vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Promo Card collection

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I did a blog yesterday about cards that I finally bought and now having 4 very new promo cards I started thinking about what old promo cards I still got and decided to show them off :)

These I framed last week its all of the promotion cards of the first movie, I originally only got Pikachu but my sisters and aunt and her boyfriend who didn't have the slightest interest in the cards gave the rest to me. Thank to that i got 2 Electabuzz promotion cards :)
These are all the cards I own, I have 1-10 complete most of these I got from my TGC times others are either the new ones I talked about or from events (Meowth is from the GB game and Jigglypuff from the cd) I got one ancient Mew  who I traded from some guy and the other one is from the 2000 movie, they look different. I don't actually own the Pichu card I uploaded here I have the Japanese version but I could not find the Japanese version I do own on the net.

 The only boosters I plan to buy are those packs that hold 3 boosters a promo and a coin the are just 11.99 or 10.99 depending where I'm planning to get them. Amongst these promo's I plan to get the Darkrai promo and the Wobbuffet promo and since I already plan this I just put them on already :3

 So what Promo's do you guys have? Anything familiar amongst mine?
Editor's Note: Man I got allot more Promo's now.

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