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Things I bought in Leiden

Original Posted On: 21 -4-2010
Because our senile crazy old hag of a neighbour woke us up early to complain to us about stuff we don't care about, We decided to go to Leiden right after going to the housing company of our city to report the hag :P. its was a beautiful day sun shining birds chirping and it was a quite day because there where little to no planes (thank you volcano!!). Leiden is a nice place it has beautiful streets, nice café`s and loads of old shopping streets :) So yeah we spend the day there it was fun the only things that really would run it was our neighbour and the tons of people taking the train to Schiphol. And this is what I bought :P

An Arceus poster pack with Jumbo card for 16.00,- which might sound like allot but it wasn't compared to the prize it had at the local comic store 26,- (rip-off!!) It has 5 boosters which didn't hold anything all that special, a Arceus poster and last but not least an AWESOME jumbo card!! Sooo big and shiny :D
An early Dutch Flash comic, the oldest Dutch comics can be recognized by the fact that its a total translation so the Flash becomes De Flits and Spider-man becomes Spinneman, ect. This is a Barry Allen comic where Barry travels with Iris West from 1971 to 2971 with the cosmic treadmill, and that`s it that's all I know just from the cover. I haven't read it because its in plastic and I'm afraid to damage the comic if I actually start reading it. Its 1.50,- btw really cheap :)
Bleach vol.1 I haven't read any Bleach before because by the time I heard about it, there where already to many volumes out to consider actually starting to collecting them. But this was on sale for just 4.00,- so I bought it anyway. And no I'm not planning on starting to follow the franchise because its just to much :P
The catch of the day!! I got a Pokémon Ruby for just 5.00,-!!!! really cheap, So I'm a step closer on owning every mainstream hand held Pokémon game ^^
And last but not least look how cute!! Its the seasons first lam!! I took the photo from the train cute huh? :3
Editor's Note: Batman The Brave And The Bold recently stole the plot of that comic for one of its comics

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