vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Lucky Yet Unlucky

Lets Start With The Bad

So its been a pretty normal day today. I walked to the Salvation Army and started my job there. It was really busy with lots of new clothes that needed to be sorted.
During that I went to the backroom to set new water for tea, and then I noticed something on a huge piles of toys that still needed to be prized.
A Faiz Phone in Blaster Mode and a Faiz Pointer which are from what I believe to be either a candy toy figure or a bootleg. No non-fan of toku would have noticed these tiny things on a big pile of other stuff. And I recognized the phone with just one damn glance. The unlucky part of this is that the lady who brought it in just an hour before I arrived did not actually put the figure itself with its accessories. The lady who maintains the place said that she didn't see anything like Faiz on the pile. I myself looked for it and nothing. At least I got these two.... Dunno what to do with them though......

And Finish With The Good

So after a few hours of work they let me go. My mom picked me up to have coffee and hot chocolate on the main square. But we needed to run around the city first. We got to the other charity shops to buy stuff (now we got a really cool replica of a Dutch medieval muck for my mom's tea) And I decided to get one of those new Pokémon B&W
tins that came out today. But I could not choose between Reshiram or Zekrom Because I actually wanted both. And with my mothers hastily nature I bought the Reshiram tin. We went to the square again where the TU students where about to break the record for the biggest functional controller in the world (at least for Mario on the NES) And they broke the record. It worked and I had fun ^^ After that we sat down for our drinks and I took the opportunity to open my tin.
And not only did I get both Reshiram and Zekrom (non-Promo) I also got one of the 3 rarest cards in the set, which just looks awesome!! I'm hoping to get the Zekrom one somewhere in the future. Hopefully in the other tin. Maybe I can even get my hands on the Pikachu ^^
I'll just throw in my reverse foils too. They are all cool. At first I didn't even notice that Liepard was a reverse foil lol.
Now Imma prepare some pasta to eat. Ciao

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