vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Pokeblog: Bought My New Game And My Luck With The Char TGC cards.

Yesterday I bought Heart Gold and I've been playing it for a few hours now. Sure I did download it and I played it like 5 times already (HG: 1 Jap 1 Eng SS: 1 Jap 1 Eng 1 Eng all shiny + cheats) but I did actually wanted to own the games so I bought one of them lol 

First thing I'd like to say right away is that I love the new packaging on this one there's a real quality behind it. But when I opened it I was a bit surprised because the booklet for the Poke Walker is HUGE!!, Sure they needed to add multiple languages but this is a bit much! The actual HG/SS booklet isn't even this big lol. The Poke Walker is actually really, really nice for a Tamagochi its nice and small but the pixels don't suffer from it being to small. But to be fair I didn't spend that much time on it because I actually dislike Tamagochi's on the fact that they are noisy and have no actual off button. So I put the paper back between the battery and clip and i put the paper inside the actual Poke Walker so nobody pulls it out by accident lol.
All and all, it was a good buy if not for the Poke Walker then for the actual game which might feel like a cheap knock-off  sometimes but actually saves itself with its new gimmicks.

Char Cards

I actually still feel a bit sorry for not trying that hard to get a 1st edition Charizard when I actually had the chance. But lately I've been incredibly lucky with Charizards cards and it previous evolutions.
These are this cards I got last week all of them foil. What makes me lucky is that I actually had them in almost one pack :P Charmander is a Delta species from Crystal Guardians and its a common, But what I find weird is that its a foil! I found no evidence that it should be a foil I think its actually needs to be a inverted foil! actually its not even an actual foil because the only foil about it is the Charmander so I'm counting myself lucky on that one. In the separate pack I not only got special foil Charmeleon but also two Charizard G level X these are as far as I know the rarest cards in the set lol.
And I don't mean the two in the picture there where actually 3! 1 Standard promo 2 Charizard G level X, I've been very lucky these days XD
Another lucky thing I had was the Charizard I traded, sure its a piece of crap that looks like it was thrown in a dishwasher and the guy still wanted to sell it for 15,- because he actually thinks HP is the way to see the value of a card lol, But I traded it for two other pieces of crap XD
And now that I look back the thing I'm most lucky for is my Dutch Charizard! Just look at it! its mint condition! and not only that it might not be 1st edition or shadowless but it is Dutch! And that makes it special enough for me! The Dutch TGC series was very short because everybody thought that the English cards would be worth more in the future and sure that might be the case for the 1st edition English cards but not for the unlimited cards they are still like 20.00,- tops! The Dutch ones are very limited indeed the only sets that where in Dutch where the first three (Base, Jungle, and Fossil) so its a plus for me :)

Another thing I noticed that was different except for the language and the fact that my English one is a piece of crap is that the Dutch one uses a different glitter in the foil and for that matter WAY MORE! I dunno why they did this but it looks better, The English cards look dull compared to this one even the mint condition ones!! :)
And that's it for today its dinner time :P
Editor's Note: I still like the Dutch one more. ^^

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