vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

3 Way Pokemon Card Blog.

I decided to merge 3 blogs in to one after putting of to much, 

1,) New Cards.
First I got a new batch of old Pokemon cards which was priced at € 20,- but I personally found it cheap.

The expensive cards where the Dialga and Palkia cards which where € 7,- pp, and the rest was € 3,-pp but they gave me € 12,- off. Which was kinda dumb because the Team Rocket was supposed to be $30,- on its own lol

2,) My other Foils
There isn't much to say about this one, I have two separate albums for my foils and some of them weren't shown because when I posted the first map it was still empty. So here's both maps in one go: 
I have 2 Clefairy's one is Dutch the other English, I'm still happy to have an Ultraman Tiga album lol, it was originally meant for post cards of something.
These maps aren't all because i still I still have my (non-foil) rares, uncommon's and commons which i have hundreds off. :) 

 3,) Cards I'm still missing. 
These are the cards I still need. They are the only ones I really care about because for me the golden age of the Pokemon Card Game was set between the original Base Set and the Team Rocket Set. Hence the only really old cards I care about are from those 4 sets. Most of the cards from the first 3 are the ones I do own from from the second Base Set lol. 
I'll be getting all these one day, but I'll have to buy them one by one, the one thing I am lucky with is the fact that I can buy at least 5 of these at a local merchant on the Thursday market XD
Editor's Note: I got like half of the cards I wanted. Though I still want that Pidgeot :)

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