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Plastic and Paper, Queensday Freemarket.

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Its been more then a month already? Sigh yeah I need to write more blogs again :P. So its been a good few weeks, first the queen's birthday in Britain, then the wedding in of William and Kate and yesterday birthday of our queen and necessary celebrations ^^

However I didn't do quite well on the market even though it was like twice as big as last year. We planned to go to Dordrecht but my mom's cat was acting weird (Looking back it was probably the fact that it was Walpurgis night) and it was really busy here in Delft. It was like a penguin march it was so busy. So I'll add a few more new things on the list. Any way here's the few I got.

I got a Red Hot Shot for €0.50 its missing its guns and its mini-con but other then that its in good shape. The other one is a Chinese knock-off Transformer for €5.00, But if I say so myself its a pretty good one. Its pretty posable and nicely designed. The only thing that's wrong is that big ugly totem head.
I got a found a Red changing Power Ranger figure for just €0.10, It does not look good and its belt is totally blank.... I could try some silver paint but then I would try to fix all my figures. Also its arms is fixed with some tape lol
Now all I need is Billy :P
  I'm happy with this Ultraseven figure from 1988 for €1.00. I hoped the guy sitting there had some more stuff from Japan but all he had of interest was Hot Shot
And I got this Poliwhirl for free!! I love it so :)

Cards and stuff


The price of the day was this duel disk for €1.00, I even got a stack of free fake cards for show from a lady at my work.

Earlier I bought the a booster for the new Yu-Gi-Oh 3D movie it had 5 exclusives but I had to delete one of those photo's and I didn't notice I got 4 instead of 5....

I recently got 2 Jumbo cards, the Legendary card is from a special 6 pack box. I got the Shooting Star Dragon as a present from the shop keeper who sold me the movie pack. All its really missing is some foil.
Pokémon cards
I got lots of new Pokémon cards, some of them very special.

These are obviously fakes, but to me they are special fakes. They represent the time between Pokemon R&B and Pokemon G&S when all news we got was a couple of name rumours and the Japanese cards... Which was epic btw! I wish they still sold the Japanese boosters.... Any I saw each and every one of these cards in the hands of kids who where dumb enough to believe they where real and ''special'', Who tried to trade them for as much foil cards as possible. Of course I never traded with them because I knew they where wrong. And now years later I got these amongst a huge pile of fake Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I love them xD

And now a bunch of Pokémon cards...

As you can see I got ALLOT of new rares the last time I blogged. Most of them are from yesterday. I only paid €6.00,- for in total for them. Some are in really bad shape like the Delta Species Typhlosion and Rayquaza. But for 6 Euros I can't really complain. I finally got a LEGEND card and I'll try to find the other half But I honestly hoped for an other combi like Groudon & Kyogre or Darkrai and Cresselia. I picked up a Black & White tin and a fire-type deck. Mostly following my favourite 5th gen starter Tepig.

And Finally Game update and Cuteness

And finally game update
I bought Soul Silver. So I only need Black, Pearl, and Platinum to finish my DS collection.
Look how cute it is!! :D it came with the Black & White Tin. I originally was a bit disappointed that its so small. But non the less I am happy with it. Its really nicely detailed and so cute :)

Yeah I got nothing further, Aside from this I got a few new clothes. Till next time ^_^

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