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Pokéblog: Album Update And This Weekend.

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Yesterday I got my Heart Gold & Soul Silver tin and since now have 1 tin for every generation I can show them off :)

So quite literally a tin for every generation of cards I own and I made sure of that because the first tin is really full these are represented by the first Pokémon of each individual generation. I think I won't be getting any more tins simply because of the fact that i have enough of each generations to hold the cards I might but in the future (having a 5th tin totally empty) and I don't need any more tins even if I ran out of space because I'm pretty sure I don't actually want to buy 5th gen cards! unless there are some cool 1st gen Pokémon cards in those sets that is lol ^^


My album update, I'm think that I'm doing this to soon I haven't really bought any new cards (except for the tin) so I haven't really got anything new to show (again except those from the new tin but i only got reverse foils and rares from that) but I'm going to give it a go any ways ^^
I ordered them by element and I left spots open to add more cards of those elements to the album. and I must say I'm really happy with my new Meganium LV X card the most its just awesome!! :3

The Weekend

This is going to be a long, long weekend!! 

We are going to the market again and the lady who promised me a whole batch of old cards for cheap is going to be there, I'll be bringing my empty album for that. Also I'm happy to report that we now FINALLY have a Cash 4 Value shop!! (that's a shop that buys old stuff in and then sells it again) I bought a RGB GameCube Cable RVB from that store for just €4.99,- and it works great. The reason I'm saying this is that they are also selling 3 movies for €10,- one of those movies included in their collection is Apple Seed and I just must have it!! lol they also have a nice red pc I want to check out. :) and aside from that we'll still be walking on the market in the heat so its going to be EXHAUSTING!!.

Sunday is going to be a drag!! and a fun one at that!!. We'll be going to Park Pop which is the biggest free open concert in Europe. And its very close to where i grew up, in fact we'll be walking to the snack bar where i grew fat!! lol :P My mom is disappointed that Snoop Dog isn't allowed to show up, but I'm not going to fuss about it and I don't really care who's going to be there. There's an open market there too. And yet again I'll be searching for movies :P. Its going to be a long dragging day, it will be hot busy, we won't be having that much money on us because we might get pick-pocked (happened before) so we don't have that much for food and drinks, and last but not least there will be a shortage of toilets and the ones being there aren't really clean lol. Overall its going to be a concert and I don't have anything else to day about it lol.

This is about it for today, I'll be posting my new blog when I get those new cards. I'm kinds curious what she will offer :)
Editor's Note: And it turns out the lady kept forgetting the damn cards. I have moved one :p

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