if they got what I wanted. What I found is a Korean Sazer Tarious Figure from 2006....
Scratch that Korean part... and the 2006 part while you are at it! Those lazy Koreans just took leftover Gransazer figures from 2003 and slapped a Korean sticker on each side!! (I removed the one on the front) This thing is a TOTALLY new 9 year old figure. I am so happy with this.
As for posing its still trial and error for me and this fig. It does have ball joints in his thighs and for his feet. But they are still waaaaaay to tight, I am going to look in to how to fix this but I doubt I'll succeed lol
Moving on to scale, its a decent 5.11 inch figure, this means its kinda out of place next to Figuarts but not so much that you are going to call bull and customize a Figuarts till its a Tarious lol.
It does come with its bow and it looks great with it. My concern though is the soft layer of paint Konami put on it. When I put it in his hand the pay just scratched off easily revealing the red moulding underneath. so that's a thing to look out for.
It strikes the Howling Falcon pose great. Even without the leg joint working perfectly. I got no real complaint about this figure, Its a 9 year old 11.38 figure and it was totally worth the money :)

Plus I got the 2 bootleg Gransazer figures I personally painted. Combined Tarious, Mithras and Lion form the Fire Tribe of Chousei Shin Gransazer!!
Sadly looking decent and leaning in the back ground is all they can do. These bootleg got their feet molded wrong. So they can't even stand straight. Sad but true...
How ever in the moment I got them to not fall over I did get to re-enact this scene
Chouseishin Garuda!!
One of the 4 ChouSeiShin I got from China. It looks decent but it was missing allot of paint. So excuse my horrible paint job on this thing xD. This one is the 2nd best out of the 4 I bought. It got almost nothing wrong! in this mode...
In robot mode its sadly another case... The figure's feet got moulded wrong again and while can stand it does have the tendency to fall, ALLOT!
I got all of these for cheaps but I am happy with them for all their faults. I hope to one day buy an DX Garuda from Mandarake or something :)
Next up will be a hero from another great Toku trilogy... If I don't get to lazy. Till then bye :D

dinsdag 18 september 2012

Korean Mobirates to Mobilates Switch-Around

I never got the chance to buy an actual Mobirates, but I did get to buy the Legends Mobirates.  But even though I got it I still wanted a show accurate one. So I bought a Korean Mobirates and decided to switch the contents.
The First off I had to decide If what front I wanted to keep. The Captain Force front or the Mobilate from. I decided to go for the silver one because I wanted a Gokaiger Mobirates and to be nowhere near the Captain Force label... They should have called it Pirate Force or Super Megaforce or Buccaneer Force. Anything is better then Captain Force...
Any way I did some preparation before hand on my Legends Mobirates so it will be a few steps further. I also made sure I got everything I needed. Though I kinda wish that I had thinner scissors. The first thing I removed where the fronts.
When totally opening it you can see a trend. Every chip made by Bandai Japan is green, Everything made by Bandai Korea is brown/beige.
The first thing I removed are the springs that cause the ''X'' to open whenever a key is insterted
I am always very distrustfulness of these things. So damn easy to lose!
With that done you'll have to look to the left of the Mobirates. The thing you'll have to remove is the spring that keeps the Mobirates up and the piece that holds it down. If you done right it should looks like the Mobirates on the right.
Next up is to take the top of and remove the spring engine that make that awesome click when you open it. But carefully though. For some reason the Korean fell apart and I had to fix it.
Now to remove the backs of the ''X'' parts. You need to do this because you'll need to get in the spring parts in order to safely remove the light chip installed in to the middle of it. Be sure to cut the plastic rim keeping the wire down though. I wish I could have done it better. But sadly the scissors where to thick and now it just looks ugly. Not that it totally matters though. Its on the inside lol
Now with the Light chips out of the way and the engines back in place its time to switch around the chips in the main body. This was ironically the easiest part lol. Just look out for the audio pat on the side. Its highly magnetic so you'll be better off if you keep the screws away.
Now that the main chip is removed from both the mobirates you put the two outer parts back together.
And do the switch
From there its just repeating the same steps but backwards. And provided that you haven't screwed up the spring parts that makes the ''X'' emblem open it should work:
 And with that I got my new Mobirates! And the best thing is that it can read the Gobusters and Aka Red keys now!! :D

vrijdag 14 september 2012

S.H.Figuarts Gokai Silver

Guess the next one up is my Gokai Silver! This is my first Super Sentai S.H.Figuarts and will certainly not be my last.

The box survived the trip as expected from AmiAmi. And I got it for cheaps too. I only paid 25 for this thing
I still needed to get used to posing so these pics aren't that great. But I did noticed that some of the joints where a bit to tight. It was like an total opposite of my Cure Passion lol
One thing I did notice is that even though his key is so damn tiny its still somehow not to scale with his Gokai Cellular. Its not that much of an hassle but its just weird to see lol
Sadly I do not have any up-to-date 6th Ranger figures to make him Gokai Change, But I plan to get Shinken Gold soon. I do like that they added the pointy finger :)
I love his Gokai Spear Gun-mode. The design is just so epic, and the fact that its so well painted doesn't help me not wanting to get the DX version lol
Speaking of painted and non-painted. Early on I realised that he's almost in scale with my old Power Ranger Figures. As such he can hold the Power Weapons with ease!
This makes me so happy. Now he can use both of them not only in gun-modes but also as axe-modes. IMO this would have worked great for the Gokai Spear as an 4th mode. It really looks like it would do some damage.
Back to the Spear itself. My mom mentioned how fine the work on it is. And I cannot specify enough how true this is. But sadly I see one fault that the spear doesn't seem to have. I am missing a Ranger Key to do a Final Wave. There isn't even an option to put one in. Which is weird because the other Gokaigers did get slots and even tinier keys. A bit saddening
But I guess they tried to make up with it by giving the Gokai Spear in to the anchor mode. Then again this makes me less sure that there will be a Gold Mode of this figure. Still I am happy that I got it.
This figure is a must have for any Super Sentai fanboy. Its an perfect excuse to add more playability be giving him older weapons and have him gawk at your zords.
I am glad that I bought him. People complain about the not looking like spandex part, but I could not care less. So there's more to follow. Its just a matter of choosing what S.H.Figuarts to buy next.
Subbed by TV-Nihon@Rizon ©Toei
Next time I don't know what I am going to post. So many choices so little time. :)

donderdag 13 september 2012

Reprolables: Tyranno, Dino Tanker & DaiZyuJin

My 100th blog! O joy. It was a good plan to do the reprolabel blogs first (laziness)
Tyrannozord was a raving bitch to clean. So many stickers here where so damn wared-down. moisturizing didn't help, neither did heat. I got this far by scrubbing like my live depended on it. In this photo it was still sticker. So annoying...
But on the other hand I did get to appreciate how awesomely well this thing was designed.  And putting on the stickers was so much fun! I do like how the tail turned out. It always looks dull without those decals.
Some stickers like on the thighs don't exactly fit because the plastic has shifted over the years. The vent stickers on the back are really awesome. I am so glad that I have them. Because the back looked so boring.
So I do like how this worked out. Even though its still not 100% show accurate.
Overall Its always a bitch to clean up old stickers and stick on new ones. But it did result in some awesome visuals. I almost got the impression that I got these things new out of the box! Well except for that Tricera though lol
And when combining all these zords in to the Dino Tanker its really worth it. They bring the mecha back to live and add an layer of awesome that the original Bandai America where decals.
The Megazord itself is just so epic. It almost gives the impression that I got a 100% complete DaiZyuJin instead of a 100% complete Dino Megazord with new stickers. I love how those M's stick out. again its not an exact match but its cool. I do wish I got the chrome sword though. Or at least the diecast one I saw on Ebay. Which is btw way to expensive IMO
The back doesn't have much going on. But at least its more then what it had before. And I admit that I didn't exactly knew where the line stickers of the Mammoth needed to go. But it worked out al right. Kinda makes me sad I won't be seeing much of it though xD
Overall I am happy how this turns out. I cannot wait to get the Diecast 2010 MMPR Megazord  and the Super Robot Chogokin Megazord in a set to compare them. I am getting them all no matter what the costs.
The only thing I want after this is to buy an Dragonzord, and two extra Mammoth and Tigerzord's to make a reprolabeld Dragonzord Warrior Mode / GoRyuJin. It will cost me but in the end I'll be happy when I get there.

I dunno what to do next. I got a fair share of blogs to release and I got ALLOT of stuff coming in next week and 2 weeks from now. I am glad I did this for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers anniversary and my 100th blog. Hopefully next one will be less boring xD

zondag 2 september 2012

Reprolables: Guardian Beasts Zyu Mammoth & Pteranodon

Blog 99 of my Toku Tea Room. This time Its the Mastodon Zord and Pterodactyl Zord
The Mammoth was the most fun to sticker, because I always loved the design of not only the stickers but the the Mammoth itself. All of the stickers where easy to put on with the face/shield. But for some reason the right eye keeps coming loose. Luckily along with that one sticker on the Sabertooth this are the only ones on the entire megazord.
And out of all the Reprolabled Kyoru demi-gods this is again my fav. Love the M's and I love how the Yellow line almost gives the illusion of a continued line. Its just epic
 Moving on to the Ptera. The girl who owned it kept it in a box for 18 years but the stickers survived remarkable well. As such this thing was one of the two easiest to clean. Even though it kinda pained me to watch them go.
LOVE the Silver teeth on this thing. But sadly that's where the problem of this sticker set. Those teeth are a millimeter to big to on the left side of the front its perfect. But on the right side its way to spread out. Revealing a red line from the mold that really annoyed me. So I tried to correct it and now I got a fold in one of the lower teeth... sigh. 
Lastly just to compare. The Pterodactyl on the left is the one I picked up at a flea market about 17 years ago, when I was maniacally trying to find the Dino and Thunderzords. Its incompatible with the Megazord because the pegs are broken. But I do have to say that the red on this thing just looks better. Somehow it just looks more lively. I couldn't bare putting this thing back so instead I decided to put it on display. Also So I got a place to put the cannons lol

And with that I end this little blog. Next time I'll finish my final 100th blog with the Tyrannosaurus Megazord and DaiZyuJin. Bye