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I finally making good use of my Pokemon Cards again

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After with much sadness having removed my old GamePro (RIP) and Aniway posters from my wall. I wanted to try something new and that would most likely be either GodLen's way or my way. Having thought how boring my room would look if I did just one I decided to do both!. And since I haven't decided yet what poster I want to print and frame I spend the past few weeks I've been choosing my favourite cards out of my collection to hang up on my walls. I even bought a few new packs so I'd have more choices. These are the ones I've chosen for now

Now I also have Magic cards, Marvel Cards,(not the VS DC one) and Dragonball Z cards but i decided that I didn't like the art of the Magic and Marvel cards I never really did I just like to play the games and this isn't about playing this is about what I want on my walls. As for the Dragonball Z ones, I collected them before the time I got sick of Dragonball Z and now it turns out I hate it! I still love DragonBall but DBZ and DBE can go dig a grave for themselves!

Card Facts

  • Poliwrath was already like that when I traded it, really shows how careless we kids where with stuff like that.
  • The Feraligatr was my very first Japanese card
  • I found Manaphy on the ground in Rotterdam and non of the cards on the internet seem to have that watermark.
  • Articuno is my best preserved 1st edition card
  • Typhlosion is my favourite Fire Pokemon I bought the first card at the same time I bought Gold.
  • A friend from my old school wanted that Rapidash but I kept forgetting to bring up a good trade topic.
  • I bought Charmeleon, Torkoal and Heatran all at the same time.  
  • Flareon got damaged when a couple of idiots tried to steal my cards
  • Dark Dugtrio is my fav Earth card
  • Machamp is one of my few Dutch 1st edtion cards its in mint condition.
  • Areodactyl is my first promo that I got from the TGC league, I have like 20 promo's but some of them are in a very bad shape
  • Arceus and Solrock where bought yesterday
  • For some weird reason Hitmonlee is damaged even though I took very good care of it and put it in my folder the moment i got it.
  • Bellossom is still my favourite its cute :)
  • NidoQueen and NidoKing where bough at the same time
  • Dark Crobat is still AWESOME its the only ''Dark''evolution I like :3
  • Pichu is my ONLY Japanese holo promo card, I wanted to buy more but my mom kept stalling and I never got the chance
  • I bought that Raichu last year, I did have a Dark Raichu in like my first Rocket pack ever but it got stolen.
  • Okay I love the card but non of my Mareep will ever change in to that retarded Ampharos I love Mareep ^_^ 
  • I got that Magneton card 10 TIMES!
  • That Mew was from the time I went to Pokemon 2 and is the last souvenir I got from Babylon a nice 100 year old mall in The Hague that they decided to destroy
  • My Dutch Mewtwo was the first card that the kids grabbed when they ganged up on me and stole my cards it shows huh?
  • My Dutch Alakazam is in mint condition even though I didn't always took that much care of it and I'm still very proud of it   
  • I bought Cresselia Yesterday
  • Gardevoir ain't scratched that`s a cat hair sorry XD 
Misc Pokemon 1: 
  • This is my misprint collection
  • Clefable has no Jungle symbol, it supposed to have a flower symbol on the right its worth $8.-
  • Eevee promo has a misprint in its Pokémon Power sentence, since it has a normal e instead of a é 
  • Gyarados has a tiny misprint right down at the bottom 6/102 is out of place its supposed to be further to the right I do have a non-misprint one btw.
  • Shiny Celebi has no misprint, it Shiny and that makes it awesome enough to single out and did I already mention its shiny? :D
Misc Pokemon 2:
  • My 3 starter pokemon :D 
  • Venusaur is my favourite of the 3 it looks so powerful :3
  • Blastoise and Charizard are both Dutch I don't have the American ones
  • I just put Mew in there because its awesome! I have 4 of those mews 2 foil 2 non foil.
Yu-Gi-Oh cards
  • I do have more Yu-Gi-Oh cards but I'm still short on frames
  • Darkblade is to me what the Dark Magician is to Yugi so that why I framed it even though its not a foil.
  • I got the Japanese Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End from a tin collection box
  • I don`t have Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning so I just put a regular one in.
  • I forgot where I got Cyberdark Horn from weird...
  • Arcana Force EX is from a Shonen Jump issue
  • I like the Spinx's more then the god cards so that`s why I framed them.
My Ayumi Kinoshita frame
  • You guy's already saw it several times but I just put that in because I still think she's hot and I just love that card XD
  • I`m still working on these frames I got a ton of cards but i don't own that much foils, and no I'm not opening that pack!
  • I got 4 Piedmon 2 1st Edition English, and two 1st edition Japanese XD
  • I got 2 Japanese Metal Greymon but no english one. 
  • It would have been awesome to see XVeedramon and MegaKabutarimon digivolve in to those two in Adventure 02 to bad it never happened. 

And that's it for now I'm gonna try my best to find a cool Anime/Toku poster to frame. one more note, the card frames are not gonna hang on my main wall. But in my room I have tons of little spaces I can hang them. I'll make a new blog when I found a cool picture for a poster and I'm done hanging everything in my room. Till then bye :D
Editor's Note: Most of the links are probably dead... And we haven't even tried to put them up yet. The problem is that the frames are sup-par and the cards keep falling out. But they still look good though ^^

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