vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Koninginnedag: My Catch Of The Day lol

Well after a gloomy Koninginnedag last year because of a terrorist attack on not only the royal family but also a large crowd of people. I was not looking forward to this day but it worked out in the end. It was at first rainy but then it was sunny all day and it was busy as hell!!

So lets start first thing I bought was a Gamecube with two controllers and to my surprise one Sonic game for €10,- after that I bought a Gameboy Advance with a bag for protection just costing €1,-!! (it works fine btw) and a Gameboy Colour accessory pack for just €0.50,-!!
Then I bought these Pokemon figures for €1,-pp they are for some kind of Pokemon game but I don't care they are just nice figures to me. (alas no Mareep :-\)
Last but not least an Album full of Pokemon cards for just €4.50,- its full of rare foils which I will show here:
And that's it. Aside from snack like teriyaki beef noodles and poffertjes lol. Now that I look back it wasn't that productive of a day because I was actually searching for dvd`s like I did last time but to bad for me I guess. We where actually planning to go tomorrow as well but my mom now claims she's to tired to go to The Hague :)  
Editor's Note: I actually rarely use that Gamecube....

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