vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

It seems that I'm getting closer to my goal! I found a Pokémon Crystal for just  €5,-!  

Now all I need is Silver and possible the bootleg Pokémon Green or preferably the official Italian version and then I'm finished with my collection of the first two Pokémon generations!! :D

Also I managed to get these cards of the same guy :P

I'm pretty happy with this set even though Venusaur isn't in the best condition (chocolate stains or something). The Umbreon card a Japanese card and the Nidoking card is Dutch. And what's the best about these is that I now have two cards that where on my list and thus am closer to that goal too!!^^ 

Its been a nice day it was nice and sunny and the art shown at the festival was interesting :P Moving on to Doctor Who, I did not like that Vincent Van Gogh didn't had a Dutch accent in this episode, but aside from that it was a perfectly good episode the actor was good and my mom did like the art themed episode. :)

And that's it for today I'm so tired after all the walking in the direct sunlight today XD
Editor's Note: And I still didn't get Crystal to work.

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