maandag 8 augustus 2011

NSFW PG-13 picture compilation blog (SLOW LOAD)

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So I finally took the effort to delete like 23 full pages of images that I didn't need and that I hope stay away FOREVER. But now I realized something like 21 of 43 pages in my gallery are dedicated to the now locked Hot Asian Chick thread and the Plain Hot thread!! I mean DAMN I didn't even know that was going on!! About half of my gallery is a testament to my love for the ladies 0_o So yeah I'm a perv even worse, IMO its blog worthy. So I made sure that most of my pictures are in the gallery. And I deleted all of the nude pictures that I accidentally uploaded to the site but removed from my post because it wasn't allowed on the site and there are the occasional doubles and anime character pictures because I was to lazy to take care of those, But that doesn't change the fact that its still a NSFW blog.... so without a further due my gallery...


And lets not forget that I deleted quite a few since there where wiki pages to dump them in so I`ll add those too just to be sure :) 


Miki Hara
Yep that's about covers things up nicely I added  the gallery's of my other accounts to finish things for good. So what I've learned from this blog is to post less in the hot threads aaaaand to stop posting so much Asian idols. Really I should try to post more ladies from other parts of the world. :s

One more for to go enjoy :D
Editor's Note: So assuming your head hasn't overheated by the hotness and the amount of pictures or more likely feminist anger. I'd like to point out that I tried to add spoiler tags to the pictures of this blog that might have made it easier to load but that code doesn't really work when copied from Animevice. My apologies for that and to the feminists of course :P

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