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Picture Blog:Small Things

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Sigh... Guess I'm posting one anyway after being forced to do so by my mother lol. The truth is most places where I blogged before sucked IMO and thus aside from AV i have nowhere else to blog. I still think most other places do suck because of a couple of things but mainly because they need an external site for pictures which is a problem AV doesn't have.

Okay small things, these are the little items I seem to have kept for the past 10 years but rarely  touched since then. Yeah I'm a collector nut and if that wasn't clear to you yet it will be after this blog .lol

First of Pokemon coins, yes Pokemon coins these have been in my possession since the Neo series (2000). For the past few weeks I started collecting cards again via blister packs and what came to my attention was how crappy the coins are these days. I'm have a real problem believing that kids are actually happy with those modern plastic coins that weigh so little that they practically don't even exist to me. My coins are the real deal they are heavy beautiful iron coins! One Pikachu and Two Lugia's all of which I used in my TGC days.
This is the place I keep them in a Keychain Pokeball which is missing its Pikachu it still works fine after 10+ years the spring is a little bit rusty but it doesn't seem to bother it much.
Something only Dutch fans might remember these crappy coins where part of a merchandising plan by several Supers like Albert Hein, Komar (r.i.p) and the A&P (also r.i.p) they are nice and heavy but they don't seem to hold up all that much. The glue is the problem its that overtime the glue gets loose and it makes the coins look ugly (look at Typhlosion that ain't a shadow that's the glue)
Pokemon guide books!! in perfect condition!! I <3'd buying decks back in the days and I kept the rules books somewhat... I actually threw away half of the books lol. As you can see I have 2 Dutch Advanced Rulebooks and two English Advanced Rulebooks from the first generation. And aside from that one Neo generation Rulebook and one 2 base set book also a Dutch Starter Deck book. all the Dutch Decks I bought where 1st Edition Decks and most cards I had where traded for other cards lol.
Okay here's the nutty part. Want to know how I kept record of how much money my mom spended on these cards? saving the Boosters of course!! I threw away most of them a couple of years ago but I do still own quite a few. Some of them are 1st editions.
These are the other misc boosters I still have Dragon Ball, Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon I had a lot of these but again I threw away most of them. The Dragon Ball GT one is a Portuguese pack that has never been opened before because I had two of them and when I found out what crappy cards are in there I decided to not open the last one lol. Marvel Recharge was a game that I enjoyed very much but I didn't like the art, it just didn't work for me.

My old Power Ranger Keychain damn this thing has been through allot! I dropped it like 100 times already lol I had 2 of these but one broke so I threw it away. Alas the sounds don't work any more but aside from that its pretty intact :) 
My old watches, one is a Transformer watch which doesn't have a head any more and doesn't seem to do anything besides collecting dust. XD The other ONE is my old Game Watch which still works but a little to well because every time you touch it, it will make an annoying noise and start again. I can hide it where it won't do that anymore though lol. Any way its a Mario Cart game :)

And that's it a small blog for small things ^^
Editor's Note: I <3 my coins. :)

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