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Pokéblog 2: Lucky v2 (to lazy to think up another name :P)

Last night I made a blog about how I got Crystal and how happy I was with it, O and those damn cards again too. But now I'm making an update blog which I was already planning to do anyway lol. This time it has allot of info on the handheld Pokémon games I currently own because this was originally going to be about those games lol.

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Gold:
 My Red and Gold
 My Red and Gold
First of my original games. They both don't have sticker any more because at some point they started to rot and they didn't look as good any more, so I had to remove them. Red was my first Pokémon Game, I originally got it with my old Gameboy which didn't had the luck my game had because that thing doesn't work any more. Back before I got Gold I was almost finished with my Pokédex the Pokémon I needed where the ones that where not native to Red and since I never got that game i never really finished it. It does however have 3 legit Mews! one I got from an event at a Pokémon  League and the other two traded with people at school. And seeing how it still works I'm surprised that it survived at all! because back then I really did not take good care of my stuff. it has a crack though but that's because someone sat on it. :P Gold was the first game I completed. yes I used my Red to finish the Pokédex but I did had to find lots of Pokémon to trade those with! it also has a legit Celebi that I got from an event too and a non legit that I traded from a kid at my school. I also got a damn good luck with the shiny Pokémon on this game! of course I got the Red Gyarados but also 3 shiny Ursaring (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) Two shiny Raticate, and a shiny Ghastly (now a Haunter) most people are shocked on how much luck i got with this game because that's almost impossible to grasp i how i got those but I played 300+ hours so its a given lol.
Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow:
 My Blue and Yellow
 My Blue and Yellow
I haven't played with these games that much, but I did blog about them when I first got them. Blue already had a save file which was cheated to the max. I started a new game with Squirtle as my starter (go figure). Again I haven't really played with Yellow yet i'm currently at Pewter city and I beat Brock, I am still happy to have these I like the features on Yellow. I'm also considering of cheating on Blue with the Mew bug and the MissingNO cheat nut i'm not totally sure yet.

Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire:
 Ruby + Sapphire
 My Ruby + Sapphire
I blogged about when I got my Ruby and I originally planned to get Sapphire with a special Gameboy pack but I changed my mind. Sapphire is also damaged on the right side I'm still thinking of getting an extra one. This gen was still good IMO the half earth half sea theme was cool it fitted well with the main Legendary Pokémon. I got my Sapphire first and I liked it, but not as much as I did with Gold I did get a personal record for defeating this game in 15 hours and I still love the water part the most. I also have most of the events of the generation! I have a Lugia and a Ho-oh from the 10nth anniversary event and both Latias and Latios and Jirachi, its just perfect lol. I haven't really picked up Ruby yet I did start a game calling myself Kelleth with a Mudkip as starter.

Pokémon Leaf Green and Pokémon Fire Red:
 Leaf Green and what's left of Fire Red lol
My Leaf Green and what's left of Oscar's Fire Red lol
First off that Fire Red isn't actually mine it was from a friend of mine who borrowed it to me and when I returned it and left it on the table, his dog picked it up from the table and broke it. (he learned the dog to pick cookies of the table, a fact I forgot about) so i got to keep the game as a souvenir lol. Pokémon LG however was bought by me and to be honest this is a weak remake IMO! it just doesn't have the same appeal the originals had and combined with that annoying log book system and help menu's this game was kinda lame, But the new island made up for that! a little.... and I did get most the events for this one too most notably the Deoxys events which was a bit annoying to finish

Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Heart Gold, and Pokémon Pinball and GBCG:
 Pearl, Pinball, and Heart Gold but Pokémon Card Game not included
 Pearl, Pinball, and Heart Gold but Pokémon Card Game not included
I've finished Pokémon Pearl pretty quickly but i got annoyed by those f^cking annoying BIDOOF!! >_<. As well as a few other new species that annoyed the hell out of me! Heart Gold is one of my newest additions to my collection I've started playing instantly my current team is a Totodile and a Mareep I'm at the first gym. When I first got Pokemon Pinball I started playing it instantly! I <3 it! its so addicting and it made me extra happy to actually being able to play it on an original Gameboy lol. The Cardgame was just 10,- and it came with a mint condition Meowth promo card but I lost the actual cartridge and I'm to lazy to go to the attic in search of the thing, it will show itself sooner or later lol. I'm also planning on getting the Ruby & Sapphire version of Pinball, I just haven't found one yet lol

My M3 DS Real and R4DS:
 I also have a Harvest Moon Micro and a Micro just for the NES and SNES games
I also have a Harvest Moon Micro and a Micro just for the NES and SNES games Now before you start.. YES THESE F^CKING COUNT!! I have almost all the pokémon games on these things cards! the only one I don't have are the one that haven't been released yet (Black and White). Pretty much all of the games on R4 are done except my Pokemon Soul Silver which I use to cheat on (leggy's shiny's ext.) and I use it to try out new Japanese versions of the games. I even has fake games like Orange Islands and Brown which are pretty cool :). As for my M3 I don't have a Pokemon micro for that one all my other games are on it though.
 My Poké Micro card's data archive
 My Poké Micro card's data archive

That's it for now I'm pretty much done for today lol. One more thing though here's a better picture of the cards I traded.
Because the pictures weren't exactly accurate on what I got :P (still hoping that's just a chocolate stain on Venusaur! I can't get it off lol)
Editor's Note: Turns out the M3 sucks.

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