vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

The New batch

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I actually bought my last two blister pack but my laziness prevented me from posting this blog :P  I'm only going to show the special cards because most of the cards I already had lol.
Foil Special:
Damn I'm lucky! I got two Arceus in one pack and one of them is one of the 3 ultra rare LV.X cards XD. Also a super rare Ampharos card.
These are quite standard cards but I finally have a Darkrai card :) 
Normal Foil cards:
 I love the Noctowl card its so cool, but Probopass.. I don't really care he is still fugly
Inverted Foil Cards:
How can't I be happy with this batch? an awesome Chikorita card and my first double inverted foil Ponyta ^^
Cards that totally suck!:
Bidoof!! just Bidoof! I hate this f^cking annoying piece of sh!t!!!! xP

Next time I'm going to buy the 2 Heart Gold & Soul Silver poster packs to finish up and then I'll post another blog lol
Editor's Note: Man do I got allot more Pokemon ^^

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