vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

My Pokémon Red Died Today T_T

  For the last few days I've been trying to buy a Pokémon Silver but I had no luck since non of the ones I could find could save. So I bought one for the hell of it and was happy that at least my other games worked fine. So instead of playing Silver I decided to check on my Pokémon Red for the heck of it and then I saw this.

Yes indeed it just lost its memory battery deleting all my data and is now unable to save any new data like my Silver does. And thus my old pal died along with my first official Mew. .R.I.P. Luckily my main team and strongest Pokémon where all moved to Pokémon Gold some 5 years ago. But I fear those Pokémon will be gone too when the battery fails within 5 years or so. So I decided to upload photo's of my strongest Pokémon including my shiny Ursaring and Raticate. Please keep in mind that I just went the lazy way and decided not to do all the stats of every Pokemon I own.
That's pretty much it, many Pokémon you see here are from the previous game, Red. Celebi was from a cheat and so are the Mews on this game (the Pokémon red glitch). All these Pokémon where trained and it took about 700+ hours to do so, I had so much fun on this game. Not only was it fun as hell it was also a freak of technology since I've been able to find about 16 shiny Pokémon on this game. I hope its never going to deletes its data and die on me too :(
Editor's Note: I still need to check if my Gold but I'm afraid to... :\

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