maandag 8 augustus 2011

I went Geeky Yesterday!

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For some time now I decided that I needed to finish my collection of GB/GBC pokemon games and so I did. And I was very lucky because a few weeks back i went to the
 I do own the Cardgame for  the Gameboy i just can`t find it at the moment 
I do own the Cardgame for the Gameboy I just can't find it at the moment old-school game shop and I found out that they owned all the games I needed to complete my collection. So yesterday I went back and bought most of them, I said most of them since apparently Silver and Crystal weren't on stock at the time. So now I'm 2 games short of a full collection, 3 if you count the Pokemon Green version (eng) which is a bootleg. (if it ain't French or Spanish ect,) So with the extra money I decided to also replace my old Gameboy with a  new ugly green coloured Gameboy Colour and i don't care about the ugly green part. It works fine the only thing that doesn't work is the audio box and that doesn't really effect my gameplay because I like it better with earplugs which work fine on the Gameboy. So now I'm paying more attention to my new Gameboy then I give to my NDS Lite and that doesn't bother me a bit!

 Two weeks later......                                                        
 Two weeks later......           

Now I know what you are thinking how nerdy is that? I can top it easily! well that wasn't the nerdy thing the blog title refers to... See i also went to an collector's shop and
 I wish it was Digi-Battle 3 but it ain`t  happening
 I wish it was Digi-Battle 3 but it ain't happening
bought an entire box of Digi-Battle 2 boosters for €25,- unopened for at least a decade. I did this several times before with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Pokemon cards but this is the first time for Digimon and I'm proud to add it to my collection.

Well that's it €85,- well spend! (that extra 10,- is from my hardcover Spider-man: Kraven's Last Hunt) I do hope I come across the other games soon enough so I can start on the GBA and DS games and I'll post another blog as soon as I again do something as stupid and nerdy as buying a whole box of TGC boosters with the intention of not opening them EVER!. XD
Editor's Note: I still haven't opened the box, And its not yesterday any more xD

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