vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Poke Blog: Card A Update And A Few Other Stuff.

I bought a 3 special pack this weeks, which where on sale for just €5,- pp 2 holding 4 booster and 1 holding 6 and 3 promo's, Very handy for people sick of buying separate boosters over and over. :P


Starting with the foils, I've could have been more lucky, (Wanted a €75,- Charizard :P) but this seems fine. I'm very happy with the Sableye and Hunchcrow cards and I'm looking forward to more Dark Type cards very soon!! Also the two starter cards are promo's which came standard with the special packs (to bad I did not get a Turtwig card). I don't really know what to say about the others except that I don't know what the hell is up with the Dugtrio card lol.

Special Reverse Foils:
Okay now I FINALLY know what I'm dealing with here, Seems that in the years that I did not collect the cards there have been several variations of reverse foils, some of which are just like normal foil cards but with gold text! This was something a simple Google search could of fixed but now that I finally got that out of the way I can ignore that XD. I got pretty cool cards here in one pack I got both Duskull and Dusclops and with that I almost got an evolution complete :), Lugia is probable a pretty rare card since the seal is small and it got glitter unlike the normal reverse foils, I now got 2 Medicham so now I can trade that one for another cool card :P, and for some reason the Nidran Female card has a weird line in the foil itself so I'm pretty sure I got a printing mistake ^^

Normal Reverse Foils:
I don't remember which specific new cards I got, (well it was a few days ago) so i decided to add an update on my reverse foil album :)

Aside from that: 
The 2nd hand seller I contacted with finally got a Dutch Venusaur in near mint condition for me, it costed just €3,- and I'm happy with it!! So I dumped my American Venusaur back in the album it belongs to and i put my new Dutch one where it belongs :) 
And it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!! :D Now all I need is a Dutch Raichu!! XD

Aside from that I also found this awesome safe for just €5,- which I was planning to hang up and put some figures in it, but now I'm not that sure any more XD
Its a big safe but it does not seem to fit much, Maybe the candy toys can fit in there but i'm not that sure at the moment.

I also got a Agumon teddy bear and a Gabumon vinyl figure, both costed just €1,- which is awesome because the tag for Agumon is still on it after 10+ years!! :D
Also another person on the antique market wants to sell me a whole bunch of cards for really cheap, it seems her nephew wants to get rid of some of his cards and even though I said I only wanted rare cards she insisted on keeping the total price under €20,- so that's also a good score for me! I'm looking forward to buying it in 2 weeks :)
Editor's Note: <3 the Dutch Venusaur.

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