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Picture Blog: Power Rangers Magazines And More!!

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Due to Kuma's recent Ranger madness on the forums I decided to upload something I'm pretty sure no one owns any more. When I was like 6 I often went along with my mom to the tobacco store and since begging for even more candy was out of the question, I turned my attention to magazines. And being a big Power Rangers fan I collected quite some Dutch Power Rangers magazines. These where still being produced in Dutch format for Holland but this was the 3rd and final season and for some reason they did not continue under the title of Power Rangers Zeo. So these might as well be the final volumes released in my country. What is a shame though is that it pretty much in unreadable to you people so its all just pretty and nostalgic pictures for you guys XD

I could not save them all because my mom threw away most of them and I wasn't exactly careful with them to begin with. Still I think they survived pretty well these past 14 years ^^  The last one features Saban's Masked Rider the raped version of Kamen Rider Black RX and an add for the shit fest that is the show with illustrations drawn by the master himself. (which is the only thing that saves it)

What I have next is something I was addicted to Sticker albums, Man I was nuts for this stuff you had big stickers sold in 10 packs for fl.1- and 1 sticker wrapped around a piece of gum for fl. 0.05,- and accompanying these where both big and small sticker books. I threw away most of those but I kept this one and my Digimon album too (though i never had the chance to fill it.) If you know French you might understand something on these photo's XD
Also something I wanted to show is my Battle of the Planets sticker album. Something which I found at a 2nd hand shop. Its basically an recap of the entire show but to bad for you guys this 1980's Sticker Album is in Dutch too. lol Some of the stickers are lose due to the glue being that old. I think that I lost a few since I last got it.

Next up is something that is of some use to you guys, I got this at a retro game store and the owner of the store told me how rare these are I immediately bought it. Its a official annual book also for season 3 of Power Rangers. And this one is an U.K release so you guys can actually read it XD

And last but not least my old poster which I had on my wall for at least 5 years XD. And as you can see its still full of stickers (I was addicted to that gum lol)

Sorry for all the hazy pictures, I wanted to make this as quick as possible and if I had used a scanner (which I don't own) it would have destroyed the books. :P
Editor's Note: I think I am the only one in the whole of Holland who kept these magazines xD

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